NASA's Lunar Retroreflector Array Experiment May Have Survived Crash of Israel's Beresheet Moon Lander

An additional NASA payload may have survived the crash of Israel's Beresheet moon lander on April 11, scientists said. The payload contained the Lunar Retroreflector Array experiment.

Space April 18, 2019

Space Station Mice 'Exercise' To Stay Healthy: How Astronauts Keep Themselves Fit In Microgravity

Space mice have started to show unusual behavior aboard the ISS, running laps around their cage like athletes on training for a marathon. Here's how astronauts on the station keep their body in check in space.

Space April 18, 2019

Lunar Library Of Humanity's Record Aboard Doomed Beresheet Spacecraft May Have Survived Moon Crash

Arch Mission Foundation, the nonprofit behind the Arch Lunar Library, is hopeful that its project survived the Beresheet lander crash in one piece. The only question now is how to locate where the Lunar Library might be.

Space April 17, 2019

Helium Hydride, Universe's First Molecule To Form After The Big Bang, Has Finally Been Found

The first ever molecule in the observable universe has been found. After decades of searching, astronomers spotted the primordial molecule in a dying star just 3,000 light-years away from Earth.

Space April 17, 2019

Who Is Christina Koch? NASA Astronaut To Break Record For Longest Spaceflight For A Woman

NASA astronaut Christina Koch is scheduled to stay on the ISS for 328 consecutive days. This will allow her to set the record for the longest single spaceflight by a woman, surpassing Peggy Whitson's 288-day stint in space.

Space April 17, 2019

April's Full Pink Moon To Rise On Friday

April's full moon earned the moniker 'Pink Moon' not because it causes a rosy hue in the sky, but because it signals the appearance of pink spring flowers. The best time to catch the full moon will be at dawn.

Space April 17, 2019

Astronaut Pioneer Owen Garriott Passes Away At 88

Owen Garriott, a spaceflight pioneer who spent a total of 70 days in outer space, passed away in his home in Huntsville, Alabama this week. Fellow astronauts Buzz Aldrin, Scott Kelly, and Pat Forrester paid tribute to the American hero.

Space April 17, 2019

Third Planet In Kepler-47 Confirmed As Largest Exoplanet In Circumbinary Star System

Scientists from the San Diego State University have identified the third planet in the Kepler-47 star system. This third planet has also been identified as the largest exoplanet in this particular circumbinary star system.

Space April 17, 2019

First Interstellar Meteor May Have Struck Earth Without Anyone Knowing

Scientists discover the first known interstellar object that collided with Earth. A meteor that slammed into the planet's atmosphere in 2014 is now found to have origins in another star system.

Space April 17, 2019

Meteorites Slamming Into Moon Can Expose Water Hidden Underground

A new study revealed the moon may be losing a lot of water every time meteorites strike. These findings can impact lunar explorations and desire for human colonization in the future.

Space April 17, 2019

TESS Mission Finally Discovers Its First Earth-Sized Exoplanet

The TESS mission is now considered a "bridge to the future," according to astronomers. After its first discovery, it will continue to search for more exoplanets outside the solar system.

Space April 23, 2019

NASA Grants Elon Musk's SpaceX $69 Million Contract To Fly Spacecraft Into Asteroid: What's The Objective Of DART Mission?

SpaceX was recently awarded a $69 million US space agency contract to fly spacecraft into asteroids. What is the main objective of NASA’s DART mission?

Space April 16, 2019

SpaceX Falcon Booster Lost At Sea After Bout With Bad Weather

SpaceX confirmed that its recovery team failed to retrieve the Falcon Heavy's central core booster used in last week's flight. The company blamed bad weather and rough ocean conditions for the loss.

Space April 16, 2019

Comet Fragment Found Inside Meteorite May Offer Clues To Formation And Evolution Of Solar System

The ancient building blocks of a comet has been found sealed inside a pristine meteorite billions of years old. A peek into the early solar system, this fragment contains many clues about cosmic history.

Space April 16, 2019

Saturn’s Moon Titan Has Eerie Lakes On Its Surface Just Like Earth

However, Titan's 300-foot lakes are filled not with water, but liquid methane. The Cassini mission reveals more about the only other place in the solar system with liquid on the surface.

