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California Couple Arrested After Keeping Three Kids In A Plywood Box 'Home' For Years, With No Running Water Or Electricity

A couple from Joshua Tree, California, kept their kids in a makeshift plywood shelter for roughly four years, with no electricity, running water, or sanitation. Authorities arrested the parents for willful cruelty to a child.

Life & Style March 3, 2018

Mom Arrested After Subjecting Her Son To 13 Major Surgeries And 323 Hospital Visits: Munchausen By Proxy?

34-year-old Texas mother was arrested for injury to a child, after putting her son through 323 hospital visits and 13 major surgeries, all unnecessary. She is believed to suffer from Munchausen by Proxy.

Medicine December 15, 2017

YouTube Is Fighting Its Extremist, Child Exploitation Problem With Over 10,000 Content Police Officers

YouTube plans to increase its content moderator workforce to over 10,000 next year as a way to combat extremist, child exploitation, and other inappropriate and offensive content on the site. It also plans to reevaluate its approach to advertising.

Internet December 5, 2017

Grandma Charged After Baby Overdoses On Methadone

A grandmother in Maryland has been charged with child abuse and other raps when her 1-year-old grandson was rushed to the hospital for signs of poisoning. The incident was deemed a case of methadone overdose.

Medicine February 13, 2017

More Than 1,000 Women Across UK Subjected To Barbaric Ritual Of Breast Ironing

Although an African practice, breast ironing is becoming more prevalent in the UK. Not only are the police unaware, but the act itself is not deemed a criminal offense.

Society April 11, 2016

Infants Under Age One At Risk Of Physical Abuse

Infants were found to have more risk of severe physical abuse compared to children in other age groups. In a new study, researchers discovered that abuse among children below age one is so high such that they are three times more at risk of dying than other children.

Life November 27, 2015

Arizona Parents Face Child Abuse Charges As Daughter Testifies To Being Monitored On Cam And Beaten For Reading Incorrectly

The youngest among the three siblings who were allegedly locked up by their parents in Arizona said their stepfather once beat her because of not reading the dictionary correctly. The girl was 12 years old when she and her sister escaped from their home.

Society November 21, 2015

Military Deployment Linked To Increased Risk Of Child Abuse And Neglect

A new study explores the prevalence of abuse and neglect in military families. They found that toddlers of soldiers deployed once were at heightened risk of maltreatment.

Society November 17, 2015

Google, Facebook And Twitter Team Up To Eradicate Child Abuse Images From The Internet

Internet companies join a child-welfare organization in preventing images of child abuse abuse from circulating on the internet, boosting support for the cause by limiting access online.

Internet August 11, 2015

More Than One-Third Of US Kids And Teens Suffer Physical Abuse, Shocking Study Reveals

Assaults on children, usually at the hands of siblings or peers, are called a 'peril of childhood.' Children are the most-victimized group in the U.S., researchers say.

Society June 29, 2015

Virginia Mom Leaves Kids Inside Hot Car To Attend Hearing For Leaving Kids In Hot Car

Local authorities in Virginia have filed charges against a 25-year-old mother after she had allegedly left her two children unattended in a hot car to face a complaint at a county courthouse for the same crime.

Society June 12, 2015

Facebook Apologizes For 'Baby Yoga' Video But Hopes to Raise Awareness of Child Abuse

Facebook has changed its tone on 'Yoga Baby.' The video showing a baby being slung around and dipped into water depicts abuse, but it needs to be shown in order to raise awareness, according to Facebook.

Society June 8, 2015

Facebook Changes Stance On 'Baby Yoga' Video Following Criticism From All Directions

Facebook has changed its stance in keeping the viral video of ‘Baby Yoga’ after several online users expressed their criticism. Facebook has been coordinating with the authorities regarding the incident.

Society June 7, 2015

Police Nab Washington State Mother for Slitting Throat of Her Own Three Kids

Three young children have undergone surgery for severe neck wounds believed to have been inflicted upon them by their mother.

Society January 26, 2015

Wicked Mother: Illinois Woman Tries to Kill Own Children with Drug-laced Apple Juice

Krystle El Khatib is charged with attempted murder. The 29-year-old mother who suffers from depression allegedly gave her children apple juice laced with her anti-anxiety medication.

Internet Culture January 16, 2015

NCAA reduces Penn State sanctions from Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal

The NCAA has reduced penalties levied against Penn State from the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal. Questions about the truth remain unanswered, but the football team will be able to resume a sense of normalcy.

Movies/TV Shows September 9, 2014

Hacked photos to child abuse lawsuit: McKayla Maroney under 18 when nude photos were taken

Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney is suing several porn sites for reposting her nude images. Maroney claims that the hacked photos were taken when she was under 18.

Internet September 5, 2014

Microsoft followed Google by tipping off police about child porn user on OneDrive

Another child porn culprit is now in prison after being caught by Microsoft with child abuse related images on his OneDrive account. The software giant used a technology called PhotoDNA to help with the find.

Internet August 9, 2014

Google email tip-off draws privacy concerns

Google's scan of Gmail is applauded for netting a child predator. While the company says its parameters for searching out illegal content won't expand, privacy advocates express doubt.

Internet August 5, 2014

12 percent of kids in U.S. are victims of maltreatment, abuse

The prevalence of child abuse and maltreatment in the U.S. appears to be underestimated. Study reveals more than 12 percent of children in the U.S. experience neglect, abuse and maltreatment before they reach 18 years old.

Society June 3, 2014

32 percent of adult Canadians report experience of physical, sexual abuse during childhood: Study

Latest study published Tuesday in The Canadian Medical Association Journal revealed that one in three Canadians actually experienced child abuse during their upbringing, an experience that may, on a graver note, even affect their mental health.

Life April 24, 2014

Children biggest victims of rich-poor divide

A new study has shown that the impact of poverty is strongest in localities where there is a large gap between the rich and the poor.

Society February 13, 2014

Is Xbox safe for families? Inspired by porn on Xbox 360, 13-year old boy rapes 8-year old sister

A shocking news from Blackburn, England, reveals the dark underbelly of the Xbox and possibly other gaming consoles in the hands of unsupervised children.

Video Games February 6, 2014

Google, Microsoft vow to crack down on child abuse images

Google and Microsoft have agreed to eradicate online child abuse images in days to come.

Internet November 21, 2013

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