Somabar Is Basically A Keurig For Cocktails, And You Can Buy It On Kickstarter Right Now


If you are a coffee addict, then getting a Keurig was probably one of the best decisions of your life. While the Keurig machines let you make your single serving of early morning coffee with just the push of a button, wouldn't it be amazing to have the same kind of machine make your cocktails at night?

Well, thankfully, the Golden Age of cocktail gadgets is upon us! Instead of sitting around a packed bar and drinking overpriced, watered down, bottom-shelf liquor concoctions, you can make and enjoy craft cocktails from the comfort of your own home without having to measure and mix, thanks to this new device. Pretty much, if your Keurig could make cocktails, it would be this robot bartender.

The startup Somabar created a Kickstarter to raise the money it needs to get these robot bartenders to your house. So far, the California-based company has 820 backers and raised $312,707 of its $50,000 goal.

"Somabar allows you to make craft cocktails without having to use a shaker, bar spoon, measuring cup or recipe book," says co-creator Ammar Jangbarwala. "It all allows you to make you own craft cocktails, or better yet, share those brilliant concoctions with your friends. It truly brings out the mixologist in you."

Here's how it works: Set the Somabar machine down, download the Somabar app that is available for iOS and Android, and connect to the Wi-Fi-enabled machine.

When you want to make a drink, fill the side containers, called "pods," with your favorite alcohol, juice or mixers. The pods are removable, so that you can add your favorite ingredients like bitters. It's also dishwasher safe, and ideal for refrigerator storage.

Use the app to select from about 300 cocktails, including a Cosmopolitan, Margarita, Alabama Slammer, Sidecar, and Gin Rickey, just to name a few, as well as the ability to customize your own.

"It makes tailor-made menus based on the ingredients you have in there," says co-creator Dylan Purcell-Lowe.

The Somabar precisely mixes the cocktail ingredients using its position displacement pumps, so with a simple push of a button, the drink is mixed and dispensed. The robotic bartender can create a cocktail in under five seconds.

The Somabar app lets you decide how strong or weak you want your cocktail to be, gives you recommendations based on your taste preference and lets you know which ingredients you are missing for a specific cocktail.

Somabar is available now only on, and retails for $429.

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