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Browser Extension Secretly Stole Chrome And Firefox Users' Entire Browsing History

The Stylish browser extension has apparently been secretly recording users' browser history since January 2017, when it changed owners. Chrome, Firefox, and Opera have now pulled the extension.

Internet July 6, 2018

NOPE Is The Chrome Extension For Ignoring Annoying Coworkers

Those looking to increase their productivity at work and ignore distracting coworkers need to check out the NOPE button browser extension for Chrome.

Internet February 28, 2017

AdBlock Plus To Start Selling 'Acceptable Ads' To Remove Intrusive Ones On The Internet

Eyeo GmbH partners with ComTag to launch the beta version of the new Acceptable Ads platform that works with AdBlock Plus. The new ad tech platform allows publishers to drag and drop ready-made ads into their pages, which will be instantly viewable by ABP users.

Internet September 14, 2016

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