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Scientists Figure Out What Causes Sky-Glow 'STEVE'

What really causes the mysterious sky-glow dubbed STEVE? It has previously been discovered to not be an aurora, and now scientists know what causes them.

Space April 26, 2019

Strange 'Alien' Lights From NASA Aurora Experiment Looks Out Of This World

NASA's AZURE mission launched on Friday, creating a spectacular light show in the sky over northern Norway. The experiment is part of a larger effort to study the region of the atmosphere where particles from Earth and outer space interact.

Earth/Environment April 8, 2019

NASA Shoots Photo Of 'Dragon' Northern Lights In Iceland

NASA published an image of the northern lights taking the form of a dragon over Iceland. The space agency said that no recent sunspots have been recorded, making the sight of the aurora this month even more special.

Earth/Environment February 28, 2019

Hubble Takes A Peek At Stunning Aurora Lightshow On Saturn

The Hubble Space Telescope had captured the most comprehensive look at the auroras in Saturn. Because of the gas giant's atmosphere, the light shows can only be viewed using Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph.

Space September 2, 2018

Strange Aurora-Like Light Called STEVE Not An Aurora At All, Say Scientists

A new study found that STEVE, a light phenomenon in the night sky, is not produced by the same mechanism that creates the auroras. Instead, scientists believe that STEVE is a new celestial phenomenon distinct from an aurora.

Space August 21, 2018

Saturn Sings An Eerie Cosmic Tune To Enceladus: Here’s How To Listen To It

Scientists found that Saturn sends plasma waves similar to Earth’s auroras to Enceladus. They converted these waves into a sound that Earthlings can now listen to.

Space July 11, 2018

Jupiter’s Moons Are Leaving Strange Marks On The Giant Planet’s Aurora

Scientists found peculiar swirls and spots left on Jupiter’s auroras by two of its moons. The experts said they still do not know what causes the moons to leave these trails behind.

Space July 6, 2018

Saturn’s Magnetic Poles Have Auroras That Show Up At High Noon

Scientists found Saturn’s poles displays noontime auroras. The ringed planet’s fast spin rate could cause differences in the way Saturn’s magnetic fields interact with electrically charged particles, creating spectacular light shows during the day.

Space June 6, 2018

Project Aurorasaurus: NASA Seeks Help From Citizen Scientists In Studying STEVE

The swirling colored skylights captured in Canada by citizen scientists was confirmed as a new and rare Aurora named STEVE. NASA now wants amateur sky watchers to help scientists spot STEVE in the sky.

Space March 17, 2018

Researchers Reveal Possible Reason Behind The Recently Discovered ‘STEVE’ Aurora

Researchers just published a paper hypothesizing the conditions that enable the so-called STEVE aurora to appear in the night sky. The researchers also noted how important citizen scientists were in their study.

Earth/Environment March 15, 2018

Jupiter's Northern And Southern Auroras Individually Pulse At Independent And Erratic Frequencies

Scientists have found out that the two poles of Jupiter pulse at different and erratic frequencies. The observations were made with the help of data collected by NASA and ESA's telescopes.

Space November 1, 2017

‘Burrito Of Awesomeness’: ISS Shares Captivating Photos Of Aurora

Astronauts onboard the International Space Station shared a timelapse video of the aurora borealis or northern lights last Sunday. But what is the bright light display that is an aurora and how does it form?

Space July 27, 2017

NASA Experiment Expected To Produce Artificial Light Show On Sunday: Here's How To Watch It

Sky watchers in the mid-Atlantic coast could witness a cloud show along with the launch of NASA’s sounding rocket very early on Sunday morning, June 4. Even if you're not in the area, there are other ways to witness the artificial lights.

Space June 4, 2017

NASA Sounding Rocket Experiment To Produce Colorful Artificial Clouds Over Mid-Atlantic

Blue-green and red artificial clouds will be visible over the mid-Atlantic as NASA launches the Terrier-Improved Malemute sounding rocket from Wallops Flight Facility. What is the purpose of sounding rocket experiments?

Space May 31, 2017

NASA Successfully Launches First Of Five Sounding Rocket In Alaska

NASA has successfully launched the first of its five sounding rocket on Jan. 27 from Alaska’s Poker Flat Research Range. The Black Brant IX rocket carried the PolarNOx experiment seeking to measure nitric oxide altitude in the polar sky.

