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Survey Finds Millennials Waste Time At Work On Social Media and Playing ‘Pokémon GO’

A new survey found that millennials spend a lot of time on social media and playing ‘Pokémon GO’ when on the clock at work.

Life & Style September 21, 2016

'Back To The Future' Fan Gets Arrested For Going 88 MPH In DeLorean, Says He Wasn't Trying To Time Travel

Authorities arrested a man in England for speeding aboard a DeLorean vehicle. The offender, an avowed 'Back to the Future' movie fan, claimed he was not attempting to travel back in time.

Life & Style September 16, 2016

People Use Same Sounds For Common Objects, Ideas No Matter The Language

How do the people of the world understand each other? It may be that different words with the same meaning use the same sounds, said researchers.

Life & Style September 14, 2016

Real-Life ‘Fault In Our Stars’: Couple With Cystic Fibrosis Fighting Odds To Be Together

Let a real-life 'Fault in Our Stars' couple show you how loving is done. They may be sick but the couple, who have cystic fibrosis, are fighting with all they’ve got to stay together.

Life & Style September 12, 2016

Experts Dub World's Smallest Baby As 'The Little Fighter'

Emilia Grabarczyk, who was born at 25 weeks weighing 8 ounces and 8.6 inches long, is described by doctors as 'the little fighter.' The miracle baby is now nine months old and weighs 106 ounces.

Life & Style September 9, 2016

Starbucks’ New Take On The Pumpkin Spice Latte Will Heat You Up This Fall

Starbucks’ popular Pumpkin Spice Latte makes its return to the menu, along with the new Chile Mocha Latte, a spicier take on a traditional hot chocolate.

Life & Style September 1, 2016

Discus Thrower Piotr Malachowski Sells Olympic Medal To Help Cancer Patient

Polish Olympic silver medalist Piotr Malachowski has sold his precious medal to help fund the treatment of a young cancer patient. Malachowski, who won the medal in the discus event at the Rio Olympics, put his medal up for auction on eBay.

Life & Style August 28, 2016

Orlando Hospitals Footing $5.5 Million Bill For Pulse Shooting Victims

Orlando Health and Florida Hospitals have announced that victims of June’s Pulse shooting will not be billed for the care they received. So far, expenses for the victims’ care have reached $5.5 million.

Life & Style August 26, 2016

What's Really Going On Between Olympic Swimmer Ryan Lochte And The Brazilian Government?

Inconsistencies in the statements of Olympic swimmers Ryan Lochte and James Feigen about an alleged armed robbery on Sunday have raised questions about the veracity of their claims. Two of their teammates, Gunnar Bentz and Jack Conger, were prevented by Brazilian authorities from flying out of Rio in connection with the incident.

Life & Style August 18, 2016

Olympic Medalist Ryan Lochte And 3 Other US Swimmers Robbed At Gunpoint In Rio

U.S. Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte and three teammates were robbed at gunpoint by thieves who posed as police in Rio. All four athletes are now safe and cooperating with investigators, Olympic officials said.

Life & Style August 15, 2016

Backup Plans May Actually Be Setting You Back Says Research

Backup plans reduce risks, offering ways out when things don’t go quite as planned. However, researchers have found that they can also be detrimental, getting in the way of achieving the original goal.

Life & Style August 13, 2016

Olympic Games Rio 2016: Why So Many Empty Seats At Major Events?

Could empty seats at the Olympic Games Rio 2016 be a sign that interest is waning? Organizers have sold only 84 percent of Olympic tickets.

Life & Style August 10, 2016

Dogs Can Now Sip On Their Own Wine - Without Getting Buzzed

The Colorado-based company that sells wine for cats is expanding to now include nonalcoholic CharDOGnay and ZinfanTail wine options for dogs.

