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Companies Like Boeing And Blue Origin Looking Into Building Privately Owned Space Stations

NASA has released proposals from 12 private companies that will turn the Low Earth Orbit into a prime destination for research and manufacturing. Companies like Blue Origin and Axiom want to launch their own space stations.

Space May 29, 2019

NASA Picks SpaceX, Blue Origin, And 9 Other Firms For $45.5 Million Moon Lander Study

A total of 11 private American companies have been chosen to work on NASA's next moon lander project. The space agency's partners will research and develop technologies that will help transport astronauts back to the surface of the moon.

Space May 18, 2019

Jeff Bezos's Blue Origin Lunar Craft Is Comprised Of Several Multipurpose Modules

Jeff Bezos said that Blue Origin's Blue Moon can carry up to 14,000 pounds of the scientific payload, including multiple rovers, to the lunar surface. A crewed version is also in development.

Space May 14, 2019

Elon Musk Takes Humorous Shot At Jeff Bezos's Moon Lander

On Twitter, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk trolled Jeff Bezos by posting an altered photo of the new Blue Moon lunar lander. Over the years, the two billionaires have clashed because of their contrasting space ambitions.

Space May 11, 2019

Blue Origin Posts Mysterious Tweet With Image Of Antarctic Exploration Ship Endurance

Many speculated that Blue Origin is set to make an important announcement at the Satellite Conference in Washington DC this week. The space company's recent tweet suggested a possible lunar expedition.

Space April 29, 2019

Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin To Start Selling Tickets To Space Tourists By Next Year

Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin revealed that it will start to sell tickets to space tourists starting 2019. How much is the estimated cost of each New Shepard capsule seat?

Space June 25, 2018

Retired Astronaut Believes That NASA, SpaceX And Blue Origin Rockets Could Not Transport Humans To Mars

Retired Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield mentioned that he is not comfortable with the idea of NASA and aerospace firms Blue Origin and SpaceX transporting people to Mars. He believed that there are too many risk factors.

Space June 18, 2018

Russia May Lack Funds To Compete With SpaceX

Anonymous sources revealed that Roscosmos, the agency responsible for cosmonautics program for Russia, might undergo budget cuts within the next three years. The looming shortage may happen amid SpaceX’s continued advancement in its future Mars mission.

Space June 9, 2018

Blue Origin Moves Closer To Space Tourism With Successful New Shepard Rocket Test Flight

Blue Origin carried out a successful test flight for the New Shepard rocket and capsule. The company, founded by Amazon CEO and world's richest man Jeff Bezos, may start sending people up to space within the year.

Space April 30, 2018

World’s Richest Man Jeff Bezos Set To Launch Blue Origin’s 8th Test Flight

All is set at Blue Origin’s test flight center in Texas as Jeff Bezos’s team is gearing up for New Shepard’s eighth launch on April 29. The New Shepard is a reusable rocket aimed to send paying passengers into space.

Space April 28, 2018

Jeff Bezos-Owned Blue Origin To Receive Funding From US Military

Blue Origin is expanding its space tourism plans to accommodate military missions. Along with SpaceX, United Launch Alliance, and Orbital ATK, it’s one of the companies on track to receive Air Force funding.

Space April 16, 2018

Blue Origin: Mannequin Skywalker Video Gives A Glimpse Of Flight Into Space

Blue Origin shared a video featuring the passenger Mannequin Skywalker of the Crew Capsule 2.0 during the test flight with New Shepard. It also teased the opening of its 750,000-square-foot rocket facility in Florida.

Space December 15, 2017

Blue Origin Takes To The Skies Again With New Shepard, Crew Capsule 2.0

The test flight for the New Shepard system and Crew Capsule 2.0 was a success. This takes Blue Origin one step closer to beginning its commercial flight operations in the near future.

Space December 14, 2017

Will The Billionaires Beat NASA To Planet Mars?

The Trump administration refocused NASA’s budget to the Mars mission but it may not be enough to succeed. An expert believes Musk and Bezos will get there first.

Space May 21, 2017

There Will Be No Bathroom Breaks When You Take The Blue Origin Space Trip

Blue Origin founder and CEO Jeff Bezos said there will be no toilets installed in Blue Origin rockets. The space company plans to send people to space onboard the vessel New Shepard.

