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Aurora Borealis To Show Up In Parts Of The US This Week

A geomagnetic storm is bringing the dazzling northern lights to the United States and Canada this week. Here's how you can get a good glimpse of the natural light show.

Earth/Environment May 15, 2019

Here's Why The Aurora Borealis Did Not Appear This Weekend

Aurora borealis fans failed to catch a glimpse of the northern lights over northern United States. Scientists said the lights show made a no-show because the energy blast from the sun that hit the Earth was not strong enough.

Earth/Environment March 26, 2019

Geostorm To Give Northern US, Canada Chance To See Aurora Borealis

People in places such as New York, Michigan, and Maine may have the rare chance ot witnessing the aurora borealis this weekend. This is due to a geostorm that will bend around the Earth's magnetic field.

Earth/Environment March 22, 2019

Project Aurorasaurus: NASA Seeks Help From Citizen Scientists In Studying STEVE

The swirling colored skylights captured in Canada by citizen scientists was confirmed as a new and rare Aurora named STEVE. NASA now wants amateur sky watchers to help scientists spot STEVE in the sky.

Space March 17, 2018

Researchers Reveal Possible Reason Behind The Recently Discovered ‘STEVE’ Aurora

Researchers just published a paper hypothesizing the conditions that enable the so-called STEVE aurora to appear in the night sky. The researchers also noted how important citizen scientists were in their study.

Earth/Environment March 15, 2018

Scientists Discover What Causes The Pulsating Northern Lights

An international team of researchers directly observed what causes the pulsating aurorae. Although scientists knew about the process leading to the Northern Lights, they haven't known what causes them, until now.

Space February 17, 2018

WATCH: Breathtaking Video Of Aurora Borealis From International Space Station

The aurorae are incredible natural phenomena and we can witness them from space thanks to astronauts at the ISS. See the beautiful time-lapse of the natural light show.

Space September 25, 2017

Get To Know ‘Steve’: What Satellite Data Say About Strange Purple Streak Of Light In The Night Sky

The purple ribbon phenomenon called Steve has captured the attention of the scientific world. Satellites and other scientific tools are trying to find out what causes it.

Space April 25, 2017

Meet Steve: Scientists, Aurora Enthusiasts Find New Mysterious Light In The Night Sky

Citizen scientists discovered an unusual new feature of the northern lights and called the mysterious atmospheric phenomenon ‘Steve.' ESA’s Swarm satellite also studied the purple gas stream, initially dubbed a proton aurora borealis, and finally uncovered its secret.

Earth/Environment April 24, 2017

Northern Lights Mystery Gets Complex: New Study Rejects Plasma Turbulence, Mentions Unknown Mechanism

A new research has negated the theory that Northern Lights are causing outages in Global Navigation Satellite Systems or GNSS. It rejected any kind of plasma turbulence and said an unknown mechanism is causing it and a new technology is due.

Space March 14, 2017

Solar Storms Responsible For Removing Electrons From Our Atmosphere

Solar storms created by electrically charged particles are the reason behind the creation of the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights across the Arctic, states a new study. These solar storms also affect GPS signals and cause power failure.

Space March 4, 2017

Spectacular Northern Lights Glow Around Iceland's Capital Reykjavik

It's one of Nature's spectacular light shows. Iceland's capital city Reykjavik went dark Wednesday in order to get a better view of the stunning display of Northern Lights that night.

Space September 30, 2016

Watch Stunning Aurora Borealis As Seen From Space In NASA's New 4K Video

NASA TV released a 4K video of an Aurora Borealis taken from ISS. Also known as dancing northern lights is a phenomenon caused by the collision of electrons and protons with neutral atoms in the upper atmosphere.

Space April 19, 2016

Watch This Spanish Acro Pilot’s Breathtaking Sky Dance As He Paraglides Through The Aurora Borealis

Spanish acro-paraglider Horacio Llorens took to the skies and danced with the very elusive northen lights. The mission fulfilled Llorens' long-time dream of 'dancing with Aurora.'

