There is always that one employee that stands out in the bunch—and not in the good way. It's the coworker that always pops by your desk unannounced to bore you with some story you care nothing about, disrupting your work flow. They are the person you try to dodge at lunch, the office gossiper you don't want to be associated with, or the loud one who you can't force any more fake laughs for.

There are only so many excuses a person can think of as a way to avoid these types of coworkers face to face. But now there is way to ignore them.

Tell these people nope, you're not having it with this Chrome extension.

Called NOPE, this Chrome extension is perfect for those looking to increase their productivity and actually get work done by helping them ignore annoying coworkers. It serves as the perfect emergency button for getting out distracting situations.

It does so by giving the user the perfect excuse: having to take an important phone call.

Powered by Breather, the NOPE button works by calling the user to allow them to pretend they are facing something pressing, and have to focus on work.

A user simply needs to download the browser extension for Chrome. They will then see a green "N" button that can be pushed at any time. Pushing the button triggers a call that is sent to your phone.

Make sure to add the phone number you want to be called on to activate the button. NOPE will replay a 60-second message to allow the user to appear to be super sorry that they have to deal with the call. This means they can then walk away or focus back on their computer to avoid being distracted.

There is so many situations the NOPE button can be applied to, even down the simple "hey, do you have a quick minute to help me" request. NOPE, not happening.

It often can be hard to find focus in the workplace, but this Chrome extension is helping increase productivity by getting rid of coworkers one big "NOPE" at a time.

Check out the extension for yourself by downloading it here.

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