FDA Approves Return Of Non-Prescription Asthma Inhaler After 7 Years

Seven years after it was taken off the market, asthma inhaler Primatene may now be purchased again for asthma relief. The new version no longer contains ozone-depleting CFC propellants.

Medicine November 9, 2018

People With Celiac Disease May Soon Be Able To Consume Gluten With New Vaccine

People with celiac disease might soon be able to eat bread and other products that contain gluten. A vaccine that prevents the immune system from recognizing the protein in gluten as a threat has entered the second phase of clinical trial.

Medicine November 8, 2018

First Cannabis-Based Drug Approved By FDA Now Available Nationwide

The first FDA-approved cannabis-based medication is finally available across the United States. Epidiolex is an oral solution that is approved for use in patients 2 years and older.

Medicine November 4, 2018

Key Ingredient For Universal Flu Vaccine May Be In Llama Antibodies

Are llamas the key to creating a universal flu vaccine? Researchers found that their antibodies can actually attack parts of the flu virus that it cannot change or mutate easily.

Medicine November 3, 2018

FDA Approves New Opioid Despite Concerns Over Abuse And Misuse

The FDA just approved a powerful new opioid despite criticisms and concerns over its potential to contribute to the opioid crisis. Why was Dsuvia approved?

Medicine November 3, 2018

Laparoscopic Surgery For Cervical Cancer Linked To More Recurrence And Deaths Compared To Open Surgery: Studies

Which surgery option is better for cervical cancer patients? Researchers found that the minimally invasive option actually has higher recurrence and death risks compared to open surgery.

Medicine November 2, 2018

FDA Approves New Flu Treatment Drug

The U.S. FDA has approved Xofluza to relieve symptoms of flu. It is the first antiviral drug for flu to be approved by the public health body in the past 20 years.

Medicine October 25, 2018

Antibiotic Resistant Superbugs Could Put 3 Million Surgeries At Risk

The Public Health England warned in a new report about the increase of antibiotic-resistant bloodstream infection in patients after a common surgery. This could lead to more serious, life-threatening complications.

Medicine October 23, 2018

Eczema Drug Helps Regrow Hair In Patients With Alopecia

An eczema drug has caused a 13-year-old with alopecia to grow hair on her scalp for the first time since she was a toddler. A new study hopes this could lead to clinical trials that could prove whether or not the drug can counter alopecia.

Medicine October 11, 2018

Vitamin D Supplements Give Little To No Improvement To Bone Health Says Study

According to researchers, vitamin D supplements do not give special health benefits to people who are not deficient. In a review of previous trials, they found that supplements do not improve bone health nor prevent fractures and falls.

Medicine October 7, 2018

FDA Expands Usage Of HPV Vaccine To Adults Aged 27 To 45

The FDA has approved the HPV vaccine Gardasil to be administered to men and women aged 27 to 45. The vaccine can protect individuals from nine types of HPV that cause certain cancers such as cervical, vaginal, vulvar, and anal.

Medicine October 7, 2018

Man Took Too Much Viagra That He Started Seeing Red... Permanently

A 31-year-old man started seeing red through his eyes, with flashes of light, after drinking too much of the liquid version of Viagra. The flashes went away, but the red tint to his vision has remained for over a year.

Medicine October 4, 2018

Boy Thought To Be 'Nonverbal' Gets To Speak After Dentist Discovers And Corrects His Tongue-Tie

A 'nonverbal' young boy's speech difficulty was initially believed to be a result of a genetic disorder. A single visit to the dentist fixed his tongue-tie and changed his life.

Medicine September 29, 2018

Use Of Birth Control Pills Linked To Reduced Ovarian Cancer Risk: Study

A new study finds that the use of birth control pills can actually reduce ovarian cancer risks. Such pills evidently prevented 21 percent of ovarian cancers among the participants.

Medicine September 28, 2018

Experimental GSK Vaccine Shows Promising Results In Tuberculosis Prevention

GSK revealed that the clinical trial of M72/AS01E, a vaccine against pulmonary tuberculosis disease, has reduced new cases in volunteers from Kenya, Zambia, and South Africa. The pharmaceutical company boasted 54 percent efficacy after two years of testing.

