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Old 386 Case Gets Modern Internals For Gaming, Including An Arduino-Powered Front LED

One user restored and rebuilt his old 386 CPU with new hardware. This includes an Arduino-powered LED display, an SSD, and more.

Computers February 13, 2018

Will Quantum Dot Solids Become The New Silicon Wafer?

Quantum dot solids hold the potential to become the next great development in the manufacture and design of semiconductors. Now, a research team at Cornell University believe they have overcome a major technological hurdle in that quest.

February 26, 2016

Scottish Computer Expert Builds Liquid Cooled PC Using 'Irn-Bru Soda' As Coolant

John Lawson built a computer system that uses Irn-Bru's glass bottle as a centerpiece. It took over a year for the computer expert to build the machine he called 'Aye Mac.'

September 10, 2015

DNA Could Be Used Like Diodes And Transistors In Electronics

Scientists have figured out a way to turn DNA into a molecular switch. This ability may one day make it possible to use DNA in electronic circuits.

August 19, 2015

This Powerful, Modular Computer System Is Made Entirely Out of Legos

A computer made entirely out of Legos has been built by Michael Schropp, one that is even smaller than the Lego computer that Schropp built in the past. The Micro Lego Computer is also modular, allowing users to easily add components.

Computers July 27, 2015

New Stanford Computer Manipulates Water Droplets: How It Works (Video)

Stanford University researchers have developed a computer that utilizes water droplets. It is being considered for use in controlling and manipulating physical matter.

June 11, 2015

7 Most Famous Theories On How The World Will End

How life on our planet is going to end is uncertain, but theories abound as to how this will likely happen. Here are some that could possibly end life on Earth as we know it.

May 28, 2015

Neuroscientist Suggests Possibility Of Humans Living Forever: Here's The If And How

A renowned scientist said that it is possible for humans to live inside a machine, which will allow them to virtually live forever. A very powerful computer is needed for this to become possible.

May 27, 2015

Biggest Biological Evolution: Experts Predict Humans Will Be Like Cyborgs In 200 Years

A professor from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem said that the wealthiest members of society could become cyborgs in the future as computer technology and humans merge. He said that this would give the rich the chance to live forever.

May 27, 2015

Humans Beat Computer In 'Brains vs. Artificial Intelligence' Poker Tournament

Humans win $732,713 in a two-week long poker game against a computer. Scientists hope to develop artificial intelligence (AI) that can outsmart humans in the game of poker soon.

May 11, 2015

Health Advice: Don't Forget To Clean Your Tech Devices To Avoid Harmful Bacteria

Spring cleaning is not just for your home. Here's how to clean your iPad, phone and computer.

Internet Culture May 8, 2015

Shoot To Kill ... A Computer? Here's What A Frustrated Computer User Did In Colorado

Sometimes a PC can just push someone over the edge and often the outcome is a hard slap to the side of a monitor or even a kick to the tower. One computer user, however, clearly believed his PC needed a tougher lesson.

Internet Culture April 22, 2015

Want to Work in Java? Expert Offers Tips for Newbie Java Enthusiasts

The demand for Java-certified individuals is high in the IT enterprise, making it an optimal time for prospective programmers to learn the language. Tech Times taps an expert to provide tips for those interested in moving into the hot tech career segment.

Apps/Software January 22, 2015

Troubleshooting PC Problems: Fix Those Nagging Issues

It's time to resolve to solve those nagging PC problems. A little bit of time and attention can make your relationship with your computer a lot more enjoyable.

Computers December 28, 2014

Glass might be the key to super-fast computers of the future. Here's why

Scientists have discovered a way to transmit and process computer data at lightning speed using material made from manipulated glass. It should take about 10 years before the technology is deployed to computers.

Computers November 11, 2014

Email scammers tap Ebola crisis for malicious intentions

Email scammers have begun using the Ebola crisis to tempt PC users into downloading malicious software that can track users' keystrokes and steal passwords and other information. The email features a Trojan aimed at grabbing passwords and files.

Computers October 24, 2014

FTC shutters NY computer tech support scam operation

The FTC has issued a preliminary injunction against a company called Pairsys, which allegedly has been contacting computer users and offering bogus tech support while charging hundreds of dollars. Pairsys also allegedly charged consumers for software that is available for free.

Computers October 24, 2014

Yellowstone supervolcano eruption will be nightmarish but not catastrophic: Study

A Yellowstone eruption could blanket the whole of North America with ash and cause a winter during the summer months. It's unlikely to happen anytime soon, but a new computer model shows just how wide an area the eruption would impact.

Animals August 31, 2014

IBM’s computer may help cure cancer

IBM developed a new system for its Watson supercomputer that is helping researchers target proteins that cause cancer. The computer found six new proteins in only a month to help fight cancer.

Internet Culture August 28, 2014

HP yanks 6 million laptop power cords, citing potential fire hazard

Hewlett-Packard has announced a recall of a line of power cords after reports of problems arose. The company is to replace all cords sold during a two-year time frame after minor burns and charring were reported.

Computers August 27, 2014

Cray lands $174 million deal to build supercomputer to manage U.S. nuclear arsenal

Cray, a supercomputer company, has landed a $174 million deal to build a supercomputer that will manage and secure the U.S. nuclear arsenal.

FUTURE TECH July 14, 2014

New MacBook Air gets cheaper and faster: Buh-bye laptops?

Apple launches new MacBook Air. But most analysts see little more than speed upgrades in the new models.

Computers April 30, 2014

Queensland Government inks $26.5 mn deal with Microsoft for Office 365

Microsoft and Queensland agreed to bring cloud technology in the local state, said to save millions for local government and its constituents and make Queensland a leader in digital innovation.

Apps/Software April 11, 2014

Teenage boys at risk of osteoporosis due to long hours in front of computer: Study

A study in Norway shows boys with higher screen time more at risk of fractures and osteoporosis than girls due to lower bone density. Will physical activity decrease the risks?

Life April 6, 2014

Box unleashes new developer tools, pricing, and Box View: Cloud storage war is on

Box has rolled out new products, pricing and other developments for its users. Discover what's the latest in cloud technology.

Business March 27, 2014

Computers spot faked pains better than humans: Study

Faking a headache? A computer system can spot if you're faking it or not.

Life March 24, 2014

Porn watching executives linked to office malware

Executives who watch pornographic content on their office computers risk infecting office computer systems with malware.

Society November 16, 2013

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