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Australia Misspells ‘Responsibility’ On New $50 Bill

People in Australia have noticed a misprint in the newly released $50 bills. The banknotes misspelled the word "responsibility" in the micro-text for Edith Cowan's historic speech as the first female member of the country's Parliament.

Life & Style May 10, 2019

Apple Spiking App Store Prices In UK: 25 Percent Hike Due To Brexit Currency Swings

In the Brexit aftermath, Apple has implemented a 25 percent price hike across its UK App Store. The new prices should go into effect within the next seven days.

Apple January 17, 2017

'Simpsons' Fan Petitions To Make 'Dollarydoo' Official Australian Currency

The 'dollarydoo' started as a gag on 'The Simpsons,' but one fan wants to make it reality. That's why he's started a petition to have the Australian dollar renamed the 'dollarydoo.'

Movies/TV Shows October 17, 2015

'The Women On $20s' Organization Pushes To Replace Image On $20 Bill With Rosa Parks And Harriet Tubman

A man has dominated the face of the U.S. dollar ever since its inception. Now, an organization aims to place an image of Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman, or Eleanor Roosevelt on the $20 bill to replace President Andrew Jackson's portrait.

Society March 4, 2015

Canadians Are 'Spocking' Their Money To Pay Tribute To Leonard Nimoy

Since Leonard Nimoy's death was announced last Friday, there has been an outpour of touching tributes to the late 'Star Trek' actor. What has become known as 'Spocking' might be the coolest one yet.

Internet Culture March 2, 2015

Google gets a bitcoin calculator, but who needs one?

Google has followed Bing and Yahoo in adding bitcoin to its currency conversion calculator. But with the other two companies already having the service, the question is whether Google needed to roll it out.

Money July 17, 2014

New meaning to 'Filthy Rich' as scientists find surprising number of microbes living on cash

Currency is a medium of exchange for hundreds of different kinds of bacteria as bank notes pass from hand to hand.

Life April 22, 2014

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