Give this man with cerebral palsy a typewriter and he will give you a painting masterpiece

Paul Smith, a man whose motor skills were severely limited due to cerebral palsy, found a way to express his creative side through stunning works of art made on nothing but a typewriter.

Internet Culture September 17, 2014

Will C-3PO be just CG animated in next 'Star Wars' flick?

In an extensive interview, Anthony Daniels, the man and the voice behind Star War's C-3PO, talked about the possibility of only providing his voice for the new sequels and what he really thinks about an entirely CG droid.

Geek September 17, 2014

Can magic mushrooms really help you quit smoking?

For many smokers, the road to finally kicking the nicotine habit can be long and difficult. A new study, however, points to mushrooms as the answer.

Internet Culture September 14, 2014

'Frozen' attraction coming to Disney World's Epcot Park. Hello, Elsa. Hello, Anna.

Kids and kids at heart will love what Disney World is preparing at its Epcot Park. The happiest place on Earth will get a "Frozen" treatment. Will it be in time for the holidays?

Movies/TV Shows September 13, 2014

Chinese woman complains of dizziness, doctors find out she has no cerebellum

A woman who was born without her cerebellum was discovered by doctors in China. The cerebellum, or "little brain," is the dense area of tissue normally found underneath the two hemispheres of the brain.

Internet Culture September 13, 2014

Why did U2 invade your iTunes? Bono explains

U2 launched their latest album, Songs of Innocence, on iTunes, offering the entire 11-song playlist as a free download until Oct. 14, 2015.

Movies/TV Shows September 12, 2014

Funny video finally explains why Starbucks spells your name wrong

Comedian Paul Gale has come up with a hilarious explanation to why your generally friendly, well-educated, and cheerful neighborhood Starbucks barista can never seem to spell your name properly. Apparently, it is all part of a nefarious scheme to mess with you.

Internet Culture September 12, 2014

Samsung ads poke fun at Apple's glitchy, live stream event [Videos]

Samsung strikes back with a series of ads that mock Apple's products and technical woes during its iPhone 6 and Apple Watch live streaming. Is this funny and cool or foul?

Internet Culture September 12, 2014

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