Astronaut On ISS Takes Stunning Photo Of SpaceX Crew Dragon

SpaceX's Crew Dragon is seen in the photo approaching the International Station on Sunday, March 3. The vehicle is scheduled to undock and return back to Earth on Friday, March 8.

Space March 7, 2019

2 NASA Astronauts To Conduct First All-Female Spacewalk In History

More women continue to change the face of STEM and two of them are about to do it in space. Christina Koch and Anne McClain will be the first all-female crew to do a spacewalk at the International Space Station on March 29.

Space March 7, 2019

Scientists Learn More About Evolution Of Galaxies By Studying Galactic Wind

The starburst galaxy that is 12 million light-years away from Earth has been found to be ejecting gas and dust into interstellar space by way of galactic winds. Researchers have also confirmed that galactic winds drag the magnetic field, influencing the evolution of galaxies.

Space March 6, 2019

CERN Develops New Instrument To Hunt For Dark Matter

CERN is building a highly-sensitive detector that will search for particulate matter in space related to dark matter. The experiment will run between 2021 and 2023.

Space March 6, 2019

Kepler's First Exoplanet Candidate Confirmed 10 Years After Space Telescope's Launch

The first exoplanet candidate identified by the Kepler mission was confirmed 10 years after the space telescope was launched. What were the hurdles that prevented astronomers from confirming Kepler-1658 b sooner?

Space March 6, 2019

Yale Researchers Find Reason Behind Odd Exoplanet Configurations

Yale University astronomers have found a surprising link between exoplanet pairs' axial tilt and their orbit. The discovery provides an answer to a mystery that has been baffling scientists since Kepler's launch in 2009.

Space March 5, 2019

Elon Musk Wants Permanent Base With Human Residents On Moon

Elon Musk sets his sights toward the moon following Saturday's successful Crew Dragon launch to the ISS. During the post-launch press conference, he hinted that SpaceX's partnership with NASA could go beyond Earth's low orbit.

Space March 4, 2019

70s Era Soviet Spacecraft To Fall Back Into Earth's Atmosphere Without Completing Its Mission

Experts brace for the descent of Kosmos 482, a Soviet-era Venus probe, to the surface of Earth. The probe was launched in 1972 but never made it to its destination.

Space March 4, 2019

SpaceX Successfully Launches Crew Dragon With Test Dummy

SpaceX finally launched the Crew Dragon capsule for the first time, and it is heading for the ISS. On board is a sensor-equipped dummy named Ripley, after the 'Alien' movies.

Space March 2, 2019

Planet Nine Could Be 5 To 10 Times The Size Of Earth

Astronomers used new computer models to have an updated insight of Planet Nine. In a new study, they said the elusive could be five to 10 times as massive as Earth.

Space March 2, 2019

Israel's Beresheet Lunar Lander Back On Course For The Moon After Computer Glitch

Israel's Beresheet experienced a computer glitch while on its way to the moon. The issue was resolved, and Israel's bet to the space race is back on track.

Space March 1, 2019

Craters On Pluto And Charon Reveal Small Kuiper Belt Objects Are Fewer Than Previously Thought

NASA's New Horizons spacecraft captured images of the dwarf planet Pluto and its moon Charon during its flyby in 2015. These revealed there are fewer very small objects in the Kuiper Belt than previously thought.

Space March 1, 2019

Tilted Orbit Of Exiled Planet Around Binary Star Linked To Stellar Flyby 3 Million Years Ago

The exiled planet, HD 106906 b, circles the binary star HD 106906 in an orbit tipped about 21 degrees from the plane of the stellar disk. Astronomers sought what disrupted the young system using data from the Gaia space observatory.

Space March 1, 2019

NASA Shows Off Stunning New Images Of Jupiter's Atmosphere

A citizen scientist enhanced a new photo of Jupiter to highlight swirls of clouds surrounding a circular storm. Spacecraft Juno took the said image during its most recent flyby of the gas giant.

Space February 28, 2019

Israeli Moon Mission Beresheet Encounters Technical Glitches On Its Way To The Lunar Surface

Israel's first moon mission encountered a technical glitch on its journey toward the lunar surface. The spacecraft missed a scheduled maneuver because the computer rebooted on its own.