Life & Style August 10, 2016

The Average Black Family Would Need 228 Years To Reach The Wealth Of An Average White Family: Study

A new study gave an alarming insight into the wealth divide between the average African-American and white family. The findings revealed that an average black family might take 228 years to reach the amount of wealth currently enjoyed by its white counterparts.

Life & Style August 10, 2016

This Mom-Created Emoji App Lets Women Express What Motherhood Is Really Like

EmojiMom is the emoji keyboard app for iOS that allows women to better express to their friends and family what pregnancy and motherhood is really like.

Life & Style August 8, 2016

'The McDonald's Of The Future' Offers Unlimited Fries

A new McDonald's in Missouri is offering unlimited fries.

Life & Style August 5, 2016

A Pizza ATM Now Exists In The US Because America Is Great

Xavier University teamed up with the company Paline to have its Pizza ATM vending machine open on campus.

Life & Style August 5, 2016

Celebrate The Theatrical Release Of ‘Suicide Squad’ With These Cocktail Recipes

After checking out ‘Suicide Squad’ in theaters this weekend, celebrate with friends using these cocktail recipes that are inspired by characters from the movie.

Life & Style August 5, 2016

There’s A Doom Board Game And It Lets You Play As The Demons

DOOM: The Board Game is coming soon! A redesigned gaming experience for the tabletop, the assymetrical board game lets players take control of demons and wipe out marines.

Life & Style July 29, 2016

Happy Space Exploration Day: Celebrating The 40th Anniversary Of Viking 1 Landing On Mars

Although July 20 marks Space Exploration Day, it is especially important in 2016, because it marks the 40th anniversary of Viking 1 becoming the first U.S. spacecraft to ever land on Mars.

Life & Style July 20, 2016

Krispy Kreme Pairs Up With Cheerwine Beverage Company To Make Doughnut-Flavored Soda

Krispy Kreme and Cheerwine teamed up to produce a doughnut-flavored soda: the Cheerwine Kreme. How does it taste? People who have tasted the drink have given their verdict.

Life & Style July 21, 2016

Sketch Solves Mystery Of Van Gogh's Missing Ear

One of the most often-debated topics concerns how much ear Van Gogh chopped off in a fit of madness. It turns out that, instead of just chopping off his earlobe, the artist took off his entire left ear.

Life & Style July 13, 2016

Texas Inmates Break Out Of Cell To Save Guard Who Suffered From Heart Attack

A group of inmates broke out of their holding cell, risking their lives to save the life of a jailer. Watch the video of the incident.

Life & Style July 10, 2016

Summer 2016 Travel Tips: Homesharing And Ridesharing Tips To Avoid Identity Theft

Homesharing and ridesharing have become the norm of summer travel these past few years. But some bad habits related to these travel practices could cause you to become a victim of identity theft even while you're on vacation.

Life & Style July 17, 2016

Boston Cab Driver Turns In $187K Passenger Left Behind In His Taxi

A 72-year old Boston cab driver turned in to the police $187,000 in cash left behind by a passenger. The man who lost the money is a recovering drug addict and has been homeless for a long time.

Life & Style July 7, 2016

McDonald’s Adds Sriracha To Its Classic Big Mac Sauce: Here’s Where You Can Spice Up Your Signature Burgers

Sriracha is now on the menu for McDonald’s with its new Signature Sriracha sandwich that comes in a beef patty or chicken option, but it is only available for a limited-time in two states.

Life & Style July 6, 2016

Kevin Durant Joins The Golden State Warriors: Why He Did It And What This Means For The Rest Of The NBA

Former MVP Kevin Durant has decided to join 2015-2016 NBA MVP Steph Curry in the Golden State Warriors. What could be the reason behind the move, and what does this mean for the rest of the NBA?

Life & Style July 5, 2016

Fourth Of July Fireworks: Macy's Fireworks 2016 Location, Start Time And How And Where To Watch

To help America celebrate its 240th anniversary, Macy's is preparing to put on its biggest fireworks display since the Y2K. For those who want to watch the show in person, time is running out for making a move.

