Scientists Test New Energy Efficient Cooling Method Using Thermodynamic Trickery

In an experiment, physicists cooled down a piece of copper from 100 degrees Celsius to 2 degrees Celsius below room temperature. They were able to achieve this without using an external power supply.


Let It Snow! This Clever New Device Creates Electricity Out Of Snowfall

Forget solar panels, on snowy days, one can simply create electricity from snowfall. A team of researchers from UCLA figure out how to make a cheap, clever device that can generate charge from practically nothing.

Energy April 16, 2019

Y-12 Leak Not A Danger To Community, Authorities Say

Officials of Y-12 Complex held an emergency press conference as a suspected hydrogen fluoride leak was detected at the Oak Ridge atomic weapons plant on Thursday Morning. No workers or personnel were hurt.

Energy April 6, 2019

Transparent Wood That Can Store And Release Heat Could Be Next Trendy Material In Energy-Efficient Homes

A new type of wood is shaping up to be the energy-efficient building material of the future. The light but strong eco-friendly transparent wood is set to make its debut in a few years time.

Energy April 5, 2019

New Type Of Sensor Can Identify Electrical Faults Before They Even Happen

Researchers said that the system can monitor the performance of the electrical system and identify behavior that might lead to failure. The technology will point to areas that need repairs to prevent electrical failure.

Energy March 24, 2019

Different Versions Of Reality Can Exist In The Quantum World, Study Confirms

Martin Ringbauer and colleagues attempted an experiment to test the thought experiment 'Wigner's friend.' The results showed different versions of reality exist at least at the quantum level.

Energy March 21, 2019

Scientists Use Light To Levitate Objects

A spaceship that can cross interstellar space without the need to carry a large amount of fuel? Researchers from Caltech have designed a method that can levitate and propel massive objects to distant locations using only light waves.

Energy March 20, 2019

Scientists Report Record Performance With Affordable Semiconductors

Researchers developed a method to accurately measure the efficiency of quantum dots. The effort hopes to remove any doubts over the particles' performance and make them cheaper alternatives to single-crystal semiconductors.

Energy March 16, 2019

Researchers Spot New Phenomenon That Can Solve Wavelength Splitting Problem In Lasers

Researchers were able to find a simple way to address the problem of splitting wavelengths in quantum dot lasers. By simply teaming up two quantum dots, they were able to create a singular wavelength free of the defect.

Energy February 9, 2019

Nanomaterials That Can Assemble Themselves Could Advance Solar Panel Tech

The world is moving toward clean and renewable energy, but the ways to harvest them remain expensive and inefficient. New research developed self-assembling nanomaterials that solve the issues that come with current methods of collecting energy.

Energy January 28, 2019

Scientists Use New Method To Find Electricity Generating Bacteria In Lab

Scientists at MIT developed a technique that can find which strain of bacteria can produce electricity in the most efficient manner. They hope that through the experiment, they can pave the way for the production of clean energy and biofuel.

Energy January 14, 2019

Experts Urge The US To Build Prototype Fusion Power Plant

Scientists recommended that the United Statess should still back the megaproject research in France. Moreoever, they proposed to make a prototype of the fusion power plant even if the country decides to quit.

Energy December 16, 2018

Prominent Theoretical Physicist Shoucheng Zhang Passes Away At 55

A theoretical physicist from Stanford University passed away this month. He was best known for his work in quantum physics, particularly his predictions involving the Hall insulator and Majorana fermion.

Energy December 10, 2018

CERN Shutting Down Large Hadron Collider For Maintenance And Major Upgrades

CERN Control Centre powered down its Large Hadron Collider earlier this week for two years of maintenance and improvements after completing two years of a successful run. The upgrade will help scientists to expand their understanding of fundamental physics.

Energy December 7, 2018

Scientists Create 'Bionic Mushroom' That Can Generate Electricity

Researchers were able to turn regular white button mushrooms into sources of electricity. They manipulated the cyanobacteria to generate electricity for days by attaching it on top of a button mushroom.

