Tag: Cyber Threat

Twitter Will Lock Trolls Out Of Accounts In New Threats To Prevent Abuse

Twitter announced updates to its abusive behavior policy that now will block trolls from accessing their accounts.

Internet Culture April 22, 2015

United Airlines Stops Computer Security Expert From Boarding Plane Following Hacking Tweet

A statement regarding cyber insecurity of airlines to a broadcast network, and a shorter one on a networking site, is grounding a security player's CEO from any future United Airlines flights.

Internet Culture April 20, 2015

State Department Email System Goes Dark But Don't Panic: Here's Why

The U.S. State Department takes down its unclassified email servers again. This time, however, there doesn't appear to be a threat. The department is being proactive, it claims in a press release.

Internet March 15, 2015

FBI Warns of Malware Threat Following Sony Pictures Hack

The FBI has issued a warning to U.S. businesses they could be targets for malware. The news follows a hack of Sony Pictures, with speculation suggesting the North Korean government is behind the attacks.

Business Tech December 2, 2014

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