Space February 27, 2019

30-Million-Page Archive Of Our Civilization On Its Way To The Moon

The Lunar Library was launched onboard the Beresheet lander from SpaceIL. The archive, which contains a backup of the human race, is the first library to be placed on a celestial body.

Space February 25, 2019

The Moon Flies Through The Earth's Atmosphere, SOHO Observations Reveal

Observations made by the SOHO observatory more than two decades ago revealed how far Earth's atmosphere's reaches. Researchers found it reaches nearly twice as far as the moon.

Space February 25, 2019

Curiosity Rover Operating Normally After Sudden Boot-Up Issue

NASA's Curiosity rover is back to operating normally after suffering reboot issues. The reboot problem occurred just days after the permanent shut down of Opportunity.

Space February 24, 2019

Israel Moon Mission: What Are The Objectives Of World's First Privately Funded Lunar Mission?

Israel will join the ranks of United States, China, and Russia if Beresheet successfully lands on the lunar surface. What are the scientific missions and the objectives behind the first privately funded mission to the moon?

Space February 23, 2019

Hubble Telescope Spots Smoking Gun Of Newborn Star

Hubble captures an image of the Herbig–Haro objects, the so-called smoking gun of a newborn star. These objects disappear into nothingness within a few tens of thousands of years.

Space February 23, 2019

New Horizons Team Shares Most Detailed Images Of Ultima Thule

The New Horizons team shared the most detailed images of Ultima Thule during the historic Jan. 1 flyby. It showcases many surface details that were not very apparent in earlier images.

Space February 22, 2019

Scientists Nickname Most Distant Object In Our Solar System 'FarFarOut'

FarFarOut is 140 times farther away from the sun than Earth, according to scientists. The new object could help scientists finally confirm the existence of the hypothesized ninth planet of the solar system, Planet X.

Space February 22, 2019

Scientists Synthesize Artificial DNA With 4 New Nucleobases

Researchers believe that the hachimoji DNA can help NASA's search for life outside of Earth. In a study, they presented an eight-nucleotide synthetic molecular system that can store and transmit genetic information of a potential extraterrestrial organism.

Space February 22, 2019

Hubble Beams Back Images Of Neptune's Newest Moon Hippocamp

A team of researchers published a paper describing a small moon currently in orbit around Neptune. Hippocamp, named after a Greek mythological creature, is Neptune's 14th and smallest moon.

Space February 21, 2019

Melina Thévenot, NASA Citizen Scientist Hunting For Planet Nine, Finds Ancient Dead Star With Warm Rings

Melina Thévenot, who is working with a NASA-funded project searching for brown dwarfs and Planet Nine, discovered J0207. The object is the coldest and oldest white dwarf ever detected and the first known white dwarf with multiple rings.

Space February 21, 2019

Man Gets Wrong Rover In Tattoo To Honor Mars Opportunity

A man who wanted to pay tribute to Opportunity mistakenly got an image of Curiosity, the much younger rover, on his shoulder. The tweet went viral days after NASA had announced the official end of Opportunity's mission on Mars.

Space February 20, 2019

CDC Report Says 3.6 Million US Teens Vaped In 2018

A study by the CDC, FDA, and the National Cancer Institute found that the use of e-cigarettes among teens has increased significantly in 2018. Based on estimates, one in five high school students and one in 14 middle school students vape.

Space February 13, 2019

SpaceX Starman And Tesla Roadster Could Crash Back Into Earth

There is a 6 percent chance that Starman and its Tesla Roadster will crash into Earth, according to a study. However, it will not happen until 1 million years later.

Space February 19, 2019

Mars One Is Bankrupt And Down For The Count

Nearly seven years after it first grabbed headlines, Mars One, a startup that wanted to send the first human colony to Mars, is officially dead. The news was first revealed on Reddit and was confirmed by the company's cofounder.

Space February 13, 2019

Researchers Come Up With Way To Build Space Stations Inside Asteroids

Researchers proposed that a space station inside an asteroid could enable humans to mine resources from the countless space rocks within the solar system. In recent years, there have been interests from governments and companies to drill in space.

