South Korean Toilet Pays Users Digital Currency for 'Taking Care of Their Business'
(Photo : Screenshot From Pxhere Official Website) South Korean Toilet Pays Users Digital Currency for 'Taking Care of Their Business'

An eco-friendly South Korean toilet now pays individuals digital currency for using the toilet for their "business" that was installed at a South Korean university. The toilet is directly connected to a laboratory that makes use of an individual's excrement to produce biogas. This is then used as a source of energy at the South Korean university.

South Korean Toilet Pays Users Digital Currency

There is a new toilet that pays users digital currency to handle their "business" in it. It was reportedly designed by a South Korean professor of environmental engineering at the Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology or UNIST and is currently in use, according to Reuters.

The institute is reportedly one out of four public universities in South Korea that is well dedicated to research in the field of science and technology. The toilet is currently called Beevi, a portmanteau of the words bee as well as vision. It is also well connected to a laboratory that makes use of excrement in order to make biogas and manure. In other news, Bitcoin has just improved over the last few days with $HEX leading over the last 30 days.

Toilet Converts Feces Into Energy

When the toilet is in use, a vacuum pump will then send feces into an underground tank. This will also reduce water waste and the excrement is then broken down to methane through the use of microorganisms. This would then turn into a new source of energy which is already being used in a building at the university to power different things like a gas stove, hot-water boiler and even a solid oxide fuel cell.

According to, professor Cho Jae-weon, who reportedly designed the toilet, noted that if one thinks outside the box, feces actually has "precious value" that can be used to make energy. The professor noted that he has also put this value directly into ecological circulation.

Poop can Power a Car

He then explained that an average person actually defecates about 500 grams in a single day! This can actually be converted into about 50 liters of methane gas. He then noted that this gas is capable of generating about 0.5kWh of electricity or can basically help drive a car about 0.75 miles.

Individuals that use the Beevi toilted will then be paid in a type of digital currency known as Ggool. This means honey in Korea. Every person that uses the toilet will be able to earn 10 Ggool per day. The digital coins will be a way for these individuals to purchase different things at shops on the campus.

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Digital Currency Used to Buy Things on Campus

Owners of these coins will be able to purchase things like fruits, brewed coffee, books, instant cup noodles, and maybe other things. All students have to do is to scan the QR code in order to pay with the use of the digital currency. 

The news has gained mainstream success and has been called a "genius creation on social media. There were people, however, in the crypto community, that actually made fun of the concept even calling the digital currency a literal "king of s******s." As of the moment, the top 10 cryptocurrencies have slowly been improving over the last few days.

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