Space April 13, 2017

Jeff Bezos To Sell $1 Billion Of Amazon Stock A Year To Fund Space Plans

Jeff Bezos made public his plans with Blue Origin on the 33rd Space Symposium. While the investments are currently consistent, the entrepreneur hopes to make profit off his childhood dream one day.

Space April 6, 2017

LOOK: First-Ever Photos Of Blue Origin's Space Tourism Shepard Capsule Revealed

This is what Blue Origin’s astronaut experience looks like. Jeff Bezos releases first photos revealing the sleek interiors of the New Shepard crew capsule bound for space.

Space April 1, 2017

NASA Moon Mission Possible Under Trump Administration, Private Firms Could Play Vital Role

The Trump administration is reportedly interested in reviving moon exploration missions. The moon mission was scrapped by former U.S. President Barack Obama under the pretext that it was expensive and repetitive.

Space March 13, 2017

Amazon-Like Shipping Services To The Moon Could Be Powered By Newly Unveiled Blue Origin Rocket Engine

Amazon's Jeff Bezos tweeted an image of the BE-4 rocket engine that could power Blue Origin's New Glenn spacecraft. The new rocket engine could play a role in future missions to the moon or beyond our planet's orbit.

Space March 8, 2017

Jeff Bezos Unveils Images Of BE-4 Liquid Rocket Engine For New Glenn Rocket

After years of hard work, Blue Origin’s first BE-4 rocket engine is ready for photos as released by CEO Jeff Bezos. It will be used for its New Glenn rocket which is expected to ferry humans to the moon.

Space March 7, 2017

What Are The Prospects For Space Travel in 2017?

Here are some likely highlights for space travel and exploration this year according to NBC News, including Earth science probes, new SpaceX launches, and space-based internet.

Space January 3, 2017

Blue Origin Successfully Tested Escape System Of New Shepard Space Capsule founder Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin conducted a successful in-flight escape test of its New Shepard spacecraft. The test showed how the escape system would work if a real-life launch emergency happens.

Space October 6, 2016

Blue Origin Delays New Shepard In-Flight Escape Test Due To Bad Weather

Blue Origin’s New Shepard was supposed to undergo a test using a capsule that simulates a real-life crisis condition. Because of the poor weather conditions, however, the test will be delayed a day.

Space October 4, 2016

Blue Origin Announces Massive New Glenn Rocket: Is There Really A Market For Reusable Rockets?

Blue Origin is keen on being a big player in the aerospace industry, announcing the reusable rocket New Glenn to take on SpaceX's Falcon 9. Is Jeff Bezos right to invest in reusable rockets?

Space September 13, 2016

Meet The New Glenn: Blue Origin's Declaration Of War Against SpaceX

The competition to become the first reusable rocket company might be coming sooner than once thought. Blue Origin, the aerospace company owned by founder Jeff Bezos, has announced it is working on the New Glenn — the company's first rocket capable of going beyond LEO.

Space September 12, 2016

Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin Breaks Ground On New Rocket Facility In Florida

Blue Origin's new rocket facility in Florida will be large enough to accommodate the manufacturing of orbital rockets. The company is focusing its efforts on reusable rockets that could land and launch again and again.

Space June 29, 2016

Blue Origin Successfully Launches and Lands Reusable Rocket For The Fourth Time

Tech billionaire Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin succeeded in launching and landing its New Shepard rocket on Sunday, June 19. This marks the fourth time the space company was able to safely carry out the maneuver using its reusable rocket.

Space June 20, 2016

Watch Livestream Blue Origin Reusable Rocket Launch And Attempt To (Crash) Land On Sunday

Blue Origin will attempt to land a rocket for the fourth time. This time, the event will be broadcast to the public.

Space June 19, 2016

Blue Origin Receives Major Suborbital Flight Service Contract From NASA

NASA awarded Blue Origin a suborbital flight service contract under the Flight Opportunities Program (FOP). The FOP encourages development and testing of flight technologies that may be used for future space missions.

