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Air Travelers To See Dip In Global Airfares This Year Due To Lower Fuel Prices

This year, we'll see more airline price drops due to lower fuel prices. Now's a great time to pack your bags and see the world!

Business March 15, 2016

Airline Passengers May Have To Pay For Pricier Airfare As Global Warming Worsens

Major U.S. airlines might have brought back in-flight perks in the economy class. Unfortunately, ticket prices can increase due to the worsening effects of climate change.

Earth/Environment February 11, 2016

United And Orbitz Sue 22-Year-Old's Cheap Flights Site

Last month, United and Orbitz filed a lawsuit against Skiplagged, a startup that takes advantage of airlines' 'hidden city' pricing. Unfortunately, this legal action may backfire on the companies.

Internet Culture December 31, 2014

5 Ways To Get The Cheapest Last-Minute Flight Deals

There are certain times of the year when everyone is booking flights. The holiday season is notorious for that, with loads of people looking to travel home for the holidays. Here is how to easily get last-minute airline tickets without breaking the bank.

Feature December 11, 2014

JetBlue Loses Legroom And Adds Baggage Fees. Passengers Are Really Not Happy

JetBlue Airways Corp. announced Wednesday that it will take steps to cut back on its legroom in the future and plans on adding fees as early as 2015.

Internet Culture November 19, 2014

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