Life & Style July 4, 2016

World UFO Day: People Celebrate UFO Sightings But Do Alien Life Forms Really Exist?

Some of NASA's directives have given rise to conspiracies, and so has the censoring of certain areas on Google Maps. But at the end of the day, we all want to meet aliens.

Life & Style July 3, 2016

570 Clinics In The US Are Offering Expensive, Unproven And Unregulated Stem Cell Therapies And That's Very Dangerous

Many of the more than 570 US clinics offering stem therapy are promising healing for dozens of diseases. However, researchers in the field haven't had nearly as many breakthroughs as those promised by direct-to-customer businesses offering treatment for top dollars.

Life & Style July 5, 2016

These Trending Rosé Gummy Bears Sold Out In Just 2 Hours: Here's When You Can Buy Them Again

Consumers really wanted to get their hands on these rosé gummy bears, which sold out in two hours and crashed the company's site. Here is when they will be available to buy again.

Life & Style July 2, 2016

Here Are The Movies Opening This 4th of July Weekend

Since this year's Independence Day falls on a Monday, most Americans will get a three-day weekend, meaning it's a good time to catch a movie. Here are the films opening this Fourth of July weekend.

Life & Style July 1, 2016

Distance Covered By The Mars Curiosity Rover Doesn't Even Cover Manhattan

One Reddit user mapped out the miles traveled by the Mars Curiosity rover and discovered that it hasn't gone very far at all: its distance doesn't even cover the island of Manhattan.

Life & Style June 30, 2016

Last Surviving Witness Of Lincoln Assassination Appeared On TV

It seems impossible that someone who witnessed John Wilkes Booth killing President Abraham Lincoln could appear on television. However, one witness showed up on 'I've Got a Secret' in 1956.

Life & Style June 29, 2016

Tour De France To Use Thermal Cameras To Detect 'Mechanical Doping'

The Union Cycliste Internationale will use a high-tech system to prevent cheating in the world's most famous cycling race. It will employ manual bike checks and use thermal cameras to ensure that no Tour de France rider gets an unfair advantage.

Life & Style June 28, 2016

Starbucks’ Rainbow Secret Menu Is Complete: What’s Really In The New Orange, Blue And Green Drinks And How To Order Them

Orange — and blue and green — are the new pink when it comes to Starbucks’ secret menu. Here is what’s in the beverages and how to order them.

Life & Style June 29, 2016

What Is Blue Wine And Why Is It A Trendy, New Drink?

There's a trendy, new drink that is designed to shake things up in the seemingly snobbish wine industry. Spanish company Gïk introduces the blue wine to entice new drinkers, especially the younger non-wine drinkers.

Life & Style June 27, 2016

Google Taps The Power Of Virtual Reality For 360-Degree LGBTQ Virtual Pride Parade [Video]

Google released a 360 video montage where users can join 25 Pride parades around the world. The #prideforeveryone experience comes to strengthen the company’s support towards the LGBTQ community.

Life & Style June 24, 2016

Burger King Just Released The Best Food Combo, Mac N' Cheetos, And The Internet Is Eating It Up

Burger King will start serving Mac n' Cheetos, fried macaroni and cheese inside a Cheeto, in select locations starting on Monday.

Life & Style June 23, 2016

Move Over Pink Drink: Here’s What Is Really In Starbucks’ Secret Menu Purple Drink And How To Order It

Instagram is so over Starbucks’ Pink Drink and instead is all about the new secret menu Purple Drink. Here’s what is in the beverage and how to order it so you too can sip the trendy drink this summer.

Life & Style June 23, 2016

Kansas School Crisis: State Legislators Approve School Funding Plan

Kansas legislators have adopted a new plan to address the state's current issues with providing educational aid to public schools. The measure allocates an additional $38 million to fund poorer school districts in the state.

Life & Style June 25, 2016

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