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The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Looks Great, But You Can Buy A Galaxy S9 And Get A Free Chromebook

For those who are still thinking about whether to purchase the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 but want to save cash, Samsung and Amazon are throwing in a free Chromebook for a purchase of Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech August 11, 2018

Pokémon GO Promo Codes Heading To Android Players: Get Free Poké Balls, Lure Modules, Lucky Eggs, And More Soon

'Pokémon GO' is giving its players a nice treat in the form of promo codes. These codes for redeeming freebies are only available for Android for now.

Video Games May 4, 2017

Everything We Think We Know About ‘American Horror Story’ Season 6 From The Promos Is A Lie

FX CEO John Landgraf revealed that the 'American Horror Story' season 6 promos are meant to 'misdirect' viewers.

Movies/TV Shows August 10, 2016

New 'Preacher' Promo Taps Into The Ultraviolence And Dark Humor Of The Comics

Entertainment Tonight just released a new promo for AMC's 'Preacher,' which not only introduces a few new characters, but also shows how the series will blend humor with supernatural violence.

Movies/TV Shows May 9, 2016

'Gotham' Promo Takes Edward Nygma And His Riddles 'Into The Woods'

In a promo for the next episode of 'Gotham,' Edward Nygma takes to the woods with a new, deadly riddle, while Oswald grieves over his father's death and Bruce Wayne continues life on the streets.

Movies/TV Shows March 29, 2016

'The Walking Dead' Season 6 Finale Promo: What We've All Been Waiting For

Negan's finally here for the season six finale promo.

Movies/TV Shows March 28, 2016

Not Black Friday But Best Buy Offers Select Lenovo Yoga Laptops At $150 Off

U.S. retailer is offering a discount of up to $150 on select Lenovo Yoga laptop models. Laptops which are eligible for the offer include the Lenovo Yoga 900, the Lenovo Yoga 700 and more.

Computers March 17, 2016

Jim Gordon Continues Hunt For Mr. Freeze In 'Gotham' Promo

Mr. Freeze finally made his 'Gotham' debut on this week's episode of the Fox series, but next week, he will continue to elude the GCPD as Jim Gordon tries to track him down.

Movies/TV Shows March 1, 2016

In New 'Gotham' Promo, Bruce Wayne Tracks Down His Parents' Killers

'Gotham' returns to TV soon, and in a new promo for season two, Bruce Wayne not only vows to one day help his city, but also tracks down his parents' killers.

Movies/TV Shows February 23, 2016

King Shark Returns To Central City In New 'The Flash' Promo

A new promo for next week's episode of 'The Flash' shows the return of King Shark to Central City, with part of Team Arrow joining Team Flash in taking on the villain.

Movies/TV Shows February 17, 2016

ASUS Offers 'Far Cry Primal' Bundles With Select GPUs In New 'Savage At Heart' Promo

Asus started its Savage at Heart promotional period, where gamers can get a free copy of 'Far Cry Primal.' Those who purchase a new GPU from a select list get the bundled title for zero additional cost.

Video Games February 17, 2016

New 'Flash' Episode 14 Promo Reveals Unexpected Team-Up

A new extended promo for Episode 14 of 'The Flash' has been released, showing a taste of what we can expect from the episode, including a team-up that we might not have otherwise anticipated.

Geek February 10, 2016

New 'Gotham' Promo Offers Best Look At Mr. Freeze Yet

A new teaser promo released by Fox for the midseason premiere of 'Gotham' shows the 'wrath of the villains' and offers the best look we've had so far of Mr. Freeze.

Movies/TV Shows February 5, 2016

'The Flash' Goes To Earth-2 In New Promo

A new promo teasing next week's episode of 'The Flash' shows the team visiting Earth-2, where Barry meets his double and has to go up against Caitlin's doppelgänger there, Killer Frost.

Movies/TV Shows February 3, 2016

Verizon Wants You To Switch And Will Give You Up To $650 To End Your Old Contract

Verizon announced that it will be giving away up to $650 to consumers who will be switching to its network. Here is what you need to know about this latest promo of Big Red.

Internet December 29, 2015

'The X-Files' Promo Asks 'Are We Truly Alone?'

