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Election Day 2016: Where Do I Vote Today, Predictions And How To Know Presidential Election Results

It’s been a stressful election season but Election Day 2016 is finally upon us! Here’s how you can find your polling place, learn about predictions and find out who will be the 45th president of the United States.

Life & Style November 8, 2016

Never Bury Your Deceased Loved Ones Again: Turn Them Into A Shiny Diamond

Algordanza is a Swiss company that specializes in turning deceased loved ones into diamonds, a service that begins at $5,000 and can go as high as $20,000. It's one of the many strange services out there, and it seems to have found its niche.

Life & Style November 14, 2016

Math Abilities Are Not Innate: New Theory May Help In Identifying, Teaching Students With Math Learning Disabilities

Information on how humans first learn math could help treat children with learning disabilities, suggest researchers. The sense of number alongside the sense of magnitude enables people to make better decisions.

Life & Style November 4, 2016

Killer Clown Purge Night May Not Be Hoax: How To Stay Safe This Halloween

The scariest night of the year might just get scarier if the purported killer clown purge turns out to be real. Here's how to stay safe this Halloween.

Life & Style October 31, 2016

The Weeknd And Daft Punk’s ‘Starboy’ Remains US Spotify Streaming Chart No. 1 While The Chainsmokers’ ‘Closer’ Reigns Globally

The Weeknd’s smash hit ‘Starboy’ has retained the top position on Spotify’s U.S. Streaming Chart for a second week. Runner-up ‘Closer’ by The Chainsmokers is still on top globally, however.

Life & Style October 30, 2016

Killer Clown Purge Night Map: Rumored Areas Where Attacks Will Happen

Even with Halloween around the corner, the killer clown purge night has yet to be confirmed. If it turns out to be more than just a bizarre rumor, the burning question is, where will the attacks happen?

Life & Style October 29, 2016

Starbucks Secret Menu: What's In The Franken Frappuccino Beverage Available This Halloween

It's time to refrain from ordering yet another Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks. New secret Halloween menu items include the Franken Frapp and Jack-o-ccino, which join the popular Frappula.

Life & Style October 28, 2016

Starbucks Is Bringing Back Its Halloween Frappula Frappuccino For A Limited-Time: Here’s What Is In Bloody Good Treat

Starbucks announced the return of its popular Halloween-inspired beverage, the Frappula Frappuccino that will be available until Nov. 1.

Life & Style October 27, 2016

Illinois Man Marries Woman He Saved As Liver Donor

An ex-marine officer from Illinois got married this month to the woman to whom he donated his liver. After agreeing to undergo the procedure without previously knowing the woman, the man fell in love, and remains healthy today, as well as his wife.

Life & Style October 29, 2016

Killer Clown 'Purge Night' Rumored To Take Place Right Before Halloween - But Is It Real?

Individuals who are part of the creepy clown craze are rumored to carry out a purge night right before Halloween, and regardless of whether or not it's real, the bizarre trend and news of the event already have victims.

Life & Style October 25, 2016

Love At First Sight: Autistic Boy Instantly Bonds, Snuggles With Service Dog He Just Met

An autistic child shared a warm bonding moment with a service dog he just met. The 5-year-old boy, who lives in Japan, flew to Ohio to meet the autism assistance dog Tornado.

Life & Style October 21, 2016

Mars Chocolate Will Launch Caramel M&M's To The Delight Of Candy Lovers Everywhere This Spring

Candy company Mars Chocolate announced the spring release of a new flavor, creamy and smooth caramel M&M's.

Life & Style October 18, 2016

Parental Smartphone Use Affects Kids: Here’s How Plugged-In Parenting May Cause Tension In The Family

Digital connectivity of parents and caregivers during family time could be associated with cognitive and emotional tension. In a recent study, researchers found fewer interactions and less quality time spent among subjects and their children.

Life & Style October 18, 2016

Americans Are Empathetic: US Ranks In Top 10 Countries With Most Empathy

Tensions are high in the United States right now because of the elections, but while it may appear that everyone’s retreated to their own sides, a study has ranked the country as one of the most empathetic in the world.