Medicine September 27, 2018

Appendicitis Treatment Apparently Does Not Need Surgery, Only Antibiotics

A new study from Finland confirmed the effectiveness of antibiotics as an alternative method of treating appendicitis. This method of treating appendicitis without surgery is continuing to gain more traction, but further studies are still needed.

Medicine September 26, 2018

Two Paralyzed Patients Able To Walk Again Thanks To Spine Implant

A medical technique created by the Kentucky Spinal Cord Injury Research Center at the University of Louisville has helped two paralyzed patients to walk on their own again. The method combines a spinal cord implant with intensive training.

Medicine September 25, 2018

MitraClip Heart Device Reduces Deaths Among Patients With Damaged Heart Valves

Researchers claimed that patients saw drastically improved symptoms after they had used the MitraClip during a two-year clinical trial. Fewer patients needed to be hospitalized because of severe heart failure.

Medicine September 25, 2018

$31 Million Awarded To Boy Left Disfigured After Botched Circumcision

A young boy was just 18 days old when a botched circumcision left him with a permanent disfigurement. A jury has now awarded his family with $31 million in damages.

Medicine September 24, 2018

Finger Tuberculosis: Woman's Swollen Pinky Finger A Rare Manifestation Of Tuberculosis

Why was a woman's pinky swollen, even with no apparent trauma to the finger? As it turned out, her swollen pinky finger was a rare sign of tuberculosis.

Medicine September 23, 2018

Mom Of Three's Ovarian Cyst Massive At 20 Pounds, Had It Finally Removed After 5 Years

A mother's ovarian cyst grew so large it made her appear as though she was pregnant. She lived in pain for five years but doctors were finally able to remove it last week.

Medicine September 23, 2018

Flea And Tick Medicine Can Cause Nerve Related Side Effects, Says FDA

The FDA issued a warning against a type of anti-flea and tick medicines that might cause adverse neurological issues. Dogs and cats that have taken these veterinary products experienced muscle tremors and seizures.

Medicine September 21, 2018

Landmark Australian Study Shows Aspirin Not Effective In Preventing Cardiovascular Problems In Elderly Patients

A study found that there is no benefit to be reaped from taking a low-dose aspirin every day. In fact, the practice might even increase the risk of hemorrhage in elderly people.

Medicine September 17, 2018

Extraordinary Case: 4 People Get Cancer From Donated Organs

Can cancer be transmitted to people through organ donation? Four people who received organs from a single donor eventually developed breast cancer long after the transplantation.

Medicine September 16, 2018

Man Severely Injured In Hunting Accident Is World's Oldest Face Transplant Recipient

A 64-year-old man is the world's oldest face transplant recipient after his successful surgery in Canada. Now four months after his surgery, the man is said to be doing well.

Medicine September 15, 2018

FDA Findings Show Yet Another Impurity In Heart Drug Valsartan

The FDA has found NDEA, another known carcinogen, in some batches of valsartan drugs used for treating heart conditions and high blood pressure. The drugs have been added to the recalled list.

Medicine September 15, 2018

Doctors Remove 61-Pound Uterine Tumor From Woman Already Struggling To Breathe

Doctors in Singapore successfully removed a woman's 'giant' uterine tumor. The tumor was so massive it was already causing the patient breathing and movement problems.

Medicine September 9, 2018

Woman Develops 'Black Hairy Tongue' After Car Crash: What Caused It?

A 55-year-old woman developed black hairy tongue after getting into a car crash. Even if it looks alarming, the condition is not as scary as it seems.

Medicine September 7, 2018

Widely Used Painkiller Linked To Increased Risk For Heart Attack And Stroke

Use of diclofenac, a commonly used NSAID for treating pain and inflammation, is linked to increased risk for cardiovascular events. The painkiller is also associated with higher risk for upper gastrointestinal bleeding.

Medicine September 6, 2018

Children's Hospital Sued Over Newborn's Death Amid Virus Outbreak In Facility

The parents of a premature infant that died in 2016 are suing the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. According to the lawsuit, their child died because of the virus outbreak that occured among 23 babies at the time.

