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Employee At Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort Infected With Hepatitis A Virus

A cast member of the Hoop Dee Doo Musical Revue dinner show at Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort has been diagnosed with hepatitis A. What were the precautions made to prevent more infections?

Public Health January 30, 2019

1 Percent Of US High School Seniors Use Dangerous Synthetic Drug: What Is Flakka?

Nearly 1 percent of high school seniors have used flakka. Of those who used the synthetic drug, more than 19 percent said they used it more than 40 times.

Public Health January 30, 2019

3 Most Dangerous Pandemics Threatening Humanity Share Alarming Link, Says Report

Researchers blamed Big Food, the entities that have vested commercial interest, for the three pandemics that threaten humanity: obesity, undernutrition, and climate change. They call for political intervention to address the issues.

Public Health January 29, 2019

High Level Of Screen Time Linked To Delays In Child Development

A study that involved about 2,400 toddlers found that the more screen time children have, the worse they fare in development tests. How much time should children spend viewing screens?

Public Health January 28, 2019

Authorities Investigating Tuberculosis Outbreak In Minnesota Campus

Authorities are investigating on a number of tuberculosis cases affecting a university campus in Minnesota. They are looking for the other people who might have been exposed to the illness in the campus.

Public Health January 27, 2019

Ebola Spreads To High-Security Risk Area, WHO Says

The World Health Organization recently said that the Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo has made its way to another area, Kayina. The strife-torn area has reported five cases.

Public Health January 26, 2019

Electric Scooter Injuries Are Sending People To The ER

Only 4 percent of electric scooter riders who were sent to the ER were wearing a helmet. Many are below 18 years old. Researchers said people could be underestimating the hazards of these vehicles.

Public Health January 25, 2019

Some Schools In At Least 12 States Close Due To Flu Outbreaks

States such as Alabama, Idaho, and North Carolina have lost one or more school days because of flu outbreaks. At least 12 state districts have canceled classes this flu season.

Public Health January 26, 2019

Hedgehogs May Be To Blame For Salmonella Outbreak In 8 States

The federal health agency warned pet owners to be cautious in holding their pet hedgehogs after 10 of the 11 cases reported from eight states had contact with the animal. There is no death reported and only one was hospitalized.

Public Health January 26, 2019

Antibiotic-Resistant Infections Found In Americans After Surgery In Mexico

Several American travelers who went to Tijuana returned with an antibiotic-resistant infection. The kind of infection they have is rare in the United States and considered difficult to treat.

Public Health January 25, 2019

Exposure To Lead During Childhood Linked To Mental Health Issues Later In Life

A study claimed a link between exposure to high levels of lead in childhood and mental health issues in adulthood. The researchers warned that the negative effects of the toxic metal might show up to three or four decades later.

Public Health January 25, 2019

Liberian Bat Carries Ebola Virus, The First In West Africa

A Liberian bat was found to carry the deadly Ebola virus, the reason for the current outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This marks the first time that a disease-carrying animal was discovered in West Africa.

Public Health January 24, 2019

Rocking Motion Helps Improve Sleep And Memory In Adults

In a study, people fell asleep faster and had deeper slumber when they were tucked into a gently swaying bed. They were also better at remembering words after a night on the rocking bed.

Public Health January 24, 2019

Scientists Pinpoint Gum Disease Pathogen As Possible Cause Of Alzheimer's

New research identified the bacteria responsible for gum disease, as the possible culprit behind Alzheimer's disease. In mice, they found that the oral infection led to brain colonization of the bacteria as well as increased production of amyloid beta.

Public Health January 24, 2019

Alcohol-Related Diseases Dethrone Hepatitis C As Top Reason For Liver Transplant

Alcohol-related diseases are the top reason for liver transplant in the United States and not Hepatitis C anymore. Researchers pointed out that this might be because the latter is easier to treat with effective drugs.

Public Health January 23, 2019

Immunity To Dengue Could Also Help Prevent Zika Infection

Children who have had dengue infection are less likely to be sick from Zika virus, new research found. Both diseases are spread through the bite of the mosquito Aedes aegypti.