Life & Style October 17, 2016

And Then There Were Two: Rare Surgery Successfully Separates Conjoined Twins

Anias and Jadon McDonald are twins conjoined at the head, a condition so rare that it happens one in a million. On Oct. 14 they were separated after a nearly day-long operation at a New York children’s hospital.

Life & Style October 15, 2016

San Antonio Police Under Scrutiny For Wearing Donald Trump 'Make America Great Again' Caps While In Uniform

A number of San Antonio Police Department officers who were seen wearing hats with Donald Trump's campaign motto 'Make America Great Again' will be facing disciplinary actions for failing to adhere to the department's policies.

Life & Style October 13, 2016

Batman Is Now Saving Kids In The UK From The Creepy Killer Clowns Roaming Around The Cities

A local costume company in Cumbria, UK has someone dressed as Batman protecting the streets against creepy clowns to help ease fears of young children.

Life & Style October 12, 2016

Girls Do 160 Million More Hours Of Household Chores Than Boys: Gender Disparities Start Young, Says UNICEF Report

Female children do 160 million more hours of housework everyday than males in their age group, reported UNICEF. ahead of the International Day of the Girl. Household chores include fetching water and collecting firewood.

Life & Style October 11, 2016

These Creepy Clowns Are Now A Security Concern: The Bizarre Trend Is Spreading To Canada, UK And Australia

'Creepy clowns' are often seen waiting outside schools, wielding a knife, threatening children and chasing them down the street. The social media fad is now sweeping across the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia.

Life & Style October 9, 2016

Nobel Peace Laureate Desmond Tutu Celebrates 85th Birthday, Shares Insights On ‘Dignified Assisted Death’

Desmond Tutu, Nobel Peace laureate and archbishop emeritus of Cape Town, has called for laws that facilitating assisted death for the terminally ill. Tutu, who turned 85 on Oct. 7, is battling prostate cancer and said he would take that option at the right time.

Life & Style October 8, 2016

There Are Finally Interracial Couple Emojis Thanks to The 'Love-Moji' App

Love-Moji brings ways to express interracial heterosexual and same-sex relationships via emojis to iOS and social media users.

Life & Style October 5, 2016

What Is It With This Creepy Clown Craze? Unmasking The Scary Trend

As the number of creepy clown sightings increases across the United States, here’s a look of the current trend and how social media has made it even more scary.

Life & Style October 3, 2016

Want To Stand Out In A Crowd? Researchers Say Attractiveness Depends On Who You’re With

People are often judged in relation to others. In terms of attractiveness though, researchers have found that how people see you will depend on who you’re with.

Life & Style October 3, 2016

Why Was 'Pokémon GO' So Popular? Researchers Attribute It To People Unleashing Their Inner Hunters

A new case study by researcher Vladimir Dinets explained the inner hunter as a primary cause for the success of 'Pokémon GO.' The researcher said that the mobile game drives people to exercise their evolutionary instincts.

Life & Style October 4, 2016

Survey Finds Millennials Waste Time At Work On Social Media and Playing ‘Pokémon GO’

A new survey found that millennials spend a lot of time on social media and playing ‘Pokémon GO’ when on the clock at work.

Life & Style September 21, 2016

'Back To The Future' Fan Gets Arrested For Going 88 MPH In DeLorean, Says He Wasn't Trying To Time Travel

Authorities arrested a man in England for speeding aboard a DeLorean vehicle. The offender, an avowed 'Back to the Future' movie fan, claimed he was not attempting to travel back in time.

Life & Style September 16, 2016

People Use Same Sounds For Common Objects, Ideas No Matter The Language

How do the people of the world understand each other? It may be that different words with the same meaning use the same sounds, said researchers.

Life & Style September 14, 2016

Real-Life ‘Fault In Our Stars’: Couple With Cystic Fibrosis Fighting Odds To Be Together

Let a real-life 'Fault in Our Stars' couple show you how loving is done. They may be sick but the couple, who have cystic fibrosis, are fighting with all they’ve got to stay together.

