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Is PTFO 8-8695b A Planet? How To Classify A Planet

A 2-million-year-old planetary candidate in our own galaxy is being stripped of its gaseous atmosphere by its own star due to its tight orbit. But astronomers have yet to confirm if it’s actually a planet.

Space June 14, 2016

How Will Tim Peake Readjust To Life On Earth After 186 Days In Space?

After six months in space, ESA astronaut Tim Peake will go home next Saturday. How will he adjust to life back in terra firma after 186 days of weightlessness on board the International Space Station?

Space June 13, 2016

Experimental Hodgkin's Lymphoma Drug Offers Hope For Young Cancer Patients

An experimental drug is giving hope to patients suffering from Hodgkin's Lymphoma, an aggressive type of blood cancer. In a successful phase 1 trial, the drug nivolumab delivered 'considerable' reductions in the tumors of about 66.3 percent of the patients.

Medicine June 13, 2016

Changes In Population, Climate Could Predict Diseases

A new model can predict outbreaks of zoonotic diseases such as Zika, Ebola and Lassa fever. The model uses changes in population growth, land usage and climate to determine outbreak risks.

Public Health June 13, 2016

Archaeologists Reveal Vast, New Medieval Cities In Cambodia

New medieval cities surrounding Angkor Wat in Cambodia were finally revealed in a groundbreaking discovery. Through airborne laser scanning technology lidar, archaeologists were able to map out a vast cityscape buried underneath vegetation.

Ancient June 13, 2016

'The Shield' Actor Michael Jace Gets 40 Years To Life For The Murder Of His Wife

'The Shield' actor Michael Jace receives 40 years to life for the murder of his wife in May 2014. The actor shot his wife once in the back and twice in the legs in the "heat of passion."

Movies/TV Shows June 12, 2016

Jennifer Lawrence To Play Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes In A Biopic

The plot thickens, in Hollywood! Award-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence will be playing Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes in the upcoming biopic about the once revered Silicon Valley startup and its disgraced founder.

Movies/TV Shows June 11, 2016

Dozens Of Customers Get Sick After Eating At California Restaurant

Ay, caramba! Dozens of customers get sick after eating at a locally famous Mexican restaurant in Fairfield, California. Health officials linked dozens of food poisoning cases to local food joint Alejandro's Taqueria.

Public Health June 11, 2016

5.2-Magnitude Earthquake Shakes Southern California, Felt In Los Angeles, San Diego

A 5.2-magnitude earthquake shakes Southern California early Friday morning and sent tremors felt all the way to Los Angeles and throughout San Diego County. The shake happened near Southern California's most active fault - San Jacinto Fault.

Earth/Environment June 11, 2016

HIV Diagnostic Kit Wins Inventors Prize In Europe

Inventors of SAMBA, an HIV diagnostic kit, won a coveted prize in the European Inventor Award. The revolutionary device can also be used to detect hepatitis B in just 2 hours.

Biotech June 11, 2016

Doctors Stop Multiple Sclerosis With Stem Cell Transplant

A combination of chemotherapy and stem cell transplant offers new treatment and hope for patients suffering from aggressive multiple sclerosis. However, the new procedure comes with many risks and is not advisable for patients with advanced disabilities.

Medicine June 11, 2016

Special Genes Allow Parasitic Bees To Reproduce Even Without Males

These honeybees don't need male drones to reproduce and literally rule over foreign nests. Scientists found that special genes allow an isolated honeybee population in South Africa to reproduce asexually and invade other colonies.

Animals June 11, 2016

Forty Percent Of US Women, 17 Percent Of Teenagers Are Obese: CDC

Two new reports from the CDC shed new light on the current obesity crisis in the U.S. The reports found that 40 percent of women and 17 percent of teenagers in America are still obese despite various intervention initiatives.

Public Health June 11, 2016

Traditional Canoe Sails Around The World Without Motor

A Polynesian crew is sailing the world without a motor on board a double hull traditional canoe called the Hōkūleʻa. The goal is to increase awareness of the Native Hawaiian culture and to demonstrate how the seas connect us all.

Feature | Culture June 10, 2016

Lab Researcher Contracts Zika Virus From Infected Needle Stick

A female lab researcher from the University of Pittsburgh contracts Zika virus after accidentally sticking herself with an infected needle. The case is believed to be the first Zika infection contracted through a lab in the U.S.

Public Health June 10, 2016

Millions Of Spiders Escaping Floodwaters Cover Trees In Silk

Floodwaters in northern Tasmania are causing millions of black spiders to escape to treetops, covering them in silk in an event called 'ballooning.' The record heavy rains in Launceston result in major floods and coax millions of spiders toward higher grounds.

Animals June 10, 2016

Climate Change Causes Extensive Greening Of Canada's Tundra: NASA Study

An analysis of satellite images finds that Canada's tundra is greening. Scientists discover that climate change is causing an extensive greening activity in parts of Canada and Alaska, an event that might disrupt the carbon cycle.

Earth/Environment June 9, 2016

Gene Editing Promising But Potentially Dangerous: Scientists

A new report concludes that while gene editing promises great advancements, it can also be potentially dangerous. The panel of scientists concludes that it's too early to release genetically altered organisms such as insects, plants and animals into the environment.

Biotech June 9, 2016

Tiger Meat Slaughterhouse Found Near Thai Temple

Authorities found a slaughterhouse located near a Thai Buddhist temple, a popular tourist spot where people can pay to walk tigers on leashes. Four live tigers were retrieved while authorities discovered equipment believed to be used in illegal animal smuggling.

Animals June 9, 2016

Forbes Names The World's Most Powerful Women

Forbes names German Chancellor Angela Merkel as the world's most powerful woman six years in a row. Forbes annual list of the world's most powerful women comprises of the top 25 'smartest and toughest female' professionals from various fields.

Feature | Culture June 9, 2016

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