Public Health January 23, 2019

Avian Cholera Kills Thousands Of Birds In Salton Sea

An avian cholera outbreak has been declared in California and Indiana. Thousands of dead birds tested positive with the highly contagious viral disease have been found and collected by the authorities.

Public Health January 23, 2019

Simple Blood Test Could Be Used To Diagnose Alzheimer's A Decade Before It Manifests

The researchers found that detecting the concentration of a protein in the blood can lead to early diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease. The researchers hope that the new discovery can lead to better therapy and treatment for the neurodegenerative disease.

Public Health January 22, 2019

Pigeon Poo Infection Leaves 2 Patients Dead At Glasgow Hospital

Two patients at the Queen Elizabeth University hospital died after contracting a fungal infection linked to pigeon droppings. Investigations are underway and control measures have been implemented to prevent further infections.

Public Health January 22, 2019

FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb Warns E-Cigarettes May Be Pulled Out Of Shelves If Makers Continue To Target Teens

Amid increasing youth vaping rates, FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb warned e-cigarette products may be pulled out of market if makers continue to market them to young people. Why is e-cigarette use dangerous for kids?

Public Health January 21, 2019

North Seattle Health Authorities Issue Public Warning After Sudden Spike In Opioid Overdoses

North Seattle authorities issued a public health warning after a spike in opioid overdoses. Those who use illicit drugs are cautioned not to do so alone.

Public Health January 20, 2019

More Affected By Measles Outbreak In Washington Including Attendee At Trail Blazers Game In Portland

Authorities so far confirmed 19 cases of measles related to the ongoing outbreak in Washington state. One of the affected was one of over 19,000 audience members at a basketball game.

Public Health January 19, 2019

Study Links Drugmakers' Marketing To Doctors To More Opioid Overdose Deaths

A new study found increases in opioid overdose deaths for every three additional payments of drugmakers to doctors. These 'payments' are not just in money, but in subtler forms such as meals.

Public Health January 19, 2019

Maggots Used To Treat UK Man Matthew Blurton's Rotting Foot Caused By Insect Bite In Africa

UK doctors used medical maggots to treat Matthew Blurton, who contracted a serious foot infection when he was bitten by an unknown insect while doing volunteer work in Africa. How does maggot therapy work?

Public Health January 18, 2019

Report Details Possible Link Between Birth Defect And Opioid Use

The number of children born with the birth defect gastroschisis doubled between 1995 and 2005. After the investigation, the CDC found that the number of new cases rose in counties where the number of opioid prescription is high.

Public Health January 18, 2019

Wearing Zebra-Like Stripes May Protect Your From Insect Bites

Tribal communities in areas where horseflies are abundant paint themselves in black and white stripes for cultural purposes. However, scientists found that the monochromatic tones also repel insects, protecting these people from diseases.

Public Health January 18, 2019

Florida Woman Ann-Christine Langselius Attacked By 'Aggressive' Otter While Walking Her Dog

A woman in Florida says that an otter attacked her while she was taking a stroll with her dog at a park. Her dog was unharmed, but she is temporarily unable to walk because of the severe bites she incurred.

Public Health January 18, 2019

Vaccination Hesitancy Part Of WHO's Top Global Health Threats Of 2019

Ebola, HIV, and the anti-vaxx movement are just some of the top global health threats of 2019. The World Health Organization notes the multiple health challenges that the world is facing this year.

Public Health January 18, 2019

Mayo Clinic Study Finds Mindfulness Can Ease Women's Menopausal Symptoms

Women with high mindfulness scores were found to experience fewer menopausal symptoms. Researchers said that doctors can discuss about mindfulness as a potential treatment option for menopausal women.

Public Health January 18, 2019

Youth Suicide Higher In States With High Gun Ownership

The states with higher gun ownership also have higher youth suicide rates, a study finds. According to researchers, gun ownership may be driving the rise in suicide rates.