A new promotional video for 'The X-Files' shows found footage of a strange mysterious light off the California coast with Fox Mulder asking, 'Are we truly alone? Or are we being lied to?'

Movies/TV Shows December 2, 2015

New Promo For LG V10 Gives Buyers Free 64 GB Micro SD Card, Extra Battery, Charging Cradle

A new promo for the LG V10 offers customers with a free 64 GB micro SD card, extra battery and battery charging cradle. The approximate retail value of the free items is at $129.97.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech December 1, 2015

Samsung Will Give You Free Swag If You Buy A Galaxy Phone

Samsung is giving customers around $350 in free stuff if they buy a phone from its Galaxy line - just in time for the holiday shopping season.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech November 9, 2015

The 'Supergirl' Promo For Episode 3 Reveals Kara Will Face Comic Villain Reactron

Next week's promo for episode 3 of CBS's 'Supergirl' shows Kara coming face-to-face with Reactron, a popular Superman villain in the comics.

Movies/TV Shows November 3, 2015

New Promo For 'X-Files' Reveals Some Of The Monsters That Are Coming

In the latest promo for 'The X-Files,' we are introduced to some of the monsters that will be featured in the upcoming return of the sci-fi series.

Movies/TV Shows October 27, 2015

This Week's Episode Of 'South Park' Will Touch On Same Sex Crushes Using Erotic Fan Art

'South Park' season 19, episode 6 will follow the story of Japanese school girls fantasizing that Tweek and Craig are in a relationship, with the show accepting fan art submissions until later tonight that could air during the episode.

Movies/TV Shows October 26, 2015

Original Cast Members Return In 'Heroes Reborn' Season 1, Episode 7 Promo: 'June 13th - Part One'

More original 'Heroes' cast members, like Cristine Rose, will make an appearance in next week's episode of 'Heroes Reborn.'

Movies/TV Shows October 23, 2015

New Promo For 'Sleepy Hollow' Season 3, Episode 5 Reveals 'Bones' Crossover

Next week is the debut of the two-hour 'Bones' and 'Sleepy Hollow' crossover event that features Crane and Mills teaming up with Booth and Brennan.

Movies/TV Shows October 23, 2015

Netflix Releases The First Trailer For Marvel's 'Jessica Jones'

The first trailer for Netflix and Marvel's 'Jessica Jones' introduces us to the superheroine, who must face her dark past to hunt down an evil enemy that possesses mind-control powers.

Movies/TV Shows October 23, 2015

Watch Sideshow Bob Repeatedly Kill Bart In 'The Simpsons' Promo For 'Treehouse Of Horror XXVI'

Bart Simpson dies multiple times in the 'Simpsons' promo for Sunday's annual 'Treehouse of Horror XXVI' episode.

Movies/TV Shows October 22, 2015

'American Horror Story: Hotel' Episode 4 Promo: 'Devil's Night'

FX will debut the first episode of the two-part Halloween special for 'AHS: Hotel' that will include a dinner party attended by serial killers.

Movies/TV Shows October 22, 2015

'Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.' Season 3, Episode 5 Promo Teases How Simmons Survived Life On Another Planet

Simmons mysteriously disappeared to another planet during the Season 2 finale of 'Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.' Now we finally get to know what happened to her during that strange trip.

Movies/TV Shows October 21, 2015

'The Flash' Season 2, Episode 4 Promo: 'The Fury Of Firestorm'

In next week's episode of 'The Flash,' we are introduced to Jefferson 'Jax' Jackson, who takes on the role of the other half of the Firestorm Matrix.

Movies/TV Shows October 21, 2015

Randy Is Put In An Uncomfortable Situation At Whole Foods In 'South Park' Season 19, Episode 5 'Safe Space'

Randy is forced to say no to donating to hungry children multiple times in the promo for next's weeks episode titled 'Safe Space.'

Movies/TV Shows October 20, 2015

'Sleepy Hollow' Season 3, Episode 4 Promo: The Tooth Fairy Comes To Town

The Mills sisters team up to defeat the Tooth Fairy who is taking the souls of children in next week's episode of 'Sleepy Hollow.'

