Researchers Produce 3D Images Of Beating Baby's Heart Inside The Womb

A newly developed technique in 3D imaging presents great potential in the treatment of unborn infants with congenital heart disease. Doctors will now be able to spot issues more clearly even before birth.


Sydney Man Steven Spencer Contracts HIV Despite Taking PrEP Anti-HIV Drugs

A man in Sydney has contracted HIV despite taking PrEP anti-retroviral drugs. Advocates hope the case does not discourage potential patients from taking the medication.

Medicine March 23, 2019

Anesthesia May Help Take Away Painful Memories Of PTSD Patients

A new study shows that anesthesia can help lessen the sting of painful memories. Researchers hope that their findings eventually lead to an effective treatment for people with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Medicine March 22, 2019

Some ADHD Drugs May Increase Risk For Psychosis

Can medication for ADHD increase the risk for psychosis? Researchers of a new study found that while the risk is still low, the Adderall type of drugs can.

Medicine March 22, 2019

FDA Approves First Postpartum Depression Drug

The Food and Drug Administration has approved the use of the drug Zulresso in the treatment of postpartum depression among mothers. This marks the first time a specific medication will be used for treatment.

Medicine March 21, 2019

Medications And Surgery For Atrial Fibrillation Similarly Effective Says Study

Researchers found that catheter fibrillation, an invasive procedure, significantly improves a patient's quality of life. However, when it comes to preventing stroke and cardiac failure, it is not more effective than drug therapy.

Medicine March 16, 2019

28-Year-Old Mom Issy Fox Paralyzed By Stroke From Taking The Pill

Young mother Issy Fox finds her life changed after taking a contraceptive pill that causes stroke and temporary paralysis of her face and hand.

Medicine March 14, 2019

Inactive Ingredients In Pills Such As Gluten And Dyes Can Trigger Allergic Reactions

A vast majority of oral medication contain elements that could trigger an allergy reaction on sensitive individuals, a new study reveals. Researchers break down the numbers and explain how proper labeling is important.

Medicine March 14, 2019

Viral Infection That Sickened 10 In UK Traced To Blood-Shedding Religious Ritual

Doctors wondered how the men contracted HTLV-1 because they did not engage in acts associated with infection. Scars found at the back of one of the patients revealed all men participated in religious self-flagellation.

Medicine March 14, 2019

New Cholesterol-Lowering Drug Could Be Alternative For People Who Experience Side Effects From Statin

The new drug, bempedoic acid, lowered LDL levels by 18 percent with fewer side effects than statin. Esperion Therapeutic is seeking FDA approval for the cholesterol-lowering drug.

Medicine March 13, 2019

Eye Test May Detect Alzheimer's Disease Before Symptoms Appear

Eye health may be a good reflection of a person's brain health. A thorough scan of retinal blood vessels shows whether a person could develop Alzheimer's disease.

Medicine March 13, 2019

Babies Can Differentiate Between Friends And Strangers By Listening To Sound Of Laughter

Researchers from UCLA and New York University had one more important note to parents. Babies as young as 5 months old can differentiate co-laughter between friends and strangers.

Medicine March 12, 2019

Injections Better Than Pills At Treating HIV

A new treatment for HIV promises to eliminate the need for daily pills to suppress the virus that causes AIDS. If approved, patients only need to visit a clinic once a month to get the necessary shots.

Medicine March 9, 2019

FDA Approves First Immunotherapy Treatment For Breast Cancer

The FDA approved the first immunotherapy drug to treat breast cancer. The medication was specifically prescribed for patients with triple-negative breast cancer, which is the metastatic and advanced-stage disease.

Medicine March 9, 2019

Düsseldorf Patient: A Third Person May Have Been Cured Of HIV

Just after the second patient ever to be cured of HIV was revealed, a third potentially successful case is announced from Germany. Both patients have been HIV-free since undergoing cancer treatment.

Medicine March 8, 2019

Ketamine-Based Antidepression Nasal Spray Gets FDA Thumbs Up

The FDA announced on Tuesday that esketamine has been approved for people with treatment-resistant depression. The drug developed by Janssen Pharmaceuticals Inc. can offer quick relief from symptoms for patients living with the mood disorder.