Energy November 9, 2018

Study: Russian physicists upgrade cheap diode laser for use in precise measurements

Study: Russian physicists upgrade cheap diode laser for use in precise measurements

Energy November 2, 2018

Study: Laser technique may open door to more efficient clean fuels

Study: Laser technique may open door to more efficient clean fuels

Energy October 30, 2018

Large-Scale US Wind Power Production Could Contribute To Warming Climate: Study

A new study by Harvard researchers suggests wind power's direct contribution to climate change. In the long run, however, wind power still fares much better than coal or gas.

Energy October 5, 2018

Cheap Alternative To Lithium Could Be Used In Next Generation Of Batteries

Purdue University researchers said that sodium powder, when used in batteries, could provide a cheaper but equally effective alternative to lithium-ion batteries. Sodium is not as rare as lithium which is only mined in South America.

Energy September 20, 2018

Semi-Artificial Photosynthesis Uses Sunlight To Produce Clean And Renewable Fuel

Researchers used semi-artificial photosynthesis to produce and store solar energy. What makes the method better compared with purely artificial photosynthesis techniques when it comes to generating renewable energy?

Energy September 4, 2018

Fastest-Spinning Particles: Nanoparticles That Spin A Billion Times Per Second To Test Limits Of Physics

Two teams of researchers were able to create nanoparticles that spin around each other in record frequencies of a billion times per second. This creates the fastest mechanical rotation in history.

Energy July 20, 2018

Scientists Discover How To Stabilize Plasma In Fusion Reactors

Experts were able to simulate the mechanism that stabilizes plasma in fusion reactors. This development could take humankind one step closer to a clean, unlimited source of fusion energy.

Energy July 19, 2018

Chinese Scientists Develop ‘Star Wars’ Lasers That Can Burn Targets Within Half A Mile

Chinese scientists said they developed and tested a prototype of a laser weapon with beams that can penetrate the clothes. The weapon, called the ZKZM-500, is reportedly ready for mass production.

Energy July 2, 2018

Fusion Reactor Shatters Records With Temperature Almost 3 Times Hotter Than The Sun

A German nuclear fusion reactor was able to reach a temperature of 40 million Kelvin, a temperature much hotter than the center of the sun. Could this bring a new era of clean, unlimited nuclear fusion energy?

Energy June 28, 2018

Large Hadron Collider Upgrade To Allow Exploration Beyond Standard Model Of Particle Physics

CERN has started the upgrade of the Large Hadron Collider. The High-Luminosity LHC project will boost the capacity of the world's most powerful accelerator, and shed more light on the Higgs boson and physics beyond the Standard Model.

Energy June 16, 2018

Nuclear Fusion Reactor Reaches Temperatures Hotter Than Sun’s Core

UK-based Tokamak Energy’s nuclear fusion reactor was able to generate a temperature of 27 million degrees Fahrenheit. The company is on track to create commercially available nuclear fusion energy by 2030.

Energy June 12, 2018

Fermilab's NOvA Experiment Shows Strong Evidence On How Neutrinos Behave

An experiment at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Fermilab has shown strong evidence of neutrino’s behavior. Neutrinos make up the basic components of the universe, but it cannot be detected by the naked eye.

Energy June 6, 2018

Large Hadron Collider Experiments At CERN Spot Higgs Boson And Top Quark Together

Through the CMS and ATLAS experiments at CERN's LHC, scientists were finally able to measure for the first time the direct interaction between the Higgs boson and top quark, two of the heaviest elementary particles. The relationship may lead to physics beyond the Standard Model.

Energy June 5, 2018

Living And Non-Biological Systems Exhibit The Same Quantum Behavior In Photosynthesis Test

Quantum molecules in biological systems have the same behavior as those in nonliving matter. This could help in the development of nature-inspired technologies like solar energy storage and photosynthetic environments.

Energy May 23, 2018

100,000 Gamers Help Challenge Einstein’s Theory Of Local Realism By Playing The Big Bell Test Video Game

One hundred thousand gamers from across the world were asked to participate in an experiment aimed at challenging Albert Einstein’s theory of local realism. Their participation closed the ‘freedom-of-choice’ loophole in Bell test equation for the first time.

