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Facebook’s Logo Change Is So Radical That Barely Anyone Noticed

Facebook has a new logo, just about. The full-length spelling of 'facebook' has a new font for the first time since 2005, but the changes are so small that you probably didn't even notice.

July 1, 2015

Jaunt’s NEO Is The First Pro-Grade Camera For VR Movies

Jaunt is releasing the first professional-grade virtual reality video camera. The camera, codenamed 'NEO,' will be leased to partners looking to create cinema-quality immersive virtual reality films.

Gadgets June 30, 2015

Apple Music Adds AC/DC And Dr. Dre's 'The Chronic' Ahead Of Launch

AC/DC music and Dr. Dre's 'The Chronic' debut album are making their streaming music debuts. Both will be available on Apple Music when it launches at 11 am EST

Apps/Software June 30, 2015

Man Fined $850 For Shooting Down Drone With His Shotgun

You can't legally shoot a drone flying over your property. A California court has fined a man $850 for shooting down a neighbor's drone which he thought was a CIA surveillance vehicle.

Gadgets June 29, 2015

1960s Typewriter Is Transformed Into Music-Playing Printer

A computer scientist at Tufts University has hacked his typewriter to turn it into a mechanical printer. Better yet, the keystrokes play percussive music while printing out a document.

Gadgets June 29, 2015

Ford Smartwatch App Starts Your Car And Rates Your Driving

Ford is developing an app for Android Wear watches that controls your car and rates your driving skills. The app, which will also be available for regular iOS and Android devices, is produced by Ford's new Silicon Valley research lab.

FUTURE TECH June 26, 2015

Amazon Kindle Instant Previews Give Your Friends A Free Peek At Your Books

Amazon Instant Previews lets your friends get a glimpse at the books you’re reading. When Kindle users on Android share quotes or text with someone, the friend now gets a free preview of that book directly in their browser.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech June 26, 2015

Amazon’s Treasure Trucks Are Hitting Seattle Streets Loaded With Discounted Products

Amazon's latest publicity stunt involves a treasure truck loaded with goodies that you can pick up from the truck on the street. Starting on Saturday, Seattle residents will be able to purchase a daily deal on their Amazon shopping app and pick it up from a treasure truck roaming the neighborhood.

Apps/Software June 25, 2015

Google Is Transforming A Closed Power Plant Into A New Data Center

The Widows Creek coal power plant in Jackson County, Ala., will be transformed into Google's latest data center. The company will use the existing infrastructure to build a modern data center powered at least partially by renewable energy.

Deals June 25, 2015

Ztylus iPhone Case Gives You 4 Extra Camera Lenses

The Ztylus case and its rotating 4-in-1 lens attachment allows you take a range of high quality photos with your iPhone. The device won best smartphone accessory at the CE Week conference in New York.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech June 24, 2015

Hands On With The Seek Thermal IR Camera For Android And IPhone

Seek Thermal’s smartphone accessory has made thermal IR imaging accessible to everyone. Techtimes takes a look at the device that can turn and Android or iOS device into a military grade thermal camera for just $250.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech June 24, 2015

WowWee: Hungry Pet Dinosaurs And Fighting AI Cars

Tech Times takes a hands-on look at WowWee's new autonomous robotic toys. The Miposaur is a high-tech moody pet dinosaur and the REV cars are warring remote-controlled cars.

Gadgets June 24, 2015

HP Sprout Brings 3D Scanning, Stop Motion Capture To Your Desktop Computer

HP showed off their Sprout all-in-one 3D printer and computer at CE Week in New York. The Sprout uses a 3D camera to transport physical on a touchpad into the digital world.

Computers June 24, 2015

Lenovo Releases Its Own 'Computer In a USB Stick' To Compete With Intel And Google

Lenovo is the latest company to release a computer in a USB stick. The Ideacentre 300 Stick can be plugged into any screen to turn it into a functioning computer.

Gadgets June 23, 2015

This Shipping Container Can Lift Itself Onto A Truck

The SL-tainer shipping container can load itself onto a truck without the need for an expensive crane. The container box sprouts four hydraulic legs which lift it so a truck can back under it before they fold back into the frame.

FUTURE TECH June 23, 2015

Volocopter Could Be The First Step Toward A Flying Car

The Volocopter is a two-seater, 18-rotor drone designed to be easy and safe to fly. German designer e-Volo is planning its first manned flight in the coming months.

FUTURE TECH June 22, 2015

Daimler’s Driverless Trucks Could Save Lives And Benefit The Environment

Daimler’s new autonomous trucks drive themselves once they make it to the highway. The fleet could help reduce road fatalities, and more fuel-efficient driving could also reduce pollution.

FUTURE TECH June 22, 2015

Getty Releasing VR Images For Oculus Rift

Getty Images is releasing a collection of 360-degree immersive virtual reality photos for Oculus Rift. The images will transport users to events around the globe, from the Oscars to the World Cup.

Wearable Tech June 19, 2015

California DMV Confirms Details Of Google’s Self-Driving Car Accidents

Under public pressure, California state officials have released details of six accidents involving self-driving cars. The official reports confirm that the crashes were not caused by the automated vehicles.

FUTURE TECH June 19, 2015

Microsoft Band Adds Golf Tracking, Helping Competitors Navigate Minefield Of Rules

Microsoft is partnering with TaylorMade to bring golf tracking to its Band wearable. The device could help golfers stay on the right side of the rules, which ban certain smartphone apps during competitions.

Wearable Tech June 19, 2015

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