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Combining 3 Antibody Drugs Shown Effective In Suppressing HIV

A new research at the Rockefeller University has shown that HIV can be suppressed by combining three antibodies in the treatment. This checks the ability of the virus to escape the immune system and mutate.

Medicine January 28, 2017

Use Of HIV Drug During Pregnancy May Affect Unborn Baby’s Social-Emotional And Language Development

A drug that prevents mother-to-child HIV transmission affects the development of unborn babies. Children whose mothers were into antiretroviral regimens that contain atazanavir during pregnancy had lower scores on social-emotional and language development.

Life February 23, 2016

AIDS Now Top Killer Of Teens In Africa: UNICEF

UNICEF's new global data showed AIDS is now the top cause of death among teenagers in Africa. Around the globe, AIDS is the second most common cause of death among adolescents.

Life November 28, 2015

Teen Manages To Stave Off HIV Without Drugs For A Decade

A teenager in France who was born with HIV was able to control her infection despite stopping her antiretroviral treatment 12 years ago. Doctors think that the patient may have a form of natural resistance to the AIDS virus.

Life July 21, 2015

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