If you’re of the upper class, you’re used to a few things. First class air travel, private lounges, opulent dinners and cutting in line at the Apple Store so you can buy the $10,000 Apple Watch Edition.

That’s right, if you’re willing to plunk down the ten grand it takes to get something that’s basically the same as the regular $300 version of the Apple Watch or Apple Watch Sport, you get to jump ahead of the Apple Store queue and go on a personalized “journey” (possibly across time and space) with a dedicated Apple Watch expert as your guide.

If you’re interested in the $10,000 to $17,000 version of Apple’s new gizmo, not only will you get the Apple Watch Edition, with its 18-karat gold case and fancy wrist strap, but you will be privileged to an hour-long private consultation with a specially trained, dedicated Apple Watch expert according to 9to5Mac. These expert employees will show you how the watch works, run you through app demos and allow you to try the watch on in a private area of the store. However, the specially trained employees are being ordered to bring out only two of the gold watches at a time just in case one of the high-end clients feels the need to snatch one and dash away with it.

Apple Watch Edition buyers will also be treated to 24/7 tech support for two years.

Peons only buying an Apple Watch or an Apple Watch Sport will also receive similar attention in the form of dedicated display cases at Apple Stores and store employees who will show you the ropes of your chosen model. Buyers of either the standard watch or Edition Watch will have the option to engage in video conferencing calls from home with Apple Store employees to learn more about their new purchase in case they don’t want to visit the store in person.

However, these premium services and amenities will not be available at all Apple Stores due to the slow rollout Apple has planned. The Apple Watch Edition itself may not be available at all Apple Stories immediately either. If a prospective buyer wants the Edition, a store can call another location to have the watch delivered via "courier."

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