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Restoring Forests Worldwide Could Capture Two Thirds Of Human-Made Carbon Emissions, Fight Climate Crisis

About 0.9 billion hectares of land not being used by humans is suitable for reforestation. If we fill these places with newly planted trees, they could eventually capture two thirds of man-made carbon emissions.

Earth/Environment July 5, 2019

China Emitting Large Amounts Of Banned Greenhouse Gas: This Is How CFC Destroys The Ozone Layer

An international study points to several Chinese factories as primary sources of CFCs. The banned chemical compound is known to accelerate the destruction of the ozone layer in the Earth's atmosphere.

Earth/Environment May 25, 2019

Alpine Tundras Emit More CO2 Than They Absorb

The thawing permafrost in Colorado’s alpine tundras may not bode well in the fight against climate change. A new study revealed it is emitting more carbon than it collects each year.

Earth/Environment March 26, 2019

World’s Oceans To Reach Acid Levels Highest In 14 Million Years

Researchers found that if carbon emissions continued at the rate they are going, the world’s oceans will reach peak acid levels in 14 million years. It poses a severe threat to coral reefs, shellfish, and other marine life.

Earth/Environment July 24, 2018

California On The Brink Of War Against EPA’s Nationwide Emission Rules

EPA challenged California to adhere to its new emission rules and discard its 10-year stricter implementation on greenhouse gases. EPA chief Scott Pruitt said the government wants to make cars and fuel more affordable to the public.

Public Health April 3, 2018

Climate Change: Carbon Emissions From Soil May Intensify Global Warming

Warmer soils release more carbon that can contribute to increase in temperatures. Scientists said that the addition of soil carbon into the atmosphere may accelerate the global warming process.

Earth/Environment October 8, 2017

Feeding Your Pet Dog And Cat Has Hidden Environmental Costs

Our dogs and cats' consumption of meat evidently related to a whole lot of carbon emissions released into the atmosphere. Adjustments in the way we feed our pets could lessen their environmental footprint.

Earth/Environment August 6, 2017

Climate Change Study Dampens Hope That Carbon Emissions Will Not Drive Global Temperature To Dangerous Level

Global warming at its current level is already blamed for the spread of diseases, war, and ecological changes. A new climate change study suggests that global temperature may even increase by up to 6 degrees, far more than previously estimated.

Earth/Environment July 6, 2017

Deadly Heat Could Be Norm By 2100: How Societies Adapt To Killer Temperatures

Dangerous heat waves could affect up to three-fourths of the world's population in the future. Heat-related deaths and illness could also become common. How can societies adapt to potentially deadly temperatures?

Earth/Environment June 21, 2017

Scientists Find A Way To Trigger Artificial Photosynthesis: Can It Solve Global Warming?

Scientists discovered an economically viable way to initiate a process similar to photosynthesis. The artificial photosynthesis process could potentially lead to greenhouse gases being reduced and help counter global warming.

Earth/Environment April 27, 2017

Even If Paris Climate Goals Are Met, More Frequent, Intense Heat Waves Will Hit World Cities: Study

Researchers have warned that large cities could face deadly heat waves even if global warming is halted at levels agreed in the Paris climate agreement.. What should be done beyond cutting carbon emissions?

Earth/Environment March 29, 2017

Earth Hour 2017: What To Expect And How To Get Involved

Earth Hour 2017 is the annual campaign's 11th edition and will be held on March 25 at 8:30 p.m. local time. Here is the lineup of events as well as criticism to the yearly campaign to curb climate change.

Earth/Environment March 22, 2017

Atmospheric CO2 Hits Record Levels While UK Emissions Drop: Carbon Tax Lesson 101

Atmospheric carbon dioxide hits an all-time high while the United Kingdom is experiencing its record low of their CO2 emission. The drop, according to a think tank, is attributed mainly to the carbon tax which the government is vigorously implementing.

Earth/Environment March 15, 2017

Natural Changes In Environment To Blame For 40 Percent Of Arctic Sea Ice Loss

The melting of the arctic sea ice can be largely blamed on man-made activities such as emission of Earth-warming greenhouse gases. A new study, however, revealed that natural causes remain a significant factor to this phenomenon.

