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Personal Data Of Hundreds Of Spotify Users Surface Online: Report

Hundreds of Spotify account credentials have reportedly popped up on the Web. Credentials allegedly posted online include email addresses, user names, passwords, account type and more details.

Security April 26, 2016

Uber Shows It's Serious About Customer Security By Poaching Facebook's CSO

As Uber investigates the potential sale of customer data, fraudulent fare charges and a database break-in last year, it takes time to hire a new security chief. Facebook CSO Joe Sullivan will move into the role at the end of April.

Business April 4, 2015

Uber Hack Exposed Data Of 50000 Drivers Last May: Why Did It Delay In Reporting It?

Uber has disclosed a data breach that led to the theft of 50,000 drivers' names and license numbers. The time of this hack? Nine months ago. So why did Uber take so long to disclose the hack?

Legal March 2, 2015

Gemalto Claims SIM Cards Are Safe. Experts Disagree

Security experts challenge Gemalto’s results of its “thorough” investigation of the Edward Snowden assertion that millions of SIM cards were breached by the GCHQ with help from the NSA.

Business February 26, 2015

Chief Security Leaders Fear They Are 'Outgunned,' Survey Reveals

IBM surveyed 138 chief information security officers to learn how organizations are working to fend off cyberattacks. Approximately 60 percent of the survey's respondents stated they felt 'outgunned' by the most sophisticated malware.

Business Tech December 26, 2014

Bebe Clothing Retailer Hack Puts Customer Data at Risk

After spotting suspicious activity in its payments system, bebe contacts a security firm to mitigate what it believes to be a cyberattack. The company's U.S. stores may have been compromised, but it believes its Canadian outlets remained secure.

Business Tech December 5, 2014

Sony Pictures Hackers Remain a Mystery, Some Say Breach Came from Within

As the investigation into the breach of Sony Pictures Entertainment's network continues, the evidence is starting to indicate that it may have been an inside job. A Sony source says the company isn't prepared to place the blame on North Korea, which contrasts with earlier reports.

Business Tech December 3, 2014

Home Depot Data Breach Backlash: 44 Civil Lawsuits in the Works

Home Depot says its operations are facing the pressures of several investigations and 44 civil suits. As the company works to recover from a massive security breach, it admits that, like any other organization, it is still vulnerable to large-scale attacks.

Business November 25, 2014

US postal service hit by hackers, 800K employee data sets at risk

Hackers deliver a devastating blow to U.S. postal workers, though the USPS says its operations haven't been affected by the mid-September intrusion. Analysts believe the Chinese government is behind the attack, which compromised the personal information of roughly 800,000 former and current USPS employees.

Business Tech November 11, 2014

Home Depot hackers grab up 53M email addresses via third-party vendor access

The massive attack that exposed the financial details of tens of millions of Home Depot customers is worse than the company initially thought. Approximately 53 million email accounts also were left vulnerable as a result of the attack.

Business November 7, 2014

Snapchat nude postings the work of a hacker, claims Snapsaved

Snapsaved still hasn't backed down from labeling the "Snappening" a hoax. Snapchat continues to distance itself from the alleged 13-GB leak of images stolen from its users.

Internet October 13, 2014

Ex-AT&T employee tagged as culprit in data breach

The cyber crime wave continues, as AT&T has implicated one of its employees in the unauthorized access of customer accounts. This is not the way we conduct business, says AT&T.

Business Tech October 7, 2014

MBIA hacked, server misconfiguration allowed illegal data access

Misconfigured Oracle server leaves hundreds of pages of account information accessible via a Google search. The United States' largest bond insurer says it's taking all necessary steps to secure the information one of its servers has been leaking.

Internet October 7, 2014

Home Depot data breach triggers multistate investigation

Rhode Island attorney general says several states are probing the security breach that hit Home Depot. While some reports are pointing fingers at the home improvement store, the Secret Service has a standing warning about a hard-to-detect virus family that targets retail transactions.

Business Tech September 10, 2014

AT&T confirms hacking incident, blames vendor employees but is not forthcoming on specifics

AT&T has come forward about a security breach that occurred in April. The hack appears to have compromised Social Security numbers of some users.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech June 16, 2014

Spotify tells eBay 'Me, too' as cyber attack compromises 40 million user accounts

Spotify has reported they were the victims of a cyber attack. It once again puts online security on the front page.

Internet May 29, 2014

AOL confirms personal information compromised in latest security breach

AOL has confirmed that it saw personal information taken by spammers. It is the latest security breach involving personal information online.

Business Tech April 29, 2014

AOL: We got spoofed/breached so change your password/security info

Internet giant reveals "significant" number of accounts were accessed but claims encrypted data hasn't been breached. Investigation is continuing, says AOL.

Internet April 28, 2014

Target's loss to credit thieves could be up to $450 million, Q4 earnings take a hacking

Target may have suffered up to $450 million as a result of a hacker attack in December. Company CEO said his fixes are helping alleviate the situation, and this could help drive up the chain's stock price.

Money February 26, 2014

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