Medicine March 6, 2019

Google Maps Can Now Help People Find Nearest Drug Disposal Locations

Google Maps will combat the opioid crisis in the United States by showing users the location of the nearest drug disposals. The company partnered with government agencies and pharmacies to collect unused prescription medication and combat opioid abuse.

Medicine February 22, 2019

Hep C Antiviral Lowers Risks Of Premature Deaths And Liver Cancer Progression

People who test positive for chronic hepatitis C infection could benefit from direct-acting antivirals. A French study found that the treatment reduces chances of premature death and progression to liver cancer.

Medicine February 12, 2019

Diabetes Pill Releases Insulin In The Gut Without Painful Injections

Researchers at MIT have developed an oral pill that can deliver insulin levels comparable to injectables. The capsule mimicked the self-orientation capability of African leopard tortoises that can blend with the shape of their environment.

Medicine February 9, 2019

Inflatable Smart Pill That Stays In Gut For A Month Could Better Track GI Disorders

A smart pill, resembling the texture and consistency of Jell-O, can track GI temperature for up to one month. The design was inspired by the defense mechanisms of pufferfish or blowfish.

Medicine February 4, 2019

Takeda Dengue Vaccine Showing Promising Results In Phase 3 Of Testing

In a press release, the company revealed that the experimental drug, TAK-003, was proven to be effective and safe. The upcoming vaccine showed immunity against four strains of dengue fever.

Medicine January 30, 2019

Israeli Biotech Company AEBi Claims Complete Cure For Cancer Could Be Ready Within A Year

AEBi said the MuTaTo cancer treatment will have minimal side effects and will be offered at a much lower cost compared with other treatments on the market. When will it become available?

Medicine January 29, 2019

GMO Chickens Can Lay Eggs That Can Kill Cancer Cells

Scientists from the University of Edinburgh’s Roslin Institute have genetically modified chickens to produce proteins with cancer-fighting abilities. Researchers believe that this method can help develop an economical way to produce drugs in the future.

Medicine January 29, 2019

New Guidelines Steer Doctors Away From Prescribing Warfarin For Atrial Fibrillation

The American Heart Association and American College of Cardiology issued a new guideline that encourages the use of novel oral anticoagulants for patients who suffer from atrial fibrillation. The drug warfarin should only be prescribed to some patients.

Medicine January 29, 2019

Experimental Procedure Could Help Cure Sickle Cell Disease

Researchers reported that a patient who has gone through gene therapy to cure sickle cell disease no longer experiences symptoms and has an increased level of fetal hemoglobin. The researchers will continue clinical trials before offering it to the public.

Medicine January 28, 2019

US Faces Blood Pressure Drug Shortage Due To Recalls

Batches of blood pressure medicines were recalled over the past six months because of cancer-causing impurities. The FDA said Valsartan drugs are already in shortage, and more could become short in supply.

Medicine January 27, 2019

Common Painkillers Such As Aspirin And Ibuprofen Can Improve Survival Rate Of Patients With Head And Neck Cancer

Painkillers such as aspirin and ibuprofen improved the survival rate of head and neck cancer patients with mutated PIK3CA gene. How do these drugs block tumor growth?

Medicine January 27, 2019

Price Of Insulin Almost Doubled Over A 5-Year Time Frame

Prices of insulin nearly doubled from 2012 to 2016, according to a study, and usage of the medication only rose to 3 percent. This is a nod to the growing number of people airing their grievances to the soaring costs.

Medicine January 22, 2019

Chinese Company Zhejiang Huahai Pharmaceuticals Involved In Another Blood Pressure Drug Recall

Prinston Pharmaceutical Inc. recalled Irbesartan blood pressure drugs for containing trace amounts of a potentially carcinogenic ingredient. The drugs' APIs were manufactured by the same company linked to Valsartan and Losartan recalls.

Medicine January 21, 2019

Women Can Skip The Placebos And Take Birth Control Pills Every Day, Says NHS

The NHS finally recognized that the inactive pills in a packet of oral contraceptives are not necessary. In the new guidelines, the agency noted that there is no harm in taking birth control pills continuously without a seven-day break.