Earth/Environment March 13, 2017

25 Million UK Homes Should Be Insulated By 2050 To Reduce Carbon Emissions

One home every minute must be insulated in the United Kingdom to decrease the country's carbon emissions, a new report suggests. However, experts say achieving this standard by 2050 might prove difficult.

Earth/Environment February 28, 2017

Alps Ski Season Shortening, To Lose 70 Percent Snow Cover

The Alps in Switzerland may lose 70 percent of the historic snow cover by the end of the century. Based on a new study that analyzed the impact of global warming on the mountain, the fallout will shorten the ski season.

Earth/Environment February 19, 2017

Airlines Slowly Turning To Renewable Energy To Reduce Carbon Emissions In 20 Years

The air transport sector is transitioning toward biofuels to reduce carbon emissions and fight climate change. To decide on the calibrated transition, the international Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) convened an experts' conference in Montreal.

Energy February 14, 2017

Forests ‘Held Their Breath’ During Global Warming Pause

A new study has found that forests around the world, widely deemed the lungs of the planet, 'held their breath' during the most recent episode of a so-called climate change hiatus. These ecosystems were shown to have been a strong carbon sink from 1998 to 2012.

Earth/Environment January 25, 2017

Good News For Earth? New Study Reveals Flat Carbon Emission Levels In 3 Years

There may be good news for our planet: a new study revealed that global carbon emission levels have flattened in the last three years. Scientists say the slowdown in emissions is attributed to China’s decreased coal consumption.

Earth/Environment November 14, 2016

Removing Carbon Dioxide In The Air Necessary To Resolve Climate Change, Says Study

A new study suggests that, in our fight against climate change, simply reducing the levels of pollution will not produce significant results. We will have to start extracting the carbon dioxide from the air in order to counter climate change.

Earth/Environment October 7, 2016

US Might Not Reach Its 2025 Carbon Emission Goals

The United States may potentially fall short of the goals it set under the Paris climate accord unless something is done, a new report suggested. Researchers say further action must be done to achieve the 2025 goal.

Energy September 27, 2016

China's Legislature Ratifies Paris Climate Change Accord Ahead Of G-20 Meeting

China has formally ratified the international climate change agreement that was adopted at the Paris summit in December. The announcement comes a day before the start of the G-20 meeting in Hangzhou city on Sunday, Sept. 4.

Earth/Environment September 3, 2016

A City Made Of Bone May Be The Future: Here's What Scientists Proposed

Cities today are built from concrete and steel, but a new research suggests that artificial bone and eggshells may soon replace these conventional materials. Doing so would support a growing population and save the environment.

Material Science June 30, 2016

UK Set To Adopt Plan For Carbon Emissions Reduction This Week

Britain is poised to adopt a proposal this week on how it can cut down fossil fuel-related pollution by 2030. This would allow the country to reduce its carbon emissions by 57 percent below levels set in 1990.

Earth/Environment June 28, 2016

First In 4 Million Years: CO2 Rates In Antarctica Hit 400 PPM

On May 23, the planet reached a new climate change milestone. For the first time in 4 million years, Earth's carbon dioxide concentrations at the South Pole hit 400 parts per million.

Earth/Environment June 17, 2016

Iceland Power Plant Turns Carbon Dioxide Into Solid Rock

Tons of carbon dioxide produced by Iceland's Hellisheidi power plant was converted into solid rock, no longer posing an environmental threat. How does the method work?

Earth/Environment June 10, 2016

Spikes In Alaska Wildfires Worsen Global Warming

Climate experts warn that wildfires in Alaska are no longer a by-product of climate change. These fires have now become significant contributors to the continued prevalence of global warming.

Earth/Environment June 6, 2016

China Capital Beijing To Implement World's Strictest Vehicle Emission Standards By 2017

Beijing will roll out the world's strictest vehicle emission standards by next year to help solve the worsening air pollution crisis. The goal is to reduce hydrocarbon emissions by 5 percent.

Earth/Environment May 26, 2016

Global Temperatures Will Rise 10C If All Fossil Fuels On Earth Are Burned

If all known fossil fuel reserves are used up, average global temperatures will rise by at least 10 degrees Celsius, a new study revealed. Unfortunately, if the trend goes unchanged, regions of the Earth will become a wasteland.

Earth/Environment May 24, 2016

New 'Coalition For Urban Transitions' To Support Sustainable Cities

The new Coalition For Urban Transitions is an initiative formed by individuals and groups all over the world. The initiative aims to support sustainable urban growth.