Life & Style September 12, 2016

Experts Dub World's Smallest Baby As 'The Little Fighter'

Emilia Grabarczyk, who was born at 25 weeks weighing 8 ounces and 8.6 inches long, is described by doctors as 'the little fighter.' The miracle baby is now nine months old and weighs 106 ounces.

Life & Style September 9, 2016

Starbucks’ New Take On The Pumpkin Spice Latte Will Heat You Up This Fall

Starbucks’ popular Pumpkin Spice Latte makes its return to the menu, along with the new Chile Mocha Latte, a spicier take on a traditional hot chocolate.

Life & Style September 1, 2016

Discus Thrower Piotr Malachowski Sells Olympic Medal To Help Cancer Patient

Polish Olympic silver medalist Piotr Malachowski has sold his precious medal to help fund the treatment of a young cancer patient. Malachowski, who won the medal in the discus event at the Rio Olympics, put his medal up for auction on eBay.

Life & Style August 28, 2016

Orlando Hospitals Footing $5.5 Million Bill For Pulse Shooting Victims

Orlando Health and Florida Hospitals have announced that victims of June’s Pulse shooting will not be billed for the care they received. So far, expenses for the victims’ care have reached $5.5 million.

Life & Style August 26, 2016

What's Really Going On Between Olympic Swimmer Ryan Lochte And The Brazilian Government?

Inconsistencies in the statements of Olympic swimmers Ryan Lochte and James Feigen about an alleged armed robbery on Sunday have raised questions about the veracity of their claims. Two of their teammates, Gunnar Bentz and Jack Conger, were prevented by Brazilian authorities from flying out of Rio in connection with the incident.

Life & Style August 18, 2016

Olympic Medalist Ryan Lochte And 3 Other US Swimmers Robbed At Gunpoint In Rio

U.S. Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte and three teammates were robbed at gunpoint by thieves who posed as police in Rio. All four athletes are now safe and cooperating with investigators, Olympic officials said.

Life & Style August 15, 2016

Backup Plans May Actually Be Setting You Back Says Research

Backup plans reduce risks, offering ways out when things don’t go quite as planned. However, researchers have found that they can also be detrimental, getting in the way of achieving the original goal.

Life & Style August 13, 2016

Olympic Games Rio 2016: Why So Many Empty Seats At Major Events?

Could empty seats at the Olympic Games Rio 2016 be a sign that interest is waning? Organizers have sold only 84 percent of Olympic tickets.

Life & Style August 10, 2016

Dogs Can Now Sip On Their Own Wine - Without Getting Buzzed

The Colorado-based company that sells wine for cats is expanding to now include nonalcoholic CharDOGnay and ZinfanTail wine options for dogs.

Life & Style August 10, 2016

The Average Black Family Would Need 228 Years To Reach The Wealth Of An Average White Family: Study

A new study gave an alarming insight into the wealth divide between the average African-American and white family. The findings revealed that an average black family might take 228 years to reach the amount of wealth currently enjoyed by its white counterparts.

Life & Style August 10, 2016

This Mom-Created Emoji App Lets Women Express What Motherhood Is Really Like

EmojiMom is the emoji keyboard app for iOS that allows women to better express to their friends and family what pregnancy and motherhood is really like.

Life & Style August 8, 2016

'The McDonald's Of The Future' Offers Unlimited Fries

A new McDonald's in Missouri is offering unlimited fries.

Life & Style August 5, 2016

A Pizza ATM Now Exists In The US Because America Is Great

Xavier University teamed up with the company Paline to have its Pizza ATM vending machine open on campus.

Life & Style August 5, 2016

Celebrate The Theatrical Release Of ‘Suicide Squad’ With These Cocktail Recipes

After checking out ‘Suicide Squad’ in theaters this weekend, celebrate with friends using these cocktail recipes that are inspired by characters from the movie.

Life & Style August 5, 2016

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