Space June 3, 2016

Blue Origin's Next Flight Will Crash-Land On Purpose: Jeff Bezos

Blue Origin will attempt to crash-land its New Shepard spacecraft on purpose during its next test flight. CEO Jeff Bezos explains why.

Space May 28, 2016

Jeff Bezos Wants To See Millions Of People Living And Working In Space

Jeff Bezos addressed the audience in the 32nd Space Symposium in Colorado and shared his plans of bringing affordable commercial space tourism that would enable millions of people to work and live in space. Blue Origin, Bezos' investment in space exploration, was able to relaunch for the third time its reusable rocket, New Shepard last week.

Space April 13, 2016

Blue Origin Relaunches, Lands New Shepard Rocket With Microgravity Science Experiments

Blue Origin's New Shepard rocket re-launched into space on April 2 and safely landed back to Earth. The reusable rocket carried two microgravity science experiments: BORE and COLLIDE.

Space April 4, 2016

Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin Rocket Launches And Lands For The Third Time

For the third successful time, Blue Origin launched the reusable New Shepard rocket and landed it back on Earth last April 2. The unmanned test vouches for reusable booster technology championed by Blue Origin and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, and helps make his space tourism vision a closer reality.

Space April 3, 2016

Blue Origin Pushes The Envelope For Third Launch Of Reusable Rocket

Spaceflight company Blue Origin is set to blast off its reusable rocket anytime between Saturday and Tuesday. This marks the rocket's third test flight.

Space April 2, 2016

Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin Plans For Human Test Flights By 2017

Private spaceflight company Blue Origin is eyeing crewed test flights of its reusable suborbital space vehicle starting next year. This was the first time its founder Jeff Bezos put a target date on its commercial flights.

Space March 9, 2016

Hello, SpaceX: Blue Origin Launches And Lands Reusable Rocket For The Second Time

Jeff Bezos' space company Blue Origin successfully landed one of its New Shepard spacecraft during a test flight on Friday. The spacecraft was the same one used in another simulation in November where it was able to land vertically on its target site.

Space January 23, 2016

Jeff Bezos Jabs Elon Musk Over SpaceX Accomplishment

Let's just say Bezos, founder of the Blue Origin space company and fellow billionaire, wasn't impressed with the Falcon 9 orbital rocket landing back on Earth.

FUTURE TECH December 22, 2015

Jeff Bezos Wants To Send Donald Trump To Space

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and GOP presidential hopeful Donald Trump are in the latest big Twitter feud, with Bezos throwing shade by suggesting that Trump take a trip to space in the Blue Origin rocket - and stay there.

Society December 8, 2015

Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin Successfully Lands Used Rocket Back To Earth: What This Means To Space Industry

The New Shepard Rocket of Blue Origin was able to successfully land in one piece after space flight. Jeff Bezos, the man behind the historic event, thinks this means a lot of positive implications in the space industry.

Space November 25, 2015

Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin Becomes First Private Company To Land Reusable Rocket From Space

The achievement caught the eye of SpaceX founder Elon Musk, who reminded Blue Origin that their rockets don't go as high or fast as his company's rockets.

FUTURE TECH November 24, 2015

Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos Expands Rocket Business To Florida With Goal Of People Living And Working In Space

Cape Canaveral will be the new home of Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin. The Amazon CEO revealed that the space company will begin building and launching rockets later this decade.

FUTURE TECH September 16, 2015

ULA And Jeff Bezos Make Steps Toward A Fully American-Made Rocket

The United Launch Alliance is set to refresh its commitment to the BE-4 rocket developed by Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin aerospace company. The commitment could put the ULA on track to developing a fully American-made rocket by 2019.

FUTURE TECH September 13, 2015

Jeff Bezos joins space race with secret rocket test fire

SpaceX and Elon Musk has a rival. Amazon's founder Jeff Bezos has joined the space race with a secret rocket test fire.

Space December 4, 2013

Billionaire rocketeers duke it out for shuttle launch pad

The mothballed launchpad at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, which dispatched Neil Armstrong and his crew on their historic Apollo 11 mission in 1969, is the focus of a battle of another sort, between two billionaire techies seeking to dominate a new era of private space flight.

Space October 3, 2013

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