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Meet Black Hole Powehi, The Embellished Dark Source Of Unending Creation

M87*, the first black hole to be photographed, now has a nickname. The cosmic object was named Powehi, which also means 'adorned fathomless dark creation,' in the Hawaiian language.

Space April 14, 2019

Sexist Trolls Undermine Katherine Bouman's Role In Black Hole Image

Her work in taking the first image of a black hole has gained Katie Bouman overnight fame. Unfortunately, sexist trolls were also quick to try and pass the credit to a white male scientist.

Feature | Science April 13, 2019

Who Is Katie Bouman And Why You Should Thank Her For The First-Ever Picture Of A Black Hole?

Katie Bouman developed the algorithm that sorted through tons of astronomical data and created the first-ever image of a black hole. The 29-year-old computer scientist started working on the algorithm three years ago as a graduate student at MIT.

Space April 11, 2019

Scientists Take A Peek At Earliest Massive Black Holes In The Universe

Researchers questioned a long-standing belief that the first supermassive black holes were formed due to powerful ultraviolet radiation. Through computer simulations, dark matter halos were a major factor in the creation of supermassive black holes during the early universe

Space January 24, 2019

Scientists Figure Out How Supermassive Black Holes Get So Massive

A team of scientists observed a new way of feeding that might explain how supermassive black holes grow to become so big. In a new paper, they revealed that black holes feed on large amounts of gas around them.

Space January 15, 2019

Scientists Record Evidence Of Merging Supermassive Black Holes

Astronomers found a significant number of supermassive binary black holes which are the precursors of their merging. A new study followed the direction in which the powerful jets flow to demonstrate the presence of supermassive black holes.

Space October 25, 2018

The Last Paper Stephen Hawking Worked On Released By Colleagues

Stephen Hawking final paper on the information paradox has been revealed by his colleagues. The study proposed that some information from matter that gets pulled into a black hole can be retrieved from photons that escape from the event horizon.

Space October 12, 2018

Scientists Find What Could Be 'Ghost' Black Holes From A Previous Universe

Theorists suggest that other previous universes have existed before the current one. The team theorizes that traces of the dead black holes, which are the remains of the previous universe, could be detected in the cosmic microwave background radiation.

Space August 31, 2018

Scientists Trying To Take First Picture Of Black Hole Still Haven't Released Image But Provided Data From The Project

Astrophysicists behind the Event Horizon Telescope and the first to photograph a black hole have released the initial data from the project. Scientists are still working on releasing the first image of a black hole.

Space May 29, 2018

Scientists Discover 'Thousands' Of Black Holes Three Light Years Within Our Milky Way Galaxy

Researchers from Columbia University made a shocking discovery in our milky way galaxy. Evidence of thousands of black holes were discovered within three light years of the heart of the milky way galaxy.

Space May 11, 2018

Scientists Find Evidence Of 10,000 Black Holes Surrounding The Center Of The Milky Way Galaxy

There is already a supermassive black hole at the center of the Milky Way. Now scientists have found many smaller ones. Scientists found thousands of smaller black holes surrounding it.

Space April 6, 2018

Overabundance Of Massive Stars Could Explain Evolution Of The Universe

Massive stars up to 300 times larger than the Sun were proven to actually exist and more than a thousand of them were recently found along the Tarantula Nebula. With this discovery, astronomers could be one step closer to discovering the origin of the Universe.

Space January 5, 2018

Black Hole Candidate 100,000 Times More Massive Than Sun Found Near Center Of Milky Way

A potential intermediate-mass black hole, or IMBH, lurks behind gas clouds near the center of the Milky Way. Observations made using the Atacama Large Millimeter Array suggest its mass is about 100,000 times that of the sun.

Space September 6, 2017

Astronomers Capture First Image Of Elusive Dark Matter

Researchers at the University of Waterloo have captured a composite image of the elusive dark matter for the first time. The mysterious matter’s image has the face of a ghost and teased out by gravitational lensing method.