Medicine September 2, 2018

FDA Announces Approval For 2 New HIV Drugs

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved two new drugs for patients diagnosed with HIV-1. Delstrigo and Pifeltro will be widely available across the country in the coming months.

Medicine September 3, 2018

FDA Warns Of Link Between Flesh-Eating Genital Infection And Diabetes Medicines

Twelve patients developed the flesh-eating genital infection Fournier’s gangrene several months after using the type 2 diabetes medicines called SGLT2 inhibitors. The patients had to undergo surgery. One died.

Medicine September 1, 2018

Dog Gene Editing Study Could Lead To Future Treatment For Human Muscular Dystrophy

Scientists were able to make improvements to four dogs that were suffering from Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Scientists used CRISPR gene-editing to restore dystrophin into the muscle and heart cells.

Medicine September 3, 2018

New Experimental Drug More Potent Than Morphine Minus The Addictive Side Effects

An experimental drug can cure chronic pain, but without activating the part of the brain that makes the patient dependent or addicted to opioid. A study claimed that AT-121 might help the increasing opioid crisis in the United States.

Medicine September 1, 2018

Clinical Trials Of Multiple Sclerosis Drug Shows It Can Reduce Rate Of Brain Shrinkage

A clinical trial in the United States found that the experimental drug ibudilast can slow down brain atrophy in patients suffering from multiple sclerosis. The treatment went into Phase 2 testing and succeeded in a study sponsored by the NIH.

Medicine September 1, 2018

Ketamine May Be Good For Treating Depressions Due To Opioid-Like Characteristics

Scientists warned against the regular use of ketamine, a party drug, for treatment of severe depression. A new study claimed that the known anesthetic activates the opioid system to alleviate symptoms rapidly.

Medicine August 29, 2018

Doctors On The Fence About Aspirin Heart Benefits

New research proved that taking aspirin once a day cannot prevent heart diseases in relatively healthy people. The blood thinner can also pose a serious risk of bleeding in patients diagnosed with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.

Medicine August 27, 2018

Nasal Spray Flu Vaccine Back On CDC Approved List

The CDC has finally approved the nasal spray version of the influenza vaccine in time for flu season this year. People aged 2 years and older can get vaccinated.

Medicine August 26, 2018

Probiotic Cocktail: Research Finds Baby Poop A Good Source Of Beneficial Probiotics

Researchers found that a cocktail derived from baby poop can aid the production of short-chain fatty acids and therefore promote good gut health. Is baby poop the new probiotic trend?

Medicine August 25, 2018

A Certain Type Of Gut Bacteria Might Be Able To Convert Your Blood Type

Researchers led by Stephen Withers from the University of British Columbia have found a way to revolutionize blood transfusion. The team discovered that an enzyme found in the human gut can transform blood types.

Medicine August 23, 2018

FDA Approves Device For OCD Treatment

Transcranial magnetic stimulation was previously approved by the FDA as a means to treat depression and headaches. Now, the FDA just approved a TMS device to help patients with OCD.

Medicine August 18, 2018

Surgeon Sued For Wrongfully Removing Woman's Kidney In Botched Surgery

A surgeon allegedly removed a woman's healthy kidney during a surgery to remove her adrenal gland. She now suffers from kidney disease and is said to have depression and mental distress.

Medicine August 16, 2018

Man Donates Kidney To Wife Of Almost 30 Years: What Is Polycystic Kidney Disease?

What is polycystic kidney disease? A woman required a kidney transplant for her condition and her husband of nearly three decades gladly donated his kidney just months before their 30th anniversary.

Medicine August 12, 2018

Woman Sues California Hospital That Allegedly Performed C-Section On Her Without Anesthesia

What happens when a C-section is performed without anesthesia? A California mom was left screaming, pleading for help, and begging the doctors to stop cutting her.

Medicine August 4, 2018

Giving Sleeping Pills To Dementia Patients With Insomnia May Raise Fracture Risk By 40 Percent

The so-called Z-drugs often prescribed for people with insomnia may increase the risk of fracture by 40 percent. Here are some alternatives to giving sleeping pills to dementia patients.

Medicine July 26, 2018

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