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Yellowstone Super-Volcano Created By Ancient Slab Of Oceanic Crust Wedged Under North America

30 million years ago, an oceanic crust went under the North American continent and broke into pieces. The pieces melted into the mantle, causing hot material to rise to the crust to create the Yellowstone Super-Volcano.

Earth/Environment July 27, 2018

Scientists Discover Cluster Of 50-Million-Year-Old Volcanoes Off Sydney Coast

A cluster of volcanoes are said to provide insight into the split of Australia and New Zealand.

Earth/Environment July 14, 2015

ESA Mars Explorer Finds Monster Crater Created By What Could Be A Yellowstone-Like Supervolcano

The European Space Agency has released images of massive craters on the surface of Mars that are believed to have been created by supervolcanoes.

Space May 22, 2015

Yellowstone supervolcano eruption will be nightmarish but not catastrophic: Study

A Yellowstone eruption could blanket the whole of North America with ash and cause a winter during the summer months. It's unlikely to happen anytime soon, but a new computer model shows just how wide an area the eruption would impact.

Animals August 31, 2014

Yellowstone about to erupt soon? Geologists say no, despite bison

Bison seen running away from Yellowstone National Park was filmed weeks before a tremor hit the park. Here's why there is no sign yet disaster is about to strike.

Animals April 4, 2014

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