Space April 14, 2017

Event Horizon Telescope Turns On To Take Picture Of Supermassive Black Hole

The Event Horizon Telescope teams started turning on their telescopes in a bid to capture the region of the Sagittarius A* black hole. This would be the first time that a picture of a black hole will be captured.

Space April 6, 2017

NASA Found Monster Black Hole Kicked Out Of Galactic Core

NASA's Hubble Telescope has detected a monster black hole hurtling away from the central hub of its parent galaxy. It is the first supermassive black hole discovered to have been evicted from its home.

Space March 24, 2017

Tightest Orbital Dance Between Black Hole And Star Witnessed By Astronomers

Astronomers have revealed the existence of a white dwarf star that orbits in close proximity to a black hole. The star whips around the black hole two times in an hour and could be the tightest orbital dance witnessed by astronomers.

Space March 14, 2017

Black Hole Imaging Imminent, Event Horizon Telescope To Aim Deep Spots In April

In a bid to make history by taking the first ever image of a black hole, scientists will activate the Event Horizon Telescope in April to photograph Sagittarius A*, a powerful black hole in Earth’s galaxy, the Milky Way.

Space February 18, 2017

Fermi Gamma-Ray Telescope Finds The Most Distant Blazars Yet

Fermi's Large Area Telescope has recently detected enormous black holes shooting jets of potent gamma rays. The five distant objects known as blazars surround the mystery of how black holes formed in such a young universe.

Space January 31, 2017

Black Hole At The Center Of Milky Way Spewing Planet-Sized ‘Spitballs’

A new study has revealed that a gravity-induced 'spitballs' phenomenon is taking place in the super massive black hole of the Milky Way. It is part of the star-shredding activity in which a portion of the gas coalesces into planet-like structures with the spitballs being flung around the black hole at high speed and most of them getting ejected out of the galaxy.

Space January 13, 2017

There’s A Ravenous Black Hole In The Middle Of The Milky Way And Researchers Have Simulated How It Feeds

The puzzle of a massive black hole in Milky Way emitting faint glow and diffused X-ray emissions has been answered by a new simulation model. The model was presented by scientists at Princeton University and their associates.

Space December 27, 2016

Stephen Hawking's Prediction About Black Holes May Be Right After All

Stephen Hawking once predicted that it was possible to escape from a black hole. Now, an experiment in Israel has suggested that Hawking may actually be correct.

Space August 16, 2016

Scientists Trace Fast Radio Burst Afterglow To A Supermassive Black Hole

Was it really a fast radio burst (FRB) that had been detected in early February? A follow-up study said no, but its origin is nonetheless surprising.

Space April 7, 2016

Second Most Massive Black Hole In Milky Way May Shed Light On Black Hole Evolution

A team of scientists in Japan may have detected the second most massive black hole within the Milky Way galaxy. The discovery may help scientists unravel the mystery behind the evolution of black holes.

Space January 17, 2016

The 10 Best And Weirdest Science Stories Of 2015

UFOs, kittens, cancer and climate change. This year has brought some exciting developments and some weird stories.

January 4, 2016

Astronomers Watch Ruthless Black Hole Tear Apart A Star: Tidal Disruption Explained

An artists' rendering has been released by NASA that depicts what would happen to a star if it was sucked into a black hole. The rendering shows that the star would be ripped to pieces and debris would be flung around the black hole.

Space October 25, 2015

Pair Of Supermassive Black Holes Will Collide With Unimaginable Force Sooner Than We Think...But Don't Panic

Researchers find more evidence that a pair of black holes dancing inside of a quasar are on a collision course. This light show about 3.5 billion light years away is going to push one of Einstein's theories to the extreme.

Space September 22, 2015

Astronomers Spot A 'Tiny' Supermassive Black Hole In Dwarf Galaxy

The black hole at the center of RGG 118 is to date the smallest black hole ever found in the core of a galaxy. Scientists said the discovery could help them better understand the evolution of black holes.

Space August 15, 2015

Astronomers Discover The Smallest Supermassive Black Hole

A team of scientists have discovered the smallest supermassive black in the center of a galaxy, which could lead to a better general understanding of all supermassive black holes.