Earth/Environment January 30, 2017

Aurorasaurus: Citizens Share Real-Time Aurora Observations, Help NASA Researchers Better Understand The Phenomenon

Auroras, also known as Northern Lights, are beautiful but have bigger implications on the planet than mere breathtaking sights. Aurorasaurus was developed to keep track of auroras, and consequently, geomagnetic storms in the atmosphere.

Space March 9, 2016

NASA Shares Eerily Beautiful Photo Of Aurora Borealis Taken From The ISS

British astronaut Tim Peake published a photo of the dancing lights of the aurora. Aside from a stunning view of greens and pinks, auroras in space continue to intrigue scientists who study how solar particles interact with Earth's atmosphere.

Space February 26, 2016

Is This A UFO Vanishing Into A Wormhole Portal? Mysterious Ball Of Light Filmed Above Canberra

A ball of light that lit up Canberra’s skies Sunday night during a storm once again stirred speculations of UFO sightings. Experts, however, were quick to say it was actually an unusual phenomenon known as ball lightning.

Space January 6, 2016

Early Christmas Light Show: Photographers Capture Amazing Images Of The Aurora Australis

Photographers in different parts of Australia were able to take vivid snapshots of the aurora australis that appeared across the skies over the weekend. Experts, however, say that people might find it more difficult to capture the colorful lights in the coming days because of the ever-changing conditions of solar activity.

Animals December 22, 2015

The Northern Lights Are Heading South? Here's Why

The current weakening of the Earth's magnetic field is causing the popular northern lights to shift southward, a new study says. The atmospheric event will likely become more visible in areas south of the Arctic region such as Canada and the United States in the coming decades.

Animals November 28, 2015

How A Giant Coronal Hole In The Sun Affects Everyday Life On Earth

A new image of a massive coronal hole was captured by NASA using its orbital Solar Dynamics Observatory. It is believed that this solar phenomenon is what has been causing the formation of auroras over the Earth for the past several nights.

Space October 18, 2015

NASA Captured A Giant Coronal Hole In The Sun That Is 50 Earths Wide

NASA released an image of a coronal hole on the surface of the sun, which is sending solar winds our way but is no danger.

Space October 16, 2015

ISS Astronaut Scott Kelly Records Northern Lights In This Timelapse Video

The Northern Lights exhibited what seems like a magnificent lights show as the then active sun peeped through it. NASA astronaut Scott Kelly was able to capture it while aboard the ISS.

Space August 18, 2015

Aurora Spotted Outside Solar System For First Time In Dazzling Display Over Brown Dwarf

Brown dwarfs can form aurora like on Earth but are much more powerful. How was this unusual process seen?

Space July 31, 2015

What Does A Martian Aurora Look Like?

The red planet sports dashes of red, blue and green in its atmosphere when auroras occur. Research suggests that some of the light of Martian auroras is visible.

Space May 28, 2015

Shasta Supercomputer Selected For $200 Million Department Of Energy Contract

The Department of Energy has announced a $200 million contract for the Shasta supercomputer. What does it intend to do with 180 petaflops of computing power?

April 9, 2015

A Severe Solar Storm Just Occurred, And It May Affect Power

A solar storm could interfere with GPS and other systems, according to reports. How serious is this event?

Space March 17, 2015

How Scientists Used Auroras To Confirm Ganymede's 60-Mile Deep Ocean

Scientists have always believed in the possibility of life outside Earth. The recent discovery of an ocean beneath Ganymede, made possible by the moon's auroras, might just support this.

Space March 14, 2015

Mysterious Mars Haze Leaves Scientists In A Daze

Astronomers think that the mysterious plumes on Mars could either be an unusually bright aurora or a large cloud. These explanations, however, challenge current understanding of the upper atmosphere of the Red Planet.

Space February 18, 2015

Mysterious 'Theta Aurora' is Mystery No More: Origin of Phenomenon Revealed

Secret of amazing aurora seen in the night sky at high latitudes revealed. Hot plasma from the solar wind said behind mysterious "theta auroras," researchers say.

Space December 22, 2014

What Are Theta Auroras and How Do They Form? Scientists Finally Have Explanation

Theta auroras are dazzling and highly-distinctive. Now, scientists finally know how they form.

Space December 19, 2014

Amazon Aurora Relational Database Takes Aim At Oracle, And Is Cheap, Cheap, Cheap

Amazon has announced a new enterprise-grade database engine to rival the likes of Oracle. The new product is designed to be fast, reliable and cheap at only 29 cents per hour.

Business Tech November 12, 2014

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