Space April 15, 2019

Wormhole Can Exist But Not Useful For Space Travel, Harvard Physicist Daniel Jafferis Says

A Harvard researcher believes traveling across the universe using wormholes is theoretically possible. However, the idea might not actually be the shortcut through space that many sci-fi writers had hoped for.

Space April 16, 2019

Sun Spitting Out Giant 'Lava Lamp-like' Blobs 500 Times Bigger Than The Earth

By studying decades-old data, NASA discovered unusual but consistent patterns in the Sun. The center of the solar system emits lava like-lamp blobs that can be as much as 500 times larger than Earth.

Space April 15, 2019

How to Make The Most Out Of April's Lyrid Meteor Shower

Scientists said that the peak of the Lyrid shower this year will take place during the early hours of April 23. Observers must view the shower somewhere with no light pollution.

Space April 17, 2019

Scientists May Have Found A New 'Super-Earth' In Star System Nearest To Our Own

Proxima c was detected while scientists were reviewing data sets that revealed Proxima b in 2016. Scientists said that the super-Earth completes an orbit around its star Proxima Centauri within 1,900 days.

Space April 15, 2019

Stratolaunch, World's Largest Plane By Wingspan, Flies For The First Time

Stratolaunch has successfully completed the first flight of the world’s largest all-composite aircraft. This highlights the company’s position as a contender in the market for air-launching small satellites.

Space April 15, 2019

Video Shows How Mice React To Microgravity While Aboard International Space Station

NASA proved that its Rodent Habitat provides the capability to conduct significant long-duration biological research studies on the ISS. Rodents deployed for the space experiment even learned to defy microgravity.

Space April 14, 2019

After Beresheet's Crash, SpaceIL Set To Build And Launch Second Moon Lander

The dream is still on for Israel's SpaceIL. After Beresheet's crash on the moon, the team is already prepared to make a second attempt at landing on the moon.

Space April 14, 2019

Technical Glitch Caused Israel's Beresheet Spacecraft To Crash On The Moon

Israel falls short of landing the Beresheet spacecraft on the moon, coming close to making a soft landing before its sudden crash on the surface. What caused the crash?

Space April 13, 2019

Meet Black Hole Powehi, The Embellished Dark Source Of Unending Creation

M87*, the first black hole to be photographed, now has a nickname. The cosmic object was named Powehi, which also means 'adorned fathomless dark creation,' in the Hawaiian language.

Space April 14, 2019

SpaceX Wins NASA's Anti-Asteroid DART Contract

DART will be the first-ever NASA mission to deflect an asteroid from space by using a kinetic impactor. SpaceX charged NASA $69 million, a cheaper price compared to most space contracts.

Space April 13, 2019

Lockheed Martin Has A Plan To Bring Astronauts Back To The Moon By 2024

Lockheed Martin has unveiled the reimagined lunar lander that will carry astronauts to the surface of the Moon. The new design was in response to NASA's accelerated timeline to return to the lunar surface by 2024.

Space April 13, 2019

Scientists Need Help Naming The Largest Unnamed Minor Planet In The Solar System

Scientists announced a campaign to give 2007 OR10, a dwarf planet, a proper name. The public can vote between three preselected names associated with mythological figures from April 9 to May 10, 2019.

Space April 13, 2019

NASA Twin Study Shows Humans Can Withstand Long Space Missions

Results of the landmark study featuring astronaut twins Mark and Scott Kelly revealed that the human body can survive long-duration space missions. Scott Kelly's health remained stable even after almost a year in space.

Space April 12, 2019

Here's Why Scientists Did Not Take Image Of Sagittarius A*, Black Hole At The Heart Of Milky Way

There's a perfectly good black hole in the center of the Milky Way: Sagittarius A*. So why take a photo of an object 54 million light-years away?

Space April 13, 2019

Israeli Spacecraft Beresheet Crashes Into The Moon, Fails To Make History

Israel failed to make history as the first nation to send a privately funded spacecraft to the moon. The robotic vehicle Beresheet crashed into the lunar surface instead of making a soft landing.

