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Scientists Solved Bizarre Mystery Of 'The Galaxy Without Dark Matter'

The NGC1052-DF2 ultra-diffuse galaxy was first discovered and presented as the ‘galaxy without dark matter’. Astronomers from Spain found new evidence disputing the previous estimates of the galaxy’s mass and distance.

Space June 6, 2019

Dark Matter Detector Spots Interesting Neutrino Phenomenon But Still No Sign Of Dark Matter

For the first time ever, scientists observed the decay of xenon-124. They calculated that the half-life of the particle is 1.8 x 10 to the power 22 years or a trillion times longer than the age of the universe.

Space April 29, 2019

Astronomers Debunk Stephen Hawking's Theory That Dark Matter Is Made Up Of Primordial Black Holes

The brilliant Stephen Hawking theorized that dark matter may be made up of ultra-tiny black holes created soon after the Big Bang. New research gives this theory a huge blow.

Space April 26, 2019

ABRACADABRA Experiment Uses Donut-shaped Magnet To Find Dark Matter Particles

Dark matter makes up 85 percent of the universe, but physicists are still hunting it down. In the ABRACADABRA experiment, scientists from MIT attempt to catch dark matter candidate axions in action.

Space April 2, 2019

Second Galaxy Without Any Dark Matter Found By Astronomers

Yale astronomers discovered a second ultra-diffuse galaxy that is almost devoid of dark matter. The existence of DF2 and DF4 back the dark matter theory, proving that the mysterious stuff can exist separately from regular matter.

Space April 1, 2019

CERN Develops New Instrument To Hunt For Dark Matter

CERN is building a highly-sensitive detector that will search for particulate matter in space related to dark matter. The experiment will run between 2021 and 2023.

Space March 6, 2019

Researchers Investigate Why Milky Way-Sized Galaxy Is Missing Neighbors

Scientists used a ground-based telescope to observe the M 94 galaxy about 16 million light-years away from the Milky Way. The study found M 94 only has two satellite galaxies which question the current model on the formation of galaxies.

Space January 10, 2019

Dark Matter Heats Up Then Moves Away During Star Formation In Dwarf Galaxies

A new study found that dark matter can heat up and then move away from the center of galaxies. This phenomenon called dark matter heating is typical of any star-forming galaxy.

Space January 7, 2019

Astronomers Can 'See' Invisible Dark Matter Through Faint Light In Galaxy Clusters

The intracluster light can help astronomers see the distribution of dark matter in a galaxy cluster. Here's how this faint light can illuminate the potential location of the mysterious substance.

Space December 22, 2018

Astronomers Find Ancient Galaxy Rich With Dark Matter

Astronomers proved that ancient galaxies have as much amount of dark matter as present-day galaxies. This refutes few recent studies suggesting that some galaxies have a little amount of dark matter during their birth.

Space December 13, 2018

New Scientific Model Describing 'Dark Fluid With Negative Mass' Could Make Up Most Of The Universe

A theory that could explain the continuous expansion of the universe has been published by an astrophysicist from Oxford University. Dr. Jamie Farnes believe that dark fluid of negative masses is the answer to some of astronomy's most enduring mysteries.

Space December 6, 2018

Solar System In The Path Of Fast Moving 'Dark Matter Hurricane'

A study revealed that Earth and the solar system is smack in the middle of a stellar stream, bringing a storm of dark matter. This, however, would not have any effect or be felt on Earth.

Space November 20, 2018

Gaia Satellite Finds Strange 'Ghost' Galaxy Right Outside Milky Way

Scientists discovered from Gaia's second data release a ghost dwarf hiding behind the far side of the disk of the Milky Way. In a new study, scientists discussed Antlia 2, a galaxy that escaped detection because of its low density.

Space November 14, 2018

Researchers Identity Areas Of The Universe Where Dark Matter Might Be Found

Researchers from Japan, Taiwan, and the United States created a cosmic map of dark matter using the Hyper Suprime-Cam. The map was inferred from the distortion of galaxies created by gravitational lensing.

Space October 4, 2018

Did Early Earth Collide With Dark Matter? 500 Million-Year-Old Minerals Could Hold Key To Ancient Encounter

Ancient minerals buried underground could bear scars of early collisions with dark matