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Does It Make Sense To Buy Gold When You're Young

You're an investor under 30, probably just starting up your portfolio and in the position to invest seriously for the first time in your life. There are a lot of options. Your bank is likely trying to sell you products such as certificates of deposit and other low-interest, high-safety investments.

Trending News June 21, 2019

How You Lock Your Smartphone Can Reveal Your Age: UBC Study

Older smartphone users tend to rely more on their phones' auto lock feature compared to younger users, a new UBC study has found. They also prefer using PINs over fingerprints to unlock their phones.

Trending News June 20, 2019

3 Myths About Embedded Analytics Debunked

If you’re involved in the world of business intelligence in any way, then you’ve most likely noticed the rise in prominence of embedded analytics over the past few years.

Trending News June 20, 2019

Top 5 Best Ecommerce Agencies Brooklyn, New York In 2019

Ecommerce is the future of business. At the pace at which it is spreading its wings, it is only a matter of time before it overtakes traditional business and becomes the mainstream route for entrepreneurs.

Trending News June 12, 2019

Top 5 Best Social Media Marketing Agencies In 2019

Social media is a blessing for new-age entrepreneurs and internet marketers. It empowers them to reach out to people through the most democratic and dynamic platform that ever existed. Open to all and equally beneficial for every player, social media channels offer a host of advantages over other marketing channels, and this is the reason marketers are in awe of social media.

Trending News June 5, 2019

Top 5 Best Shopify Dropshipping Apps In 2019

Ever since e-commerce became commonplace, entrepreneurs have been adopting the e-business route with great enthusiasm. Whether it is selling products or services, the internet works as a first-rate facilitator, and an even superior facilitator comes in the form of Shopify, the popular and ever-reliable e-commerce content management system that makes selling and dropshipping a breeze for businesses.

Trending News June 8, 2019

Cyber Warfare And The Future Of Cyber Security

Cyber Threats Are Changing. Protect Yourself Now.

Trending News June 3, 2019

Is Your ISP Spying On You? How To Stay Safe From ISP Spying?

In 2016, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) passed new rules which were meant to protect consumer online privacy.

Trending News May 10, 2019

Top 5 Best Free Password Managers In 2019

Every time an individual makes an account on any site, the site demands that the password be complex lest it is misused by hackers. Well, making passwords is a bit tricky, and if one owns multiple accounts, even managing them is no less tricky. For organizations with fairly big teams, it is quite a task to keep tabs on the passwords employees use, but with password managers, one can easily streamline the passwords, irrespective of their scale. In fact, it is a good idea to have a password manager, as it takes away the tension of remembering and worrying about password leakage. So here are the best password managers one can use in 2019 for best results.

Trending News June 7, 2019

Ouch! Doctors Find 4 'Sweat Bees' Inside Taiwanese Woman's Eye

Sweat bees are known to have a taste for sodium, which they get from sweat. A top ophthalmologist from Taiwan says that it's the first time he encountered sweat bees actually infesting a human being.

Trending News April 11, 2019

Melanie Liverpool Who Pushed Commuter To Her Death In NYC Subway Sentenced To 20 Years In Prison

After the 'urban nightmare' at a New York subway station, Melanie Liverpool who pushed another commuter to her death has been sentenced to 20 years to life. She initially denied the crime but eventually admitted to it.

Trending News April 7, 2019

Best Birthday Ever? NJ Dad Chris Ferry Receives 15,000 Texts And Calls After Sons Pull Billboard Prank

Chris and Mike Ferry decided to rent a billboard for $2,000 urging the public to greet their dad happy birthday. The older Ferry has so far received more than 15,000 messages from all over the world.

Trending News March 14, 2019

GoFundMe Refunds Donors Of Scam Involving Homeless Veteran And New Jersey Couple

GoFundMe spokesman Bobby Whithorne said that all donors who contributed to the GoFundMe that involved a homeless veteran and New Jersey couple have been refunded. The three are now facing charges for their scheme.

Trending News December 26, 2018

Dying Neighbor Leaves 2-Year-Old Girl Christmas Presents For The Next 14 Years

An elderly neighbor made sure he left 14 gifts for his 2-year-old friend before passing away. The presents were delivered by the late man's daughter in a big sack, surprising the parents of the little girl.

Trending News December 19, 2018

Ellen DeGeneres Mulls Over Putting An End To Talk Show

After Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres might also end her talk show. In her recent interview with the New York Times, the 60-year-old comedian revealed that she is ready to call it quits.

Trending News December 14, 2018

Major League Baseball Introduces At Bat App On Apple TV

MLB's At Bat app allows for games to be streamed instantly at 60 frames per second and also for split-screen viewing of two games simultaneously.

Trending News September 9, 2015

Literally A Seventh Of The World Logged Onto Facebook This Past Monday

One billion people logged onto Facebook this past Monday, making company history.

Trending News August 28, 2015

Apple Sends Out Invites for September 9th iPhone Event

Apple has sent out invitations for its iPhone event that takes place on September 9. The event will shed light on what to expect with the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

Trending News August 27, 2015

Color-Changing Helmet Would Indicate Possible Brain Injuries Of Users Following Crash Or Trauma

Researchers discovered a means to immediately determine potential injuries caused by incidents of great force and impact. They developed a film of crystals that change color depending on how strong and how quickly a force is applied, and said that this could be applied to soldier and sports helmets in a few yearts’ time.