Energy May 11, 2018

California Will Require Solar Panels For New Homes

The state of California is prepared to vote on a mandate that will make solar panels a requirement for new homes. Once approved, builders will be required to meet the new standard to get a building permit.

Energy May 6, 2018

Big Renewable Push: Apple's Global Facilities Now Running On 100 Percent Clean Energy

Apple Inc. is now powered with 100 percent reusable energy. This major step is a push toward its commitment to combat climate change and create a healthier environment.

Energy April 11, 2018

Scientists Just Created Bacteria That Produce High-Energy Carbon Rings

Scientists have successfully engineered bacteria that can produce high-energy carbon rings, which can be used to make other materials. Such rings were previously difficult to prepare.

Energy April 9, 2018

First Rechargeable Battery Uses Cheap Carbon Instead Of Lithium

A team of researchers from Australia has created the first rechargeable battery that is carbon-based instead of using lithium. The proton battery is also environment-friendly.

Energy March 12, 2018

Researchers Create A New Type Of Superconductor Thanks To Graphene And The ‘Magic Angle’

A team of researchers have successfully turned graphene into an unconventional superconductor. They did it with something called the magic angle, and it was an accident.

Energy March 8, 2018

Quantum Mechanics Rules Even The Most Massive Space Objects

A Caltech scientist has discovered that the Schrödinger Equation governs even the most massive celestial bodies. The equation is one of the fundamentals of quantum mechanics.

Energy March 7, 2018

Artificial Photosynthesis Using Iridium Catalyst May Generate And Store Clean Energy More Efficiently

Using iridium catalyst for artificial photosynthesis could pave way for more efficient means of harvesting and storing solar energy. What makes this better than generating clean energy using solar panels?

Energy March 5, 2018

CERN To Put Antimatter In A Moving Truck To Study Neutron Stars

A team of physicists from CERN is going to transport antimatter in a moving truck as part of an experiment. The antimatter road trip will also allow the researchers to know more about neutron stars.

Energy February 22, 2018

Scientists Created New Form Of Light With Potential Use In Quantum Computing

In experiments, researchers created a new form of photon that can attract or entangle each other just like atom-size lightsabers. The new photonic matter is also slower than normal light.

Energy February 16, 2018

Researchers In China Are Building A Dangerously Powerful Laser That Can 'Rip Apart Empty Space'

Chinese physicists are working to upgrade the Shanghai Superintense Ultrafast Laser Facility to blast 10-petawatt lasers. The group's ambitions, however, go beyond that, with a plan to build a 100-petawatt laser by 2023 known as the Station of Extreme Light.

Energy January 29, 2018

Engineers Create Glowing Plants That May Replace Lamps

MIT engineers successfully created glowing plants with the help of the enzymes that make fireflies glow. The development could one day lead to more sustainable lighting methods.

Energy December 16, 2017

Particle Physics Discovery: Fusing Heavy Quarks Can Produce 10 Times More Energy Than Nuclear Fusion

Fusing two bottom quarks can result in massive amount of energy more powerful than that of nuclear fusion. Is there reason to worry about potential threats from a quark bomb?

Energy November 6, 2017

Cryo-EM Captures Atomic Images Of Finger-Like Growths That Cause Batteries To Blow Up

Using cryo-EM to take atomic level images of dendrites, researchers were able to study more closely the finger-like growths that can cause batteries to blow up. Here's what they discovered:

Energy October 28, 2017

Wind Turbines Stretched Across Oceans Would Generate Enough Power For The Whole Civilization: Study

If humans could somehow find a way to install wind turbines on open oceans, they would be able to provide the world’s entire power needs, according to a new study. There are, however, various hurdles from going in that direction.

Energy October 11, 2017

WATCH: Biologist Shocks His Arm With Electric Eel For Science

A researcher found that electric eels can deliver a larger amount of electricity out of the water than in. He found out by allowing a juvenile eel electrocute his arm 10 times.

Energy September 15, 2017

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