NASA Shows Off Unique Mars 2020 Mission Rover Paint Job

Mars 2020 rover is slated to touch down on Mars in February 2021. About two years before the scheduled launch, NASA showed off the unique paint job involved.

Space January 6, 2019

Scientists Want To Use Swarm Of Small Satellites To Act As Giant Telescope

Researchers from Ben-Gurion University in Israel invented a cheaper and groundbreaking satellite imaging system. Called synthetic aperture systems, this technique will change how photographs are captured on space and on Earth.

Space January 6, 2019

Milky Way Collision With Large Magellanic Cloud Will Happen Sooner Than Expected

Researchers revealed that the Milky Way Galaxy will collide with the Large Magellanic Cloud in 2 million years. The impact might cause a shock within the entire galaxy that might knock the solar system into outer space.

Space January 5, 2019

'Super Blood Wolf Moon' 101: What To Expect And How To Make The Most Of It

On Jan. 20, skywatchers in North America, South America, and Europe will witness a rare astronomical event called Super Blood Wolf Moon. During the event, the moon will turn red as it passes through the shadow of Earth.

Space January 4, 2019

Queen Guitarist And Scientist Brian May Releases Song About Ultima Thule Flyby

New Horizons now marked its historic visit to Ultima Thule, which is known as the most distant celestial body and the first small object in the Kuiper Belt ever visited by a spacecraft. Queen guitarist and astrophysicist Brian May wrote a song as a tribute to the mission.

Space January 3, 2019

Chinese Rover Lands Safely On Far Side Of Moon

On Thursday, the Chang'e-4 space probe landed on the Von Kármán crater within the South Pole-Aitken Basin. This is the first time that the region of the moon, which is forever facing away from Earth, will be explored.

Space January 3, 2019

OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft Enters Bennu Asteroid Orbit Ahead Of Schedule

On Dec. 31, NASA reached another milestone after the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft successfully entered the orbit of Bennu 70 million miles away from Earth. The asteroid is now the smallest celestial body to be orbited by a spacecraft.

Space January 2, 2019

'Dream Chaser' Cargo Plane For Space Gets Nod Of Approval From NASA

The Dream Chaser can carry up to 5,500 kilograms of cargo to the International Space Station. It is one of the three companies contracted by NASA to deliver supply to the artificial satellite.

Space December 31, 2018

China Lunar Probe Chang'e-4 Readies To Land On Dark Side Of The Moon

China's Chang'e-4 probe has already entered a planned lunar orbit and now readies to make history to become the first mission to land on the dark side of the moon.

Space December 30, 2018

SpaceX Looks Into Raising $500 Million For Ambitious Internet Service Project

Starlink, the ambitious internet service project of Elon Musk's SpaceX, will launch 12,000 satellites to bring better internet access to rural areas and developing countries. The aerospace company aimed to raise $500 million to finance the project.

Space December 29, 2018

Delta IV Heavy Rocket Launch Postponed Yet Again To 2019 Date

The Delta IV Heavy rocket will try again to launch on Jan. 6, 2019 from Space Launch Complex-6 at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. The exact time of the liftoff has yet to be announced.

Space December 29, 2018

'Mother' Of Hubble Space Telescope Nancy Grace Roman Passes Away At 93

Nancy Grace Roman was the first woman to hold an executive position at NASA. She was best known for her involvement in the planning and developing of the Hubble Space Telescope.

Space December 29, 2018

Elon Musk Says There's A 30 Percent Chance The First Martian Will Be An AI

SpaceX CEO and founder Elon Musk said there is a 30 percent chance that artificial superintelligence would be the first to claim the Red Planet as home. The tech entrepreneur said a Mars colony would likely arrive on the Red Planet as early as 2025.

Space December 28, 2018

Rare Super Blood Wolf Moon To Coincide With Total Lunar Eclipse This January

The total lunar eclipse will be witnessed on the evening of Jan. 20 to 21 wherein the rare Super Blood Wolf Moon is going to pass through the northern half of Earth's shadow. This phenomenon is the first and last to occur across the winter skies within the next three years.

Space December 27, 2018

Striking New Study Proposes Model Of The Universe That Can Explain Dark Energy

A theory proposed a new model that explains the mystery of dark energy which, scientists believe, makes up more than 60 percent of the universe. The new model also works within the existing framework of string theory.