Space February 11, 2019

ISS Astronauts Discuss Health Issues They Face In Space

Current and former astronauts spoke about the hazards of space travel during the opening of Health in Space: Daring to Explore exhibition in Canada. The event showcased the science behind keeping astronauts healthy during missions.

Space February 11, 2019

Trump's Wall Could Split SpaceX Launchpad In Half

Democratic lawmakers pointed out that the border wall will run across a SpaceX launch site in Boca Chica, Texas. The area is meant to be an exclusive launch site for the company's rockets, including Starship.

Space February 9, 2019

Rare Species Of Asteroid Zips Around The Sun In Just 165 Days

Zwicky Transient Facility astronomical survey camera found an unusual asteroid looping constantly on Venus’ orbit. Asteroid 2019 AQ3 only has 165 days of revolution around the sun compared to Venus’ 225 days.

Space February 11, 2019

Milky Way And Andromeda Will Collide In 4.5 Billion Years, Study Finds

How long before Milky Way collides with Andromeda galaxy? A new research suggests it may take significantly longer than the previously believed 3.9 billion years.

Space February 9, 2019

New Image Of Ultima Thule Shows Object's Pancake-Like Shape

New Ultima Thule images reveal that the Kuiper Belt object is likely flatter in shape rather than spherical. It is one of the major discoveries from the historic flyby.

Space February 9, 2019

NASA Scientists Report Strange 'Dark Vortex' In Neptune's Atmosphere

Neptune is sporting a 'mysterious dark vortex' in the latest photograph released by NASA. According to the U.S. space agency, the spot is a storm that pulls dark materials from the deeper part of the atmosphere.

Space February 9, 2019

Europe's ExoMars Rover Officially Named After DNA Pioneer Rosalind Franklin

Officials announced the name of the ESA's ExoMars rover to be Rosalind Franklin, in honor of the DNA pioneer. The name was chosen by a panel of experts, from a list submitted by members of the public.

Space February 7, 2019

LOOK: NASA Snaps Photo Of Chinese Lander On Far Side Of The Moon

NASA released a new image of the far side of the moon showing China's Chang'e 4 inside the Von Kármán crater. The lander is just two pixels across, while the rover cannot be seen in the image.

Space February 7, 2019

Mini MarCO Cube Sat Dead In Space Beyond Mars Orbit, Says NASA

The MarCO CubeSats that were launched last year have been unable to communicate with NASA. WALL-E has been silent since December while its twin EVE last sent a message in January.

Space February 6, 2019

Latest Galactic Map Shows That Milky Way Is 'Warped And Twisted'

A team of astronomers found that the Milky Way Galaxy is warped around the edges. Using 1,339 stars, they were able to map the real shape of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Space February 5, 2019

NASA's Hubble Discovers Tiny Dwarf Galaxy Bedin 1 In Cosmic Backyard

Using NASA's Hubble, an international team of astronomers accidentally discovered Bedin 1, the farthest tiny dwarf galaxy in the cosmic backyard. The unexpected finding happened when the observatory took an image of the compact collection of stars within NGC 6752.

Space February 4, 2019

China's Chang'e Rover And Lander Survive First Frigid Night On Far Side Of The Moon

China's Chang'e rover and lander survived the first night on the dark side of the moon, and it's apparently colder than expected. Scientists noted temperatures of -310 degrees Fahrenheit (-190 degrees Celsius).

Space February 3, 2019

Boeing Starliner Test Flight Scheduled For March

Boeing's CST-100 Starliner will make its first test flight to the International Space Station next month. Named Orbital Flight Test, this space mission will launch on United Launch Alliance's Atlas V rocket from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida.

Space February 2, 2019

Israel's Beresheet Spacecraft Is Ready For First Privately Funded Launch To Moon

Israel's Beresheet is ready for its scheduled launch in February. It is set to launch aboard SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket, and is expected to reach the moon about eight weeks after the launch.

Space February 2, 2019

Christie's To Auction Heart-Shaped Meteorite This Coming Valentine's

British auction house Christie’s announced that the auction of a rare heart-shaped meteorite will be between Feb. 6 and Feb. 14. This precious specimen from outer space is estimated to be around 320 million years old.

Space February 3, 2019

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