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Microsoft Chief Now Wants Digital Geneva Convention To Set Rules For Cyberwar

Microsoft's president said that civilians and private companies deserve to be protected amid the escalation of cyberwar. He explained that attacks are no longer perpetrated for financial gain but also with intent to cripple enemy states.

Security February 15, 2017

Twitter Trying To Keep ISIS Accounts Offline, But It's No Easy Task

Twitter deleted more than 125,000 ISIS-related accounts last year and its crackdown against similar terrorist organization continues. ISIS supporters, however, belittled Twitter’s attempt to shut them down and kept opening more accounts.

Internet April 15, 2016

China Arrested Hackers On US Request: Cyberespionage Tension Defused?

China responded to U.S.’ request for assistance on cracking down hacking attacks by arresting individuals being suspected of engagement in the activity. The arrests came shortly before the state visit of Chinese President Xi JinPing to Washington.

Society October 13, 2015

Forget Nukes: Cyberwar Has Launched A New Arms Race

The new arms race is centered on cyberweapons, which are much cheaper to create compared to nuclear weapons. The current access to cyberweapons is more widespread compared to access to nuclear weapons during the height of the global nuclear arms race.

FUTURE TECH October 12, 2015

China Develops 'Great Cannon' Censorship Tool - Is It Gearing Up For A Cyber War?

China recently launched an attack on multiple U.S. websites using its Great Firewall to repurpose Internet traffic to flood these sites. Is the Chinese government preparing for an all-out cyberwar?

Internet Culture April 13, 2015

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