Movies/TV Shows October 16, 2015

'AHS: Hotel' Episode 3 Promo: The Countess Puts Murderous Plot In Motion As Ramona Royale Comes For Blood

The Countess will have to deal with a rival who is after Donovan in next week's episode of 'American Horror Story: Hotel' titled 'Mommy.'

Movies/TV Shows October 15, 2015

Double Down Villain Jeremy Tell Is After 'Arrow' In The Episode 3 Promo For 'Restoration'

The stakes are high when serial gambler and villain Jeremy Tell hunts down Arrow in next week's episode.

Movies/TV Shows October 15, 2015

Jeri Ryan As Jessica Danforth Announces Plans To Run For Mayor Of Star City In New Clip For Tonight's 'Arrow'

The 'Star Trek' alumni joins the cast of The CW's 'Arrow' as a family friend of the Queens who has plans to run for mayor.

Movies/TV Shows October 14, 2015

'The Flash' Season 2, Episode 3 Promo Reveals Captain Cold Gets Kidnapped And Will Team Up With His Villainous Father

Captain Cold double-crosses Barry Allen and teams up with his father in episode 3 of 'The Flash' on The CW.

Movies/TV Shows October 14, 2015

Marvel's 'Agents Of SHIELD' Season 3, Episode 4 Promo Reveals Neither Humans, Inhumans Are Safe From New Killer

Phil Coulson and Rosalind Price team up to take down a murderous monster in next week's episode of Marvel's 'Agents of SHIELD.'

Movies/TV Shows October 14, 2015

Cartman Perfectly Embodies Yelp Reviewers In New 'South Park' Promo For 'You're Not Yelping'

Cartman attempts to get free food as he claims he is a food critic for Yelp in the promo for season 19, episode 4, titled 'You're Not Yelping.'

Movies/TV Shows October 13, 2015

'The Walking Dead' Season 6, Episode 2 Promo Hints At An Attack On Alexandria By The Wolves

The promo for season 6, episode 2 of 'The Walking Dead' reveals there is an attack on Alexandria, and Father Gabriel Stokes asks Carl for forgiveness in a second sneak peek.

Movies/TV Shows October 12, 2015

'Sleepy Hollow' Season 3, Episode 3 Promo: 'Blood And Fear'

Pandora continues to release evil in the town, this time equipping the innocent with a knife that makes them go mad in the 'Blood and Fear' promo for episode 3 of 'Sleepy Hollow.'

Movies/TV Shows October 9, 2015

Speedy Prefers To Be Called Red Arrow In First Clip From Season 4 Premiere of 'Arrow'

The CW released a clip from the season 4 premiere of 'Arrow' that shows Speedy in action.

Movies/TV Shows October 7, 2015

Jay Garrick Helps Barry Allen Take On The Sand Demon In ‘The Flash’ Promo For Episode 2, 'Flash Of Two Worlds'

Jay Garrick reveals insight about new baddie called the Sand Demon in promo for the next episode of season 2 of ’The Flash.’

Movies/TV Shows October 7, 2015

New 'Heroes Reborn' Promo Shows The EVOs Starting To Embrace Their Powers

The EVOs are on the run in the latest promo for 'Heroes Reborn.' However, it looks like they're also going to start using their powers to fight back.

Movies/TV Shows October 7, 2015

New 'Sleepy Hollow' Promo Teases New Evil Forces Unleashed By Pandora

The new promo for next week's episode of 'Sleepy Hollow' reveals new shadow of evil that Crane and Mills must defeat.

Movies/TV Shows October 2, 2015

New 'Heroes Reborn' Promo Finally Shows The Return Of Hiro

It's the moment we've all been waiting for. It looks like Hiro Nakamura will finally return to 'Heroes Reborn' in the upcoming episode of the limited series.

Movies/TV Shows October 2, 2015

The Heroes Of Star City Aim Higher In The New 'Arrow' Season 4 Promo

See the Green Arrow and gang in action in the new Season 4 promo that has the characters aiming higher.

Movies/TV Shows September 29, 2015

'Gotham' Promo Finally Gives Us The Joker

Here it is, the moment that all 'Gotham' fans have been waiting for: the first official appearance of the Joker.

Movies/TV Shows September 29, 2015

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