It appears that love is in the air at South Park. Next week's episode will explore same sex crushes between these elementary school characters, and will use erotic fan art to help tell the story.

In the brand new episode, Asian girls in school draw "dreamy" pictures of Tweek and Craig, creating their very own yaoi fan fiction mangas.

For those who are not familiar with yaoi (which means "Boys' Love"), it is the Japanese genre that focuses on romantic or sexual relationship between male characters.

While the school girls are letting their imaginations go wild, they aren't the only ones fantasizing about same sex relationships.

In the promo for South Park season 19, episode 6, titled "Tweek x Craig," Cartman has also become intoxicated with the smell of love. The clip shows Cartman on the toilet, preoccupied on his phone when Cupid Me comes in to share some good news.

Cupid Me reveals he hit "him" with his love arrow, before admitting that he thinks Cartman is cute.

The official synopsis for the episode is as follows:

The news of a romantic relationship between Tweek and Craig hits South Park Elementary. Mr. Mackey tries to figure out who started the rumor. Meanwhile, Cartman, who struggles to understand his friends' relationship, finds he has an admirer of his own.

The show wants fans to get in on the action and submit their own yaoi/slash fiction artwork that could be aired during the episode. The artwork must be of Tweek and Craig only, and submissions must be entered in by Monday, Oct. 26 at 9 p.m. EDT.

The erotic fan art will then air during Wednesday night's episode. It's likely that the drawings we see created by the Japanese school girls will actually be the art submitted by participating fans.

Check out the promo for this week's episode of South Park below. "Tweek x Craig" premieres Wednesday, Oct. 28 at 10:00 p.m. EDT on Comedy Central.

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