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Apple Strengthens Its Self-Driving Car Collection In California

Apple has increased its autonomous vehicle fleet with 55 self-driving cars. Eighty-three of the technology company’s employees are registered with the California Department of Motor Vehicles to operate the cars.

Apple May 15, 2018

California May Soon See Companies Testing Self-Driving Cars Without A Steering

According to a new proposal, California may soon allow testing of autonomous cars in its roads. This new policy would allow car companies to test these vehicles without a back up driver as well as steering wheels.

Car Tech March 12, 2017

Uber Really Wants To Test Self-Driving Cars In San Francisco, Finally Follows California DMV Rules

Uber has had a shaky relationship with California's Department of Motor Vehicles. However, it seems that the ride-hailing service is now looking to make up with the regulator to be able to test self-driving vehicles in San Francisco.

Car Tech March 3, 2017

California Grows List Of Allowed Self-Driving Car Testers To 22 With The Addition Of Subaru

The California Department of Motor Vehicles added Subaru to the list of automobile manufacturers and tech companies that are allowed to test self-driving cars in the state. What kind of self-driving technology is the Japanese carmaker thinking of testing?

Car Tech February 12, 2017

Google Waymo Performing Better Than Other Self-Driving Cars, Says California DMV

Google Waymo's self-driving cars show a remarkable improvement, says a report from the California DMV. The company says that the number of its disengagements lessened last year.

Car Tech February 2, 2017

Uber Moving San Francisco Self-Driving Car Project To Arizona After California Forces Pullout

Uber already packed its self-driving Volvo cars in San Francisco and promptly shipped them to Arizona, where it is getting a rockstar welcome. The ride-sharing service said that the vehicles' redeployment will entail further expansion.

Car Tech December 23, 2016

Uber Forced To Pull Out Self-Driving Cars From San Francisco Roads: What Did The California DMV Do?

Less than a week after Uber defied the orders of the California DMV and continued testing its self-driving vehicles in San Francisco, the ride-sharing company is now pulling out the vehicles. What forced Uber to stop its testing program?

Car Tech December 22, 2016

Uber To Keep On Testing Self-Driving Vehicles In San Francisco Despite Being Told By California DMV To Stop

Uber started testing self-driving cars in San Francisco earlier in the week. The California DMV has ordered the company to stop due to not having secured the necessary permits, but Uber will not pull its cars off the road.

Car Tech December 17, 2016

How California's New Self-Driving Car Regulations Are Great For Texas

California may have greatly limited the rollout of Google's autonomous cars with its proposed regulations, but Texas reminds Google that it is still welcome in their State. Check out what makes California's restrictions favorable for the Lone Star State.

FUTURE TECH December 19, 2015

California DMV Publishing Self-Driving Car Accident Reports

The reports reveal Google's autonomous cars being involved in eight accidents, none of which can be blamed on the tech company's driverless technology.

FUTURE TECH October 9, 2015

California DMV Confirms Details Of Google’s Self-Driving Car Accidents

Under public pressure, California state officials have released details of six accidents involving self-driving cars. The official reports confirm that the crashes were not caused by the automated vehicles.

FUTURE TECH June 19, 2015

California DMV to Google self-driving car: Go, get a steering wheel

Google may be soaring its way into the future of transportation with its driverless cars, but the California DMV is pulling it back with an order to include manual controls.

FUTURE TECH August 24, 2014

California requires Google to equip driverless car with manual controls

California's Department of Motor Vehicles is requiring Google to add a steering wheel and pedals to the company's driverless cars. Will Google comply?

FUTURE TECH August 23, 2014

California DMV sets regulations for testing self-driving vehicles. Hello, robo-cars!

California DMV sets rules for autonomous cars. Self-driving cars may soon make way to public roads in the near term.

FUTURE TECH May 23, 2014

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