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Parkinson's Disease May Have Roots In Appendix Says Study

Could the appendix be the cause of Parkinson's? A new study revealed that people who had appendectomy early in life have reduced risks of getting the neurodegenerative disease.

Public Health November 1, 2018

Appendicitis Treatment Apparently Does Not Need Surgery, Only Antibiotics

A new study from Finland confirmed the effectiveness of antibiotics as an alternative method of treating appendicitis. This method of treating appendicitis without surgery is continuing to gain more traction, but further studies are still needed.

Medicine September 26, 2018

Your Appendix Is Not Useless: New Study Suggests It Could Save Your Life

Researchers have found the importance of the appendix among mammals, discovering that, during the evolutionary process, once it appears in a species, it won't disappear. The study suggests gut bacteria has something to do with it.

Medicine January 13, 2017

Immune Cells Help Appendix Maintain Digestive System Health

During a bacterial attack, innate lymphoid cells (ILCs) keep the appendix safe where good bacteria are stored. ILCs help the appendix reseed good bacteria back into the body, keeping the digestive system healthy.

Life December 2, 2015

Young Student Wins Eureka Prize For Video That Explains The Appendix

Paige Bebee may just be nine years old but she’s already won a prestigious science award for a simple video explaining the true function of the appendix.

Life August 29, 2015

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