Space August 14, 2015

Scientists Discover Five Monster Black Holes And Hint There Could Be Millions Of Them

Astronomers have discovered five supermassive black holes that were previously curtained behind gas and dust particles. They predict there could be millions more.

Space July 6, 2015

Star US 708 Is Hurtling Out Of Milky Way: Here's Why

Hypervelocity stars are known to be flung by the gravity of the black hole at the center of the Milky Way, but something else has given US 708 the boot to speed out of the galaxy.

Space March 6, 2015

How Scientists Almost Missed Finding A Monster Black Hole 12 Billion Times The Mass Of Our Sun

A newly discovered super massive black hole is 12 billion times more massive than the sun. Interestingly, it is housed in a quasar that scientists initially overlooked.

Space February 28, 2015

Monster Winds From Supermassive Black Hole's Belch More Powerful Than Trillion Suns

A giant black hole blasts out fierce cosmic winds so powerful they can influence the host galaxy's capability to form new stars. The winds' energy is comparable to what is emitted by over a trillion suns.

Space February 20, 2015

Size Of Black Hole Dependent On Amount Of Dark Matter In A Galaxy, Says Study

Researchers finally uncover the relationship between black holes and dark matter, revealing that their sizes are proportional to each other. The study also gives clues about galaxy formation.

Space February 20, 2015

Formation Of Black Hole In The Teacup Galaxy Surprises Scientists

The supermassive black hole in the Teacup galaxy is transforming the galaxy from an active, star-forming one into a galaxy devoid of gas which is no longer able to create stars.

Space February 14, 2015

Black Hole on a 'Diet' Shows Dimming Quasar

A quasar has been seen changing brightness dramatically over just a few years for the first time ever. What can this tell us about these objects, as well as our own galaxy?

Space January 23, 2015

Two Massive Black Holes Are On Violent Collision Course (But Don't Panic Just Yet)

Scientists have discovered two supermassive black holes that are about to collide. The two black holes are just one light-year apart.

Space January 10, 2015

Galactic Drama: Scientists Debate if Objects Near Massive Black Hole are Binary Stars or Gas Clouds

Is it a binary star? Is it a gas cloud? Scientists just don't know what to make of it. An object whirling around the black hole Sagittarius A*, G2, was first spotted in 2011.

Space January 4, 2015

Black Hole or Supernova? Mysterious Object in Space Baffles Scientists

Scientists are perplexed about a mysterious object and it is unclear if the object is a supernova or a black hole. Experts believe that the object could be the aftermath of a collision between two galaxies.

Space November 23, 2014

SDSS1133: Ejected Black Hole or Supernova? You Decide

Astronomers are not yet settled on the true identity of SDSS1133. It was once believed to be a supernova but recent observations suggest it could be a black hole that was expelled from its parent galaxy.

Space November 22, 2014

Astronomers discover lightning flashes from a black hole

An international team of astronomers recently discovered the first radiation 'lightning' from a black hole over 200 million light-years away from Earth, and thanks to modern telescopes, understand what creates it.

Geek November 11, 2014

Here's why the supermassive black hole in our Milky Way didn't gobble hydrogen gas cloud G2

The giant black hole at the center of the Milky Way did not devour what is believed to be a cloud of hydrogen gas called G2. Astronomers propose it is likely because G2 is a pair of stars and not a gas cloud.

Space November 5, 2014

Black hole appetite is more voracious than previously thought: P13 consumes gas from nearby star 10 times faster

P13, black hole with 15 times less mass than the sun consumes gas from its nearby star equivalent to the mass of the moon every three weeks.

Space October 10, 2014

Meet P13, a very hungry black hole that can chomp 100 billion hotdogs a minute

It's always impressive when small things do big things. It's enlightening even, as P13, a very hungry black hole, would show.

Space October 10, 2014

Hubble spies tiny dwarf galaxy hiding supermassive black hole

Astronomers have discovered a dwarf galaxy that ironically harbors a supermassive black hole in its center with mass equivalent to about 21 million suns or five times the mass of Sagittarius A, the Milky Way's black hole.

Space September 18, 2014

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