Low-Dose Aspirin Linked To Elevated Risk Of Bleeding In The Skull

Aspirin can do more harm than good in patients who do not have a history of heart disease. New research has found that this common medication could actually lead to bleeding in the skull.

Medicine May 14, 2019

Penis Extensions Are Ineffective, Risky, And Wrong On Every Level: Study

A study in London reiterated that penis extension and penis enlargement procedures mostly don't work and are ineffective. Researchers said such procedures carry risks such as penile deformity and erectile dysfunction.

Medicine May 12, 2019

Diabetes Drug Linked To Flesh-Eating Genital Infection

A popular diabetes drug is found linked to a flesh-eating infection known as Fournier gangrene. This disease is a rare but life-threatening infection that kills skin tissue in the genital or anal area.

Medicine May 10, 2019

Gilead To Donate HIV Prevention Pill Truvada To 200,000 People

American drug maker Gilead Sciences is donating up to 2.4 million bottles of Truvada to the CDC each year until at least 2025. This will allow 200,000 more people to have access to the life-saving drug.

Medicine May 10, 2019

Viagra-like Erectile Dysfunction Drug May Be Effective For Heart Failure Treatment

A Viagra-like erectile dysfunction drug may be effective in treating the damage caused by heart failure, a new study revealed. Researchers tested out the Viagra-like drug on sheep and got promising results.

Medicine May 2, 2019

New Drug Improves Empathy And Social Skills In People With Autism

Scientists found that a new medication may improve social skills of patients with autism. Two new studies showed that targeting vasopressin is a safe and effective way to enhance empathy, communication, and adaptive behaviors for both adult and pediatric patients.

Medicine May 2, 2019

Cannabis-Based Drug Reduces Hard-To-Treat Epilepsy In Children By 50 Percent

Research showed that cannabidiol-based Epidiolex is effective in significantly reducing seizures in hard-to-treat epilepsy. Patients above two years old with Dravet and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome had 50 percent drop in seizure frequency.

Medicine May 5, 2019

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Blood Test May Finally Prove Condition Exists

Chronic fatigue syndrome is often labeled as an imaginary condition, but a new blood test may finally provide scientific proof the disease exists. The test accurately flagged people with CFS in a pilot study.

Medicine April 29, 2019

Opioid Medication Must Now Come With Prominent Warning Labels

Opioid painkillers in the United States will add a warning that highlights the risk of life-threatening addictions that come with taking the drug. In England and Wales, the rate of an opioid prescription rose by 60 percent in the past decade.

Medicine April 30, 2019

Scientists Spot Bacteria Using Viruses As Weapons To Kill Other Bacteria

A bacteria carrying the SW1 virus could attack and kill other bacteria for a food source. However, in order to harness the virus, the bacteria also have to use a virus fossil that it obtained millions of years ago.

Medicine April 26, 2019

Using Antibiotics For More Than 2 Months Increases Women's Risk For Heart Attack And Stroke

Six of 1,000 women who use antibiotics for at least two months would develop cardiovascular disease. Use of antibiotics can destroy the beneficial gut bacteria and increase prevalence of disease-causing microorganisms.

Medicine April 26, 2019

Scientists Create Pacemaker That Can Be Powered By Your Heartbeat

A pacemaker that can operate using energy generated from heartbeat was tested on pigs. This new study can chart new horizons for the future of implantable medical electronic devices.

Medicine April 26, 2019

Testing Novel Anti-Malaria Vaccine To Begin In Malawi

An anti-Malaria vaccine has finally been developed after three decades of study. It has the most extensive clinical study to date with a $1 million budget.

Medicine April 24, 2019

Surgeons Find Fully Formed Teeth In Baby's Brain Tumor

When a baby's head began growing at a rapid rate, doctors scanned his brain and found a tumor with fully formed teeth inside. It's the first time teeth has been found in this type of tumor.

Medicine April 23, 2019

Amino Acid Leucine Found In Meat May Fuel Resistance To Breast Cancer Treatment Tamoxifen

Researchers found that lower levels of amino acid leucine in the body can suppress drug resistance to tamoxifen among ER-positive breast cancer patients. Fortunately, leucine is not naturally produced in the body and are only sourced from animal meats.