Space April 11, 2019

Unfavorable Upper Level Winds Forces SpaceX To Call Off Falcon Heavy Rocket Launch

SpaceX's Falcon Heavy, the most powerful rocket in the world, has hit a snag on their first ever commercial launch. Due to unfavorable wind conditions, the company called off the launch and postponed it to the next day.

Space April 11, 2019

Who Is Katie Bouman And Why You Should Thank Her For The First-Ever Picture Of A Black Hole?

Katie Bouman developed the algorithm that sorted through tons of astronomical data and created the first-ever image of a black hole. The 29-year-old computer scientist started working on the algorithm three years ago as a graduate student at MIT.

Space April 11, 2019

Here's The First Image Of A Black Hole: How Did Scientists Capture It And Why You Should Care

Check out the first photo of a black hole in history. It is a feat that opens up new doors to the study of astronomy so that humanity can look farther and see more precisely into the cosmos.

Space April 11, 2019

NASA To Install OCO-3 CO2 Monitoring Observatory On International Space Station

The OCO-3 Monitoring Observatory will launch no later than April 25 this year. It will be mounted on the International Space Station for three years.

Space April 13, 2019

Curiosity Rover Drills Into Martian Clay Hoping To Analyze Rock Powder

After more than six years, Curiosity Rover has successfully drilled a hole into a clay unit in Gale Crater. The sample can help provide more information on the minerals on the planet and whether they can help sustain life.

Space April 11, 2019

Say Hello To KIC 10544976, A Star System With A Giant Exoplanet That Dwarfs Jupiter

Astronomers spot an exoplanet nearly 13 times the size of Jupiter. It also marks the first time a planet has ever been found orbiting a binary star system in which one star is already dead.

Space April 11, 2019

Japan Wants To Build Moon Base Using Robots

Together with three schools and a construction company, the Japanese space agency plans to construct a moon base using robots. To know the possibility, they are already performing simulations on Earth.

Space April 9, 2019

Hubble Telescope Finds Mysterious 'Gateway' At Center Of Galaxy

Some believe that Hubble has spotted the gates of heaven at the core of a nearby galaxy known as Messier 51. In 1992, the space telescope captured an 'X' structure that marks the location of a black hole.

Space April 8, 2019

NASA Astronauts James Buchli, Janet Kavandi Inducted To Hall Of Fame

James F. Buchli and Dr. Janet Kavandi received the ultimate honor to be inducted into the Hall of Fame Astronauts. They joined the ranks of nearly 100 most distinguished astronauts.

Space April 8, 2019

Scientists Find Organic Matter In Meteorite From Mars

Researchers from Hungary recently studied the Martian meteorite that fell on Antarctica. What they discovered is intriguing and suggesting that life on other planets can be possible.

Space April 10, 2019

ISS Contaminated With Fungi And Bacteria That May Harm Astronauts, Damage Spacecraft

Microbes found on the surfaces of the space station are known to cause diseases on Earth. Some are also associated with microbial induced corrosion and may affect structural stability of the ISS.

Space April 8, 2019

Self-Driving Spacecraft May Protect Planet Earth From Asteroid Collisions

Self-driving cars are old news as self-driving spacecraft emerges. ESA is building an autonomous spacecraft called Hera as part of a planetary defense mission to binary asteroid system Didymos.

Space April 9, 2019

Mahindra Group Chairman Takes Shots At NASA Over Space Debris Comment

Anand Mahindra deemed NASA as 'hypocrites' after its recent comment toward India's recent anti-satellite test. India is now recognized as a space superpower.

Space April 8, 2019

Israeli Beresheet Spacecraft Snaps Photo Of Dark Side Of The Moon

The time is drawing near for SpaceIL's Beresheet spacecraft to make its landing on the moon. Even before the historic event, it has send back stunning images of the far side of the moon.

Space April 6, 2019

Russian Progress Cargo Ship Launch Breaks Records With Superfast Trip

Russian Progress cargo ship broke another record of taking the fastest trip from Earth to the International Space Station. Progress 72, which carried 3 tons of supplies, reached its destination in only 3 hours and 21 minutes.

Space April 8, 2019

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