Earth/Environment May 6, 2016

Rising Carbon Dioxide Level Greens Planet Earth

Is CO2 fertilization or rising carbon levels in the air greatly contributing to Earth greening? Climate skeptics could use these new findings as an argument, but authors are quick to warn of the diminishing effect of this phenomenon.

Earth/Environment April 26, 2016

Solar Energy Becomes Mainstream As Capacity Grows 10-Fold Within Seven Years

The solar energy industry is one of the fast growing industries across the world. Experts expect that solar energy will become mainstream as the capacity grows 10-fold in the next seven years.

Energy April 24, 2016

World Bank Cautions Against Lull After Earth Day Momentum

Before countries officially sign the Paris climate deal on Earth Day, the World Bank cautions countries against losing momentum in their commitment to reduce total carbon emissions by 2020.

Earth/Environment April 16, 2016

Earth Soils May Curb Global Warming By Locking Greenhouse Gases

Scientists said earth soils have the ability to lock greenhouse gases, thus curbing global warming. Despite this, experts said political, cultural and social understanding must come first for the world to realize the wonder of earth soils.

Earth/Environment April 10, 2016

China's Carbon Emissions May Have Already Peaked: How This Could Impact Global Efforts To Curb Climate Change

China's carbon emissions might have reached its peak and have started to drop, enabling it to reach its 2030 target reduction over a decade in advance. What does this mean to the worldwide efforts in battling climate change?

Earth/Environment April 5, 2016

Carbon Emission Rate On Earth Unprecedented Since Dinosaur Extinction

Scientists today use one specific climate event that occurred millions of years ago as an analog for carbon emission rate. Now, a new study revealed that the current carbon emission rate on our planet has become so unprecedented that it has turned into a "no-analog" state.

Earth/Environment March 22, 2016

Climate Change Could Cause Half A Million Deaths In 2050: What Regions, Countries Are Most Vulnerable?

A new study conducted by the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom has found that as many as 529,000 people around the world could die by 2050 as a result of low food availability brought on by climate change. It is the first research to discuss the far-reaching consequences of climate change on global food production.

Earth/Environment March 5, 2016

Clean Energy May Help Save Billions In Health Costs

If the United States will cut its current level of carbon emissions, it could save hundreds of thousands of lives and billions of health costs. The benefits could outweigh implementation cost of clean energy.

Earth/Environment February 25, 2016

Reducing US Carbon Emissions May Prevent 295,000 Deaths By 2030

If the United States could cut back its carbon emissions, it could save nearly 300,000 lives by 2030. Air pollution has been linked to increased number of premature deaths.

Earth/Environment February 23, 2016

Canadians Split Over Role Of Humans On Climate Change

The Earth is getting warmer and warmer by the minute. Most Canadians are aware of the issues of climate change, but they still have nuanced opinions, a new study revealed.

Earth/Environment February 23, 2016

Aviation Industry Approves Standard To Limit Aircraft Carbon Emissions

The aviation industry agreed to set standards to limit carbon emissions. The standards will be adopted by companies for new aircraft designs by year 2020.

Earth/Environment February 11, 2016

Effects Of Man-Made Climate Change Will Be Felt For 10,000 Years: Study

At current carbon emission rates, the Earth will suffer irreparable damage for tens of thousands of years, a new study warned. The authors urged policy makers to consider the longer-term effects of global warming.

Earth/Environment February 9, 2016

Fighting Climate Change Is Not As Simple As Planting Trees: Some Trees Worsen Global Warming

Simply planting trees may not be completely effective in mitigating climate change issues we face today. Researchers found that some trees actually worsen the consequences of global warming.

Earth/Environment February 6, 2016

Newly Grown Rain Forests Absorb More Carbon From Atmosphere

Researchers found that newly grown rain forests can absorb more carbon than the old ones. Findings support that deforestation can aid in the fight against climate change.

Earth/Environment February 5, 2016

FCA Announces New Euro 6 Settings For Cleaner Diesel Engines And Improved Emission Performance

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles lately made a point about corporate honesty and going green. The company wants to make sure that its diesel engines are as clean as possible, and plans some voluntary changes for better emission performance.

FUTURE TECH February 3, 2016

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