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'Ghost' Lobster Caught By Fisherman From Ocean Off Maine

Maine lobsterman Alex Todd caught a translucent white lobster in a trap. Experts said that the weird-looking crustacean is not an albino. It has a genetic condition called Leucism.

Animals September 4, 2017

Albino People Being Hunted In Malawi To Be Sold For Witchcraft Potions

Human rights groups warned against mounting albino killings in Malawi, where victims' body parts are sold and used in potions made by witch doctors for good luck and wealth.

Earth/Environment June 9, 2016

Albino Gray Whale 'Gallon Of Milk' Spotted Off Mexico

The albino gray whale 'Gallon of Milk' makes a rare appearance during an annual whale census off the Pacific coast of Mexico. The majestic creature appeared with a gray calf that apparently did not inherit her albino condition.

Animals March 5, 2016

Extremely Rare Albino Turtle Discovered On Australian Beach

Meet Alby, a very rare albino green turtle found in Australia. Volunteers from the Coolum and North Shore Coast Care discovered the hatchling as it found its way into the ocean.

Animals February 11, 2016

Baby Girl With New Glasses Smiles Upon Seeing Mom for First Time [Video]

There really is joy in seeing things more clearly. In the case of Louise McMorris, getting new eyeglasses meant seeing her mother for the first time.

Life January 24, 2015

Rare Albino Dolphin Spotted Off Florida Coast [Video]

An albino bottlenose dolphin was spotted off the coast of Florida. In total, there have been only 15 albino dolphin sightings in the world.

Earth/Environment January 7, 2015

Extremely rare albino lobsters caught by Maine fishermen

Only one albino lobster exists in every 100 million but two lobstermen managed to caught two of these off the coast of Maine. in just one week.

Earth/Environment September 7, 2014

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