Public Health January 18, 2019

Elderly People Can Protect Their Aging Brain From Dementia With Housework, Exercise

Physical activities can protect older adults' brain from dementia. Intense activities and exercises are highly beneficial but light activities such as doing house chores can still provide benefit.

Public Health January 17, 2019

Experimental Stroke Treatment Prevents Alzheimer's In New Study

A team of scientists revealed that an experimental drug developed for stroke has significantly reduced Alzheimer's-like symptoms in mice. The drug, they believe, has the potential to stall the progression of the disease in its early stage.

Public Health January 16, 2019

Scientists Develop 'Calculator' That Can Predict Breast Cancer Risk

Scientists in the United Kingdom developed a tool that can predict breast cancer risk in women. The team believes that the still-unreleased tool will lead to early detection and increase survival rate.

Public Health January 16, 2019

Smoking Marijuana Just Once Or Twice Can Change Structure Of Teen's Brain

Recreational marijuana can cause brain differences in young users. The new research found evidence suggesting using weed just once or twice can have structural brain and cognitive effects on teens.

Public Health January 15, 2019

Less Than 6 Hours Of Sleep At Night Raises Your Risk For Heart Disease

Sleeping less than six hours at night may raise risk for atherosclerosis, which is linked to stroke and heart attack. Is it a good idea to drink alcohol to get longer and quality sleep?

Public Health January 14, 2019

Genetically Modified Food Survey Shows Opponents Know Less About The Science Than They Think

The more strongly respondents are opposed to GM foods, the more knowledgeable they think they are on the topic, and the lower they score on science tests. The psychology of extremism and the Dunning-Kruger effect could explain the trend.

Public Health January 14, 2019

Opioid-Related Deaths Now More Likely Compared To Motor Vehicle Related Deaths

Americans now have a higher odds of dying from opioid overdose than in a car crash. The latest data revealed that opioid overdose is now the leading cause of preventable deaths in the United States.

Public Health January 14, 2019

Plague-Infected Cat In Wyoming Is The Third In Past Six Months

Health authorities announced that a cat in Wyoming is confirmed to have the plague. The cat is the third case of the illness in Wyoming in the past six months.

Public Health January 14, 2019

Bud Light Unveils New Nutritional Labels On Beer Cans For Calorie Counters

Bud Light revealed the new package design that includes the product's ingredients and nutritional information. According to Anheuser-Busch, the move is to better inform the consumers about what they consume and help them make better choices.

Public Health January 14, 2019

American Doctor Being Monitored For Ebola In Omaha Released From Hospital

The American doctor who was exposed to Ebola and taken to Nebraska Medicine has finally been released from the hospital. He completed the 21-day monitoring period without developing Ebola symptoms.

Public Health January 13, 2019

Tattoo Artist Charged For Failing To Tell Sex Partners About Being HIV-Positive

A tattoo artist is being charged with six felonies after failing to inform sexual partners that he is HIV-positive. At least one of the women have tested positive for HIV.

Public Health January 12, 2019

Preeminent UK Cancer Expert Martin Gore Passed Away Unexpectedly

Martin Gore, a prominent cancer expert from the United Kingdom, reportedly passed away after he had received a vaccine for yellow fever. Investigations are still ongoing to find out whether his death was directly caused by the vaccine or unrelated factors.

Public Health January 12, 2019

Pet Painkillers May Have A Hand In The Opioid Crisis

Researchers said the rise in the painkiller prescriptions for pets may have a role in the opioid epidemic America is facing. The study further warned that leftover veterinary drugs may end up in the wrong hands.

Public Health January 12, 2019

Up To 7.3 Million Already Sick With Flu, Season Is So Far Milder Than Last Year's

Millions are already being affected by the ongoing flu season. That said, authorities say that this year's flu season is so far milder than last year's particularly harsh one.

Public Health January 12, 2019

Rebecca Hendricks, Mom Of 5-Year-Old Who Died From Flu, Now Warning Others Of Flu Dangers

The mother of a child who had died from the flu is warning others of its dangers. She founded an organization that aims to educate people about the flu.

Public Health January 11, 2019

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