The Time Lord himself would beam with pride at the way Wally the Corgi pulled off with such class and style all the incarnations of his wardrobe over the past five decades. Instagram doggie sensation, Wally, donned each of The Doctor's outfits from the "Doctor Who" series in an exclusive video.

Wally recreates 13 of the Doctor's most iconic looks throughout the years of the popular BBC science fiction show (All twelve Doctors, plus War Doctor). He's even got the unmistakable blue Tardis to back him up.

Check out our favorite Dr. Who looks, as shown off quite dashingly by Wally the Corgi.

First Doctor Who 1963-1966

Played by: William Hartnell
The Look: Long black coat and black bow.

Second Doctor Who1966-1969

Played by: Patrick Troughton
The Look: Plaid kilt and plaid bow.

Third Doctor Who 1970-1974

Played by: Jon Pertwee
The Look: White lace cuffs and red cape.

Fourth Doctor Who 1974-7981

Played by: Tom Baker
The Look: Black hat and loooooooooong knitted scarf.

Fifth Doctor Who 1981-1984

Played by: Peter Davison
The Look: Straw hat and beige trench coat. Shrubbery as buttonière

Sixth Doctor Who 1984-1986

Played by: Colin Baker
The Look: Long rusty red coat with blue bow.

Seventh Doctor Who 1987-1989, 1996

Played by: Sylvester McCoy
The Look: Straw hat like Fifth's, black umbrella and paisley scarf.

Eighth Doctor Who 1996, 2013

Played by: Paul McGann
The Look: Paisley vest, black jacket, and gold scarf.

War Doctor 2013

Played by: John Hurt
The Look: Black leather jacket, polka-dotted scarf and gold pocket watch.

Ninth Doctor Who 2005

Played by: Christopher Eccleston
The Look: Leather Jacket. Stoic exterior.

Tenth Doctor Who 2005-2010

Played by: David Tennant
The Look: Red and Blue 3D glasses and black tie.

Eleventh Doctor Who 2010-2013

Played by: Matt Smith
The Look: Red Fez and bow tie.

Twelfth Doctor Who 2013-present

Played by: Peter Capaldi
The Look: Rockstar!

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