Space December 29, 2018

European Space Agency Tests Self-Driving Rovers In Morocco Desert

The PERASPERA's field test, hosted by the Ibn Battuta Centre, was conducted near Erfoud, on the northern edge of the Sahara Desert. EU’s Europlanet Research Infrastructure designated the wind-blown desert environment as a "good match" for Mars.

Space December 26, 2018

Russian Cosmonaut Sergei Prokopyev Says Hole Drilled From Inside Space Station Capsule

Sergei Prokopyev, who is now back on Earth from a 197-day space station, said that the hole inside Soyuz capsule was drilled from the inside. The hole was discovered in August after crew members experienced a drop in pressure.

Space December 24, 2018

Former Moon Mission Astronaut Says Sending Manned Missions To Mars Would Be 'Almost Ridiculous'

In a recent interview, Bill Anders criticized NASA's plans to one day send humans to the surface of Mars. He said that he has always been a supporter of unmanned missions mainly because they are cheaper.

Space December 24, 2018

Astronomers Can 'See' Invisible Dark Matter Through Faint Light In Galaxy Clusters

The intracluster light can help astronomers see the distribution of dark matter in a galaxy cluster. Here's how this faint light can illuminate the potential location of the mysterious substance.

Space December 22, 2018

Uranus' Lopsidedness May Have Been Caused By Collision With Space Rock Twice The Size Of Earth

Uranus is the only planet that is lopsided in our solar system. According to scientists, they think that Uranus was hit by a rock twice the size of Earth at least 4 billion years ago that caused it to tilt.

Space December 25, 2018

ESA Spacecraft Captures Image Of 'Winter Wonderland On Mars'

Breathtaking photos of Mars' Korolev crater could be mistaken for a huge ice skating rink. The ESA stitched together several pictures taken from months ago by the Mars Express satellite.

Space December 21, 2018

Mysterious Light In Northern California Skies Was Likely Caused By A Meteor

What caused the mysterious light that baffled many residents of Northern California? Experts believe the likely answer is a meteor that caused a noctilucent cloud.

Space December 20, 2018

Scientists Measure Supermassive Black Hole Coronae For The First Time

Scientists from Japan used data from the ALMA radio observatory in Chile to probe the environment surrounding two supermassive black holes, particularly their coronae. They measured the magnetic fields to confirm if, like the Sun, they power the coronae.

Space December 20, 2018

Pink Dwarf Planet Farout Is Most Distant Object In The Solar System

The pink dwarf planet Farout is three and a half times more distant from the sun than Pluto. It also moves so slowly astronomers think it might need more than 1,000 years to orbit the sun.

Space December 19, 2018

NASA Wants To Use 'Tunnelbot' To Look For Aliens In Jovian Moon

Scientists and researchers proposed to send a nuclear-powered robot to Europa in search of extra-terrestrial life. Planetary scientists believe that this probe of Jupiter’s Jovian moon can be used to solve the mystery of the solar system.

Space December 18, 2018

Planets That Contain Oxygen Don't Necessarily Support Life

Scientists simulated the different atmosphere of exoplanets that are common within the Milky Way Galaxy to prove that oxygen is not a telltale sign that life also existed there. Some planets might have oxygen, but no life.

Space December 18, 2018

Israeli Scientists Add Final Touches To Lunar Spacecraft

SpaceX moved the launch on Israel's first moon lander from December to February. The company did not provide an explanation, but officials of SpaceIL on Monday added a time capsule to the spacecraft.

Space December 18, 2018

Ringless Saturn Could Happen A Lot Sooner Than Expected, Scientists Say

NASA researchers recently said that Saturn's rings may disappear earlier than previously thought. This was after the Cassini mission revealed that the unique features may only live up to 100 million years.

Space December 18, 2018

Breathing In Lunar Dust Can Be Very Bad For Humans Says Study

Inhaling moon dust can be dangerous to health. Researchers found that, when it interacts with human cells, moon dust can create chemicals that have been linked to lung cancer.

Space December 17, 2018

Astronomers Discover A Young Star Forming Like A Planet

Instead of a planet forming in the rotating disc of gas and dust around the young massive star MM 1a, astronomers discovered another star. Here's why a star, and not a planet, was born.

Space December 17, 2018

Neptune-Like Exoplanet Evaporates 100 Times Faster Into The Universe’s Dark Graveyard

Exoplanets with lower atmospheric densities are more likely to lose a great portion of its mass. When planets like this evaporate, they could turn into a rocky and more massive version of the Earth.

