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Universe Lost Up To 5 Percent Of Dark Matter Since Big Bang

The universe has lost between 2 and 5 percent of its dark matter since the Big Bang. The reduction is due to dark matter particles that decay over time.

Space December 31, 2016

Physicists Map Out Oldest Light In The Universe In 3D

A 3D representation of the oldest light in the universe, Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB), by the researchers at Imperial College, London has been praised for its innovation. It has addressed the limitations of two-dimensional maps of Planck Satellite.

Space October 31, 2016

Scientist May Have Found Proof Of Alternate, Parallel Universe

Ranga-Ram Chary, a cosmologist from Caltech, has discovered scientific evidence that could prove the existence of multiple and parallel universes. He found an anomaly in the cosmic microwave background that points to the possibility of pocket universes having been created with the expansion of the main universe itself.

Space November 5, 2015

Mysterious 'Cold Spot' In The Universe - And What's Not There - Puzzles Scientists

A cold spot in the cosmic background radiation of the universe has a giant void at its center, astronomers find. The finding is at odds with current models of the evolution of the universe, they say, presenting an as-yet unsolved mystery.

Space April 20, 2015

Planck Space Telescope Discovers Very First Stars In The Universe Are Actually Younger Than Previously Thought

Cosmic microwave background data gathered by ESA's Planck space telescope between 2009 and 2012 suggests that the first stars in the universe were not as old as they were previously believed.

Space February 6, 2015

Physicists Suggest Dust Marred Big Bang Signal

A discovery announced in 2014 regarding inflation in the early Universe may have been in error, new analysis reveals.

Space January 30, 2015

Uber Promises Better Passenger Security After India Rape Case

Uber vows to take new steps to keep passengers and drivers more secure. So what does it plan to do? Uber doesn’t exactly say.

Society December 19, 2014

POLARBEAR discovery of B-modes in the patterns of cosmic microwave background hailed as 'important milestone'

A collaboration of over 70 scientists known as the POLARBEAR project attains an early success with the discovery of B-modes in the cosmic microwave background patterns.

Energy October 23, 2014

Bicep team Big Bang signal may just be dust, Planck suggests

A finding of gravitational waves from the early universe reported in March 2014 may have been wrong, according to new information from the Planck observatory.

Space September 24, 2014

Big Bang evidence now being doubted by scientists

Harvard astrophysicists announced evidence for the big bang and cosmic inflation in March. Now, analysis of data from the BICEP2 telescope is casting doubts on their findings.

Space June 22, 2014

Researchers claiming evidence of Big Bang foiled by dust problem

Scientists from the BICEP2 collaboration stated in March that they found strong evidence of the Big Bang and cosmic inflation, but images from Planck satellite show excess cosmic dust clouding the data, leading to high uncertainty in the team's findings.

Space June 20, 2014

Big Bang theorist Andrei Linde super happy his life work on cosmic inflation is true (Video)

Cosmic inflation has been measured for the first time. Watch the reaction of one of the men who first developed the theory 30 years ago, as he learns the news.

Space March 19, 2014

Big Bang expansion echoes discovered: Key evidence found?

Gravity waves have been part of theoretical physics for decades. Now, the first physical evidence for their existence may have been found.

Space March 18, 2014

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