Medicine January 21, 2019

Study Shows Significant Number Of Antibiotic Prescriptions Are Not Necessary

Researchers found that 23 percent of prescription antibiotics were handed to patients who might not need them. They warned that the high rate of antibiotics prescription is contributing to the rise of superbugs.

Medicine January 19, 2019

Chocolate-Based Treatment Works Better Than Cough Syrup, Study Finds

The ROCOCO study found patients who received the cocoa-based medicine had significant improvement in their symptoms. It also reduced cough frequency and sleep disruption within two days. What were the side effects?

Medicine January 16, 2019

Stem Cell Therapy Shows Promise Against Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis

A new study found that hematopoietic stem cell transplantation is more effective in treating some cases of multiple sclerosis than currently available drugs. After the procedure, the progression of the autoimmune disease significantly slowed down in the majority of patients.

Medicine January 16, 2019

Microneedle Contraceptive Patch Can Give 1 Month Protection Minus The Hassle Of Pills

Scientists developed a contraceptive patch that only needs to be administered once a month. It works by injecting microneedles under the skin that will release a contraceptive hormone into the body over time.

Medicine January 15, 2019

Man Who Took Excessive Erectile Dysfunction Drug Suffered Vision Problems

A man who is in his mid-50s complained of several eye problems after drinking a bottle of liquid sildenafil, an erectile dysfunction medicine. Doctors said the patient saw 'doughnut-shaped' spots in both his eyes.

Medicine January 12, 2019

Louisiana Pushes For Netflix-Subscription Style In Buying Hepatitis C Drugs

Louisiana said it was adopting a Netflix-subscription model in order to pay for expensive hepatitis C medications. On Thursday, the state sent solicitation to find a drug manufacturer as partner.

Medicine January 11, 2019

Confusion In Handwritten Prescription Causes Woman To Use Erectile Dysfunction Cream For Dry Eye

A woman who bought a lubricant for her dry eye ended up being given an erectile dysfunction cream. This resulted to an ocular chemical injury, no thanks to the mix up in the prescription.

Medicine January 9, 2019

Chicago Hospital Makes History With Back-To-Back Triple Organ Transplants

A team of surgeons from the University of Chicago Medicine created history by successfully performing back-to-back triple organ transplants. The surgeries lasting 17 and 20 hours replaced failing heart, liver, and kidney of two 29-year-old patients.

Medicine January 5, 2019

12-Year-Old Girl In A Comatose Due To Staph Infection

12-year-old Deja Smith is fighting for her life from a deadly staph infection. She was just a typical pre-teen weeks ago until she fell ill and was rushed to the hospital a day later.

Medicine December 30, 2018

Boy Had Holes In Intestines From Swallowing Magnetic Toys, His Mom Now Warning Of Dangers

A young boy had to undergo emergency surgery to remove parts of his colon, intestines, and appendix after swallowing magnets. His mom is now warning other parents of the dangers of magnetic toys.

Medicine December 29, 2018

Baby With Rare Condition Fought Cancer, Will Undergo Surgery To Reduce Large Tongue

Just after surviving cancer, a young boy is in need of help to reduce his tongue. Because of the size of his tongue, Baker is having difficulties eating and breathing.

Medicine December 28, 2018

Teen Now Recovering After Singing Her Way Through Brain Surgery

It was four years ago when 19-year-old Kira Iaconetti started noticing strange changes about her musical abilities. She is now recovering after a personalized brain surgery.

Medicine December 22, 2018

Are Doctors Telling Parents That Their Partially Paralyzed Children Are Faking Symptoms?

Do some children fake illness symptoms as an emotional reaction? Several parents of children with AFM have reportedly been told by physicians that their children were merely faking.

Medicine December 21, 2018

Blood Pressure Medicine Losartan Recalled Due To Traces Of 'Unexpected Impurity'

A pharmaceutical company recalled lots of its Losartan potassium medicine used in in treating hypertension. This was after it found traces of a carcinogenic substance N-nitrosodiethylamine.

Medicine December 21, 2018

Former Gymnast Loses Limbs To Toxic Shock Syndrome

A former gymnast is now fighting for her life because of toxic shock syndrome. Unlike former cases, however, hers is not related to tampon use, and doctors are still unsure how she contracted the infection.

Medicine December 21, 2018

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