Medicine April 23, 2019

FDA Expands Lists Of Blood Pressure Drugs Recalled For Potentially Carcinogenic Ingredient

Torrent Pharmaceuticals has issued its fourth losartan recall since December after potentially carcinogenic impurities have been found in the high blood pressure medication. The FDA is advising patients to consult with pharmacists and physicians for alternatives.

Medicine April 20, 2019

Genetic Test May Reveal Why Texas Baby Ja'bari Gray Was Born Without Skin

Three-month-old Ja'bari Gray was born without most of his skin, and doctors still can't confirm why. Now, medical experts say genetic testing may be the key.

Medicine April 18, 2019

Arsenic Could Be Next Big Thing In Broad-Spectrum Antibiotic Drugs

A team of researchers believes that arsenic-based antibiotic could combat the threat of antibiotic-resistant bacteria that affects 2 million people in the United States every year. The new antibiotic has been tested effective against multiple types of bacteria.

Medicine April 18, 2019

Statins Do Not Produce Desired Effect In Half Of Patients

A new study says statins are only successful on one of two patients prescribed the medication. However, experts warn that there could be many reasons for this.

Medicine April 17, 2019

Cannabis Users Need Twice As Much Anesthesia For Medical Procedures

Patients who regularly use cannabis are found to need much higher dosages of medication to achieve optimum sedation. With cannabis use becoming more common, medical experts are trying to better understand cannabis and its effects on the human body.

Medicine April 16, 2019

First 3D-Printed Heart With Human Tissue Offers Hope For Personalized Organs For Transplant

Scientists produce the first ever 3D printed heart complete with blood vessels and cells. Made from tissue taken from a patient, this 'personalized' organ is perfectly matched to the patient and expected to be received by the body without problems.

Medicine April 15, 2019

Janssen Pharmaceuticals Diabetes Drug May Also Prevent, Slow Kidney Disease

A drug commonly used for diabetes is shown to make an impact on kidney disease as well. Research test Janssen Pharmaceuticals' Invokana in a landmark study that could change the lives of millions around the world.

Medicine April 15, 2019

Taking Cancer Genetic Instructions Apart Could Lead To New Treatments

By using CRISPR, scientists have found a way to target the vulnerable genes in cancer and destroy them in the process. Chemotherapy might not be an option for cancer treatment in the near future.

Medicine April 14, 2019

A Whopping One-Third Of Cancer Patients Try Alternative Medicine Without Informing Their Doctors

A U.S. study revealed cancer patients are not only using complementary and alternative medicine. Almost 30 percent of them do so without telling their doctors, raising concerns about safety and efficacy.

Medicine April 13, 2019

Ketamine Can Fix Broken 'Bridges' In Brain To Reduce Depression Symptoms

The anesthetic drug ketamine triggers a two-step process in fixing symptoms of depression. Scientists have discovered this breakthrough by using mice in an experiment.

Medicine April 13, 2019

Herbal Supplement Kratom Linked To Nearly 100 US Deaths: Here Are The Symptoms Of Potentially Deadly Kratom Overdose

Deaths due to kratom overdose rose to an alarming rate within just a five-month period beginning July 2016. It is largely known as an herbal supplement, but large doses could lead to seizures, coma, and even death.

Medicine April 12, 2019

New Cancer Treatment Turns Tumors Into ‘Vaccine’

Researchers come up with a novel type of immunotherapy that involves transforming tumors into 'cancer vaccine factories.' The treatment shows great potential in clinical trials on patients with lymphoma.

Medicine April 9, 2019

Children Diagnosed Via Telemedicine More Likely To be Given Drugs Instead Of Other Treatments Says Study

Considered as the next healthcare frontier, telemedicine could end up doing more harm than good for the children. A new study suggested the kids were more likely to receive an antibiotic prescription in this method compared to traditional consultations.

Medicine April 8, 2019

Fungus Shows Promise As A Cost-Effective Treatment For African Sleeping Sickness

Scientists genetically engineer a fungus that can produce a cost-effective treatment for the deadly African sleeping sickness. The resulting antibiotic is also a candidate treatment for cancer.

