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Is The Smartphone World Ready For 64-Megapixel Cameras? Well, Samsung Is

Samsung’s new image sensor is technically 64 megapixels, but it’ll merge four pixels into a single 16-megapixel shot for optimum clarity and color accuracy. It might show up on 2020 phones.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech May 9, 2019

Canon: 8K Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera Is On Its Way

An 8K-capable full-frame mirrorless camera is already in Canon’s EOS R-series roadmap, an executive just confirmed. There’s no telling when this 8K beast is going to come out, though.

Gadgets January 11, 2019

A Company Might Be Developing A Smartphone With As Many As 9 Cameras

Light, a company that makes devices with a lot of cameras, might soon release a smartphone with up to nine lenses. It will apparently be able to take 64-megapixel shots.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech July 2, 2018

Sony's RX100 Mark V And a6500 Cameras Are Pretty Big Upgrades From Their Predecessors

Sony unveiled the RX100 Mark V as the flagship of the Cyber-shot RX100 series, alongside the a6500, which is the company's new flagship for the APS-C sensor camera lineup. Both cameras sport new features that are considered big upgrades from their predecessors.

Gadgets October 7, 2016

GoPro Launches Developer Program To Bring Its Cameras Everywhere

GoPro officially announced a developer program that encourages third-party companies to create apps, mounts and devices in an attempt to bring the cameras everywhere.

Gadgets April 14, 2016

Lily Camera Drone Manages To Rack Up $34 Million In Preorders

Maybe it's because it just looks so darn happy to see everyone.

Digital Imaging January 8, 2016

This Startup Could Completely Change Smartphone Cameras

A startup called InVisage is set to show off its first release, which will be quantum dot camera technology. This technology could completely revolutionize how smartphone cameras are made, making them smaller and better.

Gadgets November 10, 2015

Drone Giant DJI Purchases Stake In Swedish Camera Company Hasselblad

Under the new partnership, DJI will continue to operate in China, while Hasselblad will continue to work in Sweden.

November 6, 2015

Insects Inspire Lenses That Can See Almost Twice As Much As The Human Eye

The new microlenses will be used as surgical tools and in security cameras, but could be adapted for many applications.

November 6, 2015

Sony To Offer 4K Video Capabilities In More Of Its Cameras

Sony is looking to bring 4K video-shooting capabilities to its entire range of cameras, and has introduced two point-and-shoot models with 4K video offerings.

Gadgets June 11, 2015

Best Rugged Cameras For Your Next Adventure: GoPro Hero4, Nikon 1 AW1, Ricoh WG-4 GPS, And More

Heading out for that mountain climb or deep sea dive or parachute sail? There are many digital cameras to capture any and all types of action.

Gadgets March 1, 2015

From Camera to Android Smartphone: Kodak Has Come a Long Way

The Bullitt Group seeks to build on Kodak's imaging legacy, releasing a series of Android devices that bear the camera company's brand. While the second smartphone will be 4G enabled, the first handset may not be.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech January 1, 2015

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