Trending News August 17, 2015

How Sundar Pichai Became The King Of Google

The new CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai, could quite possibly be one of the most important voices in shaping the future global technology. And he seems more than equipped for the task at hand.

Trending News August 11, 2015

Mistaken Identity: NJ Ebola Scare Confirmed To Be Malaria

A man from New Jersey who was initially suspected of having Ebola after showing symptoms of the deadly virus turned out to be infected by mosquito-borne malaria.

Trending News July 9, 2015

Solar Storms Strike Earth And Ignite Auroras Across the Globe

Northern Lights are being seen as far south as Long Island, New York, as auroras light up around the globe. How much longer will the displays continue?

Trending News June 23, 2015

Updated HealthKit Includes More Metrics, Measures Menstrual Cycles and Reproductive Health

An updated HealthKit will include more metrics, as announced at WWDC 2015.

Trending News June 8, 2015

Musical 'Fun Home' Sweeps 2015 Tony Awards, Makes History

The musical 'Fun Home,' based on a graphic novel by Allison Bechdel, makes history at Sunday's 2015 Tony Awards.

Trending News June 8, 2015

Japanese Company Creates Tomato Dispensing Robot For Athletes: Why Web Believe It's a Great Idea

Who knew that a robot chugging tomatoes down our throats would have turned out to be a great idea. Now only if Kagome can make it smaller than it is now.

Trending News February 24, 2015

John Oliver net neutrality rant crashes FCC servers

A battle over net neutrality takes a somewhat comic turn as HBO host John Oliver's call for response to the FCC leads to technical difficulties with FCC servers.

Trending News June 3, 2014

Plastic, but fantastic? HTC announces HTC One E8 a value version of HTC One M8

HTC claims that the new, plastic-bodied HTC One E8 offers all the goodness of the metal-bodied One M8. The E8 may offer a substantially lower price, but the Chinese market will probably be the first to find out.

Trending News June 3, 2014

FBI hunts GameOver Zeus botnet and Cryptolocker malware mastermind

Russian citizen Evgeniy Mikhailovich Bogachev has been charged with heading the organization that operates two highly successful computer hacking schemes, GameOver Zeus and Cryptolocker. However, chances for his extradition are slim.

Trending News June 3, 2014

Google issues 'Right to be Forgotten' request form for European users

The European Union Court of Justice has ruled in favor of forcing Google to allow users to request the removal of privacy-violating links. Is this workable? Does it violate freedom of speech, or threaten world peace? Search me.

Trending News May 30, 2014

Scientists fire up a laser to spur tooth stem cells into repair mode

A future trip to the dentist could be more thrill, less drill, now that scientists have discovered that low-level laser therapy can help the body's own stem cells regenerate dental tissue.

Trending News May 29, 2014

DARPA developing therapies, brain stimulation devices to help soldiers with PTSD

Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome is a major problem for soldiers returning from combat. Scientists are now developing new treatments and new devices to treat PTSD and other brain illnesses by helping the brain heal itself.

Trending News May 29, 2014

Beats Solo 2 headphones feature new driver for sharper sound

Beats Electronics introduces the Solo2, featuring a wider range of sound and enhanced clarity. The company hopes the Solo2 will appeal to headphone buyers with musical tastes beyond hip-hop, rap, rock and other bass-heavy formats.

Trending News May 29, 2014

Amazon's #giantlocker in San Francisco is a marketing stunt for Nissan

Amazon has dropped a giant Amazon Locker in downtown San Francisco as part of a marketing stunt. Participants of the promotional offer have a chance to win Nissan Rogue.

Trending News May 18, 2014

Pardon me! Apple wants to address texting while walking mishaps with 'transparent texting' patent

Though not quite as deadly as texting while driving issues, Apple hopes limit pedestrian wipeouts while texting using video feed from iPhone’s rear facing camera with tech dubbed transparent texting.

Trending News March 30, 2014

Sprint now selling the all new HTC One M8 smartphone

The new HTC One M8 improves on many of its predecessor's best features and retains its signature aluminum unibody seamless case design.

Trending News March 25, 2014

Scars of childood bullying may persist: Experts recommend immediate and early intervention

A new study shows that children who have been bullied suffer through the psychological and emotional effects of the bullying long after the bullying has stopped. Immediate and early intervention has been advised by medical experts, and parents have been given pointers on how to detect if their child is being bullied, and how to deal with it.

Trending News February 18, 2014

Salmonella fear prompts US food inspectors to recall over 226k lbs. of processed eggs

The US Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service has issued a Class I Recall of over 226,000 lbs of dried egg products that were manufactured by a Washington-based company and shipped out to the US and Canada, due to the possibility that these packaged products may be contaminated with Salmonella.

Trending News February 18, 2014

Giving Tuesday Hangout-a-thon becomes first online telethon

The Giving Tuesday Hangout-a-thon will become the first telethon of its kind where people can make donations to a number of non-profit organizations.

Trending News December 3, 2013

Yahoo promises to encrypt data flow to thwart NSA spies

Yahoo said it will encrypt all traffic between its data centers by Q1 2014.

Trending News November 20, 2013

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