Medicine April 7, 2019

Psychedelic Drug MDMA May Help Treat PTSD

MDMA, an active ingredient of the drug ecstasy, could help treat patients with post-traumatic stress disorder. A mice trial showed that MDMA reopened the brain’s critical period responsible for memory and learning social behaviors.

Medicine April 9, 2019

NIH Starts First Ever Human Trials For Possible Universal Flu Vaccine

Researchers at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases are hoping that the first clinical trial of the universal influenza vaccine will be successful. The trial will end by 2020.

Medicine April 8, 2019

Cigna Wants To Cap Insulin Monthly Out-Of-Pocket Expenses At $25

Cigna announced a new program that offers a 40 percent reduction in the out-of-pocket cost of insulin for members who have type 1 or type 2 diabetes. The company said that about 700,000 people will benefit from the price change.

Medicine April 4, 2019

Fish Slime Could Be Next Big Thing In Antibiotics

The microbes found in fish slime could lead to the development of new antibiotics to treat infections caused by superbugs. Researchers already found strains of bacteria that have the potential to fight methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).

Medicine April 2, 2019

Immune System Therapy Shows Promise In Fighting Blood Cancers: How Does it Work?

CAR-T therapy is known to help patients with blood cancers immensely. Now, researchers show great promise in using the same methods in treating other types of cancer as well.

Medicine April 1, 2019

Patients Who May Benefit From Statins Don't Take Them: Here's Why

A study found that 59 percent of American adults who are eligible to take statins were not offered with the medication. Meanwhile, a significant number of patients stopped taking the cholesterol-lowering drug because of fear of side effects.

Medicine March 30, 2019

FDA Gives Thumbs Up To Multiple Sclerosis Drug From Novartis

The Food and Drug Administration approved a Novartis drug that can help patients with relapsing forms of multiple sclerosis. Mayzent (siponimod) showed benefits in delaying the progression of disability and cognitive decline.

Medicine March 29, 2019

Surgeons Circumcised Man By Mistake Because Of Medical Notes Mix-Up

A man in UK who was supposed to receive a cystoscopy was accidentally circumcised by doctors instead. The National Health Service said the patient's medical notes were mixed with those of another person before surgery.

Medicine March 27, 2019

Breast Implant Safety Under Debate With New Cancer Risks

FDA reviews the safety risks of breast implants at a public hearing where multiple women spoke out against breast implant surgery. Breast implants have been linked to a number of health issues, including a rare type of cancer.

Medicine March 26, 2019

Medtronic Admits Hackers Can Take Over Implanted Cardiac Defibrillators

Hundreds of thousands of Medtronic heart devices were flagged for security flaws. The vulnerabilities can allow hackers and cyber attackers to access and modify the devices.

Medicine March 25, 2019

Another Trial Fails To Find Cure For Alzheimer's Disease

Clinical trials for the drug aducanumab have now been halted as it has failed to rid patients of Alzheimer's disease. The heartbreaking news has left scientists looking for more ways to treat the condition.

Medicine March 26, 2019

Researchers Produce 3D Images Of Beating Baby's Heart Inside The Womb

A newly developed technique in 3D imaging presents great potential in the treatment of unborn infants with congenital heart disease. Doctors will now be able to spot issues more clearly even before birth.

Medicine March 24, 2019

Sydney Man Steven Spencer Contracts HIV Despite Taking PrEP Anti-HIV Drugs

A man in Sydney has contracted HIV despite taking PrEP anti-retroviral drugs. Advocates hope the case does not discourage potential patients from taking the medication.

Medicine March 23, 2019

Anesthesia May Help Take Away Painful Memories Of PTSD Patients

A new study shows that anesthesia can help lessen the sting of painful memories. Researchers hope that their findings eventually lead to an effective treatment for people with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Medicine March 22, 2019

Some ADHD Drugs May Increase Risk For Psychosis

Can medication for ADHD increase the risk for psychosis? Researchers of a new study found that while the risk is still low, the Adderall type of drugs can.

Medicine March 22, 2019

FDA Approves First Postpartum Depression Drug

The Food and Drug Administration has approved the use of the drug Zulresso in the treatment of postpartum depression among mothers. This marks the first time a specific medication will be used for treatment.

Medicine March 21, 2019

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