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The Seashank Redemption - Inky The Octopus Makes Cephalopod Jailbreak

Inky the octopus burst out of his enclosure and traveled down a pipe to rejoin the wild. How did the jailbreaking cephalopod pull off his escape?

Animals April 13, 2016

Massive Live Giant Squid Filmed By Russian Fishermen

Russian fishermen were able to capture a video of a giant squid. The cephalopod was attempting to snatch the sailors' catch.

Earth/Environment July 24, 2015

New Zealand Local Stumbles Upon 7.5-Meter Monster Squid On The Beach

A giant squid was washed up on a beach on South Island, New Zealand. Samples of the squid have been sent for further research about its age and cause of death.

Earth/Environment May 15, 2015

Say Cheese! Cheeky Octopus Grabs GoPro Camera, Snaps Photos Of Researcher

Ben Savard placed his GoPro camera into an octopus tank but a brilliant cephalopod grabbed the camera and took photos of the film maker instead.

March 6, 2015

Caught On Camera: Seal And Giant Pacific Octopus Fight To Death - The Winner Is...[Video]

An amateur photographer was able to capture images of a harbor seal and a giant Pacific Octopus fighting. One of the animals eventually gave up after a 10-minute struggle.

Animals February 16, 2015

Meet Octopus Stinkhorn. Nope, Not a Real Octopus but an Exotic Red Fungus

It looks like an octopus with red tentacles but the octopus stinkhorn is actually a fungus. It is also edible despite the fact that it smells like rotting flesh.

Animals December 30, 2014

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