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Do You Have A Drinking Problem? This Online Tool Can Help You Find Out

If people think they have a drinking problem but they just aren’t sure, then they can now find out by using this new online tool called the Alcohol Treatment Navigator. The tool was created by the National Institute of Health.

Public Health January 11, 2018

Different Types Of Alcohol Can Trigger Different Emotions: Which Booze Can Make You Feel Sexy?

For those who thought they felt more teary or confident after drinking, they are actually right. A new study has found that different types of alcohol can lead to different emotions, ranging from sexy to downright aggressive.

November 24, 2017

Moscow Mule Copper Mug May Cause Food Poisoning

Drinking the trendy cocktail drink Moscow mule in copper mug may result in food poisoning marked by diarrhea and yellowing of the skin. Here's why copper and alcoholic beverage should not mix.

Public Health August 9, 2017

Bombay Sapphire Recall: Gin Contains Nearly Double The Advertised Amount Of Alcohol

Bacardi issues a nationwide recall for Bombay Sapphire in Canada after discovering incorrect alcohol content. The company urges consumers to throw out or return bottles from the affected batch.

Public Health May 5, 2017

Newborn Babies To Be Tested For Alcohol Over Concerns That Mothers Drink During Pregnancy

Newborn babies were tested for alcohol molecules over concerns that mothers are drinking alcoholic beverages during their pregnancy. The researchers initially tested some fecal samples and found significant traces of alcohol molecules.

Public Health May 1, 2016

Anti-Aging Gin Claims To Make You Look Younger: How It's Supposed To Work

Anti-aGin is an alcoholic drink that claims to protect your skin from wrinkles and keep you looking young. What's behind its anti-aging formula?

Healthy Living/Wellness April 26, 2016

New Year's Drinks Are Fun...Hangovers Are Not: Let Science Help Out [Video]

Celebrating New Year's Eve with a few drinks? Here are some pro science tips to help you avoid starting the new year with a gruesome hangover and a splitting headache.

Society December 31, 2015

The 6 Best Cocktail Recipe Apps To Download Now So You Can Get Your Drink On Later

Here are best cocktail recipe apps to help you keep and manage a virtual inventory of your home bar - as well as discover and create new drinks.

Geek May 19, 2015

Somabar Is Basically A Keurig For Cocktails, And You Can Buy It On Kickstarter Right Now

This Wi-Fi enabled machine is pretty much a Keurig for cocktails. The app helps mix and serve the perfect cocktail in just five seconds without having to measure ingredients.

Internet Culture May 11, 2015

Cinco de Mayo 2015: How To Make The Perfect Margarita

Create the perfect margarita for your Cinco de Mayo party by following these tips and steps.

Feature May 5, 2015

The 2015 Kentucky Derby Cocktail Guide

Put on your derby hat and celebrate the horse race with one of these fancy and fitting cocktails.

Feature May 2, 2015

Experts Press Red Button As Heavy Drinking And Binge Drinking Rates In US Counties Go Up

Researchers from the University of Washington discovered that the rates of heavy drinking and binge drinking in the United States have significantly increased between 2005 and 2012. The study also revealed that the rates are rising faster among women than among men.

Life April 24, 2015

Make Drinking A Journey With The Bombay Sapphire App That Mixes Custom Gin And Tonics

Bombay Sapphire East is giving guests an exclusive look at its iPad app 'Tonic Journey' that allows users to create custom gin and tonics. The app is on display during the Tribeca Film Festival's Storyscapes exhibition in New York City.

Feature April 20, 2015

Easter 2015: 7 Best Easter Candy Drink Recipes

Here are the best cocktails to make using spare Easter candy for Easter 2015.

Feature April 3, 2015

Best Jell-O Shot Recipes To Help You Get Drunk Without Using The Jevo

Even though you probably don't own the machine that makes 20 Jell-O shots in just 10 minutes, you can still get drunk off these Jell-O shot recipes.

Internet Culture March 26, 2015

Three Alcoholic Drinks Per Day Ups Your Risk For Liver Cancer

Consuming alcoholic drinks and being obese are linked to developing liver cancer. Alcohol related deaths are on the rise in the U.K.

Life March 25, 2015

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