FUTURE TECH January 27, 2016

Massive Solar Storm To Hit Earth Before New Year's Eve: What Happens When Solar Flare Hits Earth?

In the wake of a solar storm that blasted on Dec. 28, a coronal mass ejection may hit the Earth on or before New Year's Eve. The CME may cause the beautiful aurora borealis to appear in some parts of the night sky.

Space December 31, 2015

NASA To Launch Sounding Rockets To Study Earth's Magnetic Field

NASA will send two sounding rockets soaring into the Northern Lights this winter. The mission is to analyze particle movement in an area close to the North Pole where the planet's magnetic field is directly linked to the solar wind.

Animals November 28, 2015

NASA Captured A Giant Coronal Hole In The Sun That Is 50 Earths Wide

NASA released an image of a coronal hole on the surface of the sun, which is sending solar winds our way but is no danger.

Space October 16, 2015

Humpback Whales In Norway Seen Playing Under Northern Lights [Video]

Stunning images of humpback whales hunting for food under the northern lights in Norway have been captured by a local journalist while testing his equipment. The man, who works for a Norwegian broadcasting company, said that the marine mammals appeared to be playing under the brightly colored sky.

Earth/Environment October 10, 2015

NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly Captures Aurora Draped Over Earth In Amazing Colorful Veil (Video)

An image of aurora taken from the International Space Station is shared by NASA. The snap of the Earth, aurora, stars and space station goes viral.

Space August 19, 2015

ISS Astronaut Scott Kelly Records Northern Lights In This Timelapse Video

The Northern Lights exhibited what seems like a magnificent lights show as the then active sun peeped through it. NASA astronaut Scott Kelly was able to capture it while aboard the ISS.

Space August 18, 2015

UK Treated To Stunning Aurora Borealis Light Show

Parts of the British Isles were treated to the spectacular display of Northern Lights or aurora borealis on St. Patrick's Day. The display was visible as south as Midlands.

Animals March 18, 2015

NASA Hoping To Improve Satelitte Communications By Studying Ionosphere

Finding the cause will help in mitigating the effects of a disturbance. This is what is guiding researchers in their work, studying the ionosphere to provide better satellite communications.

Space March 3, 2015

Watch NASA Footage Of Northern Lights Meeting Rising Sun Over US (Video)

NASA has released a video taken over parts of U.S. that show the Northern Lights meeting sunrise. The video did not fail to impress viewers.

Space February 10, 2015

NASA and USU to Study Aurora Borealis by Launching Probe

What better way to understand anything than to be in the thick of the action, right? To understand the Aurora Borealis, NASA sent a probe inside the Northern Lights.

Space January 29, 2015

NASA Launches Four Rockets into Aurora Borealis

NASA launched rockets from Alaska into the Northern Lights to study upper atmosphere turbulence. Vapor trails released by the rockets will help researchers photograph and visualize atmospheric movement.

Space January 27, 2015

Photos: Winning astronomy photographs of 2014 announced

The Royal Observatory reveals the winning photographs for its annual Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition.

September 19, 2014

See Instagram photos of the Northern Lights in U.S. Skies

Some Americans were able to see the Northern Lights, also known as Aurora Borealis, on Friday, Sept. 12. Check out some of the coolest Instagram photos of the skies.

September 14, 2014

Rare opportunity to see Northern Lights over US skies: How and where to watch the celestial wonder

The solar flares that occurred this week resulted in the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) to be seen at a farther distance. Experts gave tips on when and where to watch the light display.

Space September 14, 2014

Amazing Northern Lights aka Aurora Borealis light up the UK night sky

The Aurora Borealis, also known as the Norther Lights, treated UK residents to a rare treat. The beautiful light show appeared in the skies above certain parts of the UK.

Space March 2, 2014

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