Space December 14, 2018

NASA Solar Probe Takes Photo From Within Sun's Atmosphere

NASA's daring spacecraft flew closer to the sun from Oct. 31 to Nov. 11 and reached the outer atmosphere of the star. The Parker Solar Probe will continue making close encounters with the sun until its mission ends in 2024.

Space December 13, 2018

Traces Of Water Found On Asteroid Bennu Open Up New Exploration Possibilities

Latest images from OSIRIS-REx spectrometers confirmed preliminary projections of Bennu’s size, rotation rate, and shape. Traces of hydroxyls were also found on the asteroid’s surface, suggesting that it might have landed on water.

Space December 13, 2018

Astronomers Find Ancient Galaxy Rich With Dark Matter

Astronomers proved that ancient galaxies have as much amount of dark matter as present-day galaxies. This refutes few recent studies suggesting that some galaxies have a little amount of dark matter during their birth.

Space December 13, 2018

Geminid Meteor Shower To Light Up Sky This Week: When, Where, And How To See The Shooting Star Show

Experts revealed that this year's Geminid meteor shower will be more visible as the moon sets at midnight. They further discussed best viewing time and place for spectators.

Space December 12, 2018

Russian Cosmonauts Conduct ISS Spacewalk To Find Out Cause Of Mysterious Soyuz Hole

Russian cosmonauts Oleg Kononenko and Sergei Prokopyev spent seven hours and 45 minutes on a spacewalk. Samples from the hole's surface may reveal who or what caused the hole in the Soyuz spacecraft.

Space December 12, 2018

Astronomers Find WASP-69b Exoplanet With Comet-Like Tail

Astronomers observed an exoplanet orbiting a small star 163 light-years away using a ground telescope. They found that WASP-69b has a comet-like tail made up of helium escaping from its atmosphere.

Space December 11, 2018

Is ‘Oumuamua An Alien Spacecraft? SETI Finds No Artificial Signal From Interstellar Object

SETI scientists who were looking for signals that could prove the ‘Oumuamua incorporates some technology came up empty-handed. This isn't the first time researchers tried to eavesdrop on the interstellar rock for signals that could suggest of alien origin.

Space December 9, 2018

SpaceX Dragon Cargo Ship Delivers Christmas Treats To Space Station: Here's What Astronauts Get This Holiday

SpaceX's cargo ship brought 5,600 pounds of equipment and supplies to the International Space Station. These include fresh fruits and holidays treats for astronauts who will celebrate Christmas and New Year onboard the ISS.

Space December 9, 2018

NASA Scientist Thinks Aliens May Not Be Carbon-Based And May Have Already Visited Our Planet

Have aliens visited Earth? A NASA scientist recommended that the scientific community reconsiders currently held assumptions about extraterrestrial life, including the idea that they are carbon-based and that they have never visited Earth.

Space December 10, 2018

NASA InSight Lander Sends Back Audio Of Martian Winds

NASA's InSight lander detected vibrations from the winds blowing on the surface of Mars. The U.S. space agency raised the pitch of the audio sampling to be perceptible by human ears.

Space December 8, 2018

China Preparing For Mission To Far Side Of The Moon

China's Chang'e 4 mission is scheduled for liftoff on Friday. The goal of the lander-rover duo is to explore the far side of the moon, specifically the oldest impact basin on the lunar surface.

Space December 7, 2018

Video Shows ISS Robot CIMON Going Rogue At The International Space Station

CIMON initially answered Alexander Gerst's questions and followed his instructions. Later, however, the ISS robot refused to follow the astronaut's command and even asked Gerst to be nice.

Space December 5, 2018

New Scientific Model Describing 'Dark Fluid With Negative Mass' Could Make Up Most Of The Universe

A theory that could explain the continuous expansion of the universe has been published by an astrophysicist from Oxford University. Dr. Jamie Farnes believe that dark fluid of negative masses is the answer to some of astronomy's most enduring mysteries.

Space December 6, 2018

Russia Suspected Of Launching Secret Space Weapon Into Orbit

A rocket Russia launched on Nov. 30 was supposed to leave four objects in orbit. The U.S. military, however, noticed that the rocket left five orbital objects, one of which may have the ability to destroy satellites in orbit.

Space December 5, 2018

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