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Facebook Shuts Down Solar-Powered Internet Drone Project: So What Happens Now?

An official blog post made by Facebook confirmed the end of its solar-powered drone development. The company revealed that it will continue all research alongside experienced aerospace companies such as Airbus instead.

Internet June 28, 2018

Facebook Aquila Internet Drone Crashed On Its First Test Flight: Investigation Reveals What Caused The Rough Landing

Facebook's internet-beaming Aquila drone had its first test flight in June, which ended with a crash landing. An investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board revealed the cause of the incident.

Internet December 17, 2016

Facebook's Aquila Internet Drone 'Structural Failure' Being Probed By The NTSB

The structural failure of Facebook's autonomous, solar-powered Aquila drone is now under investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board. The Aquila suffered a structural failure before landing during its first test flight in June.

Gadgets November 22, 2016

Facebook's Aquila Soars In Test Flight: Solar-Powered Drone Will Provide Internet Access To Everyone

After years of development, Facebook's Aquila has completed its first test flight. The Aquila is a solar-powered, internet access-providing drone capable of staying up in the air for up to three months.

Internet July 22, 2016

Mark Zuckerberg Says Facebook Will Have 5 Billion Users By 2030 Thanks To Solar-Powered Autonomous Planes

According to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, the social network will have 5 billion users by 2030. Dubbed as Aquila, the solar-powered autonomous planes are expected to help achieve the huge increase that the company has set its eyes on.

Internet February 6, 2016

Facebook's Long-Endurance Aircraft Aquila Now Complete: Here's What It's Like And What It Can Do

Facebook's unmanned drone Aquila is ready, and the company is looking to test the full-sized version at a site in the U.S. The aircraft boasts a 140-foot wingspan but weighs less than a car and can stay airborne for three months at a stretch.

August 1, 2015

Facebook To Test Massive Solar-Powered Aircraft To Provide More Internet Access

Facebook's unmanned solar-powered aircraft, the Aquila, has the wingspan of a Boeing 737, but it weighs less than a car and beams down Internet connectivity from the sky. It has the potential to bring Internet access to the four billion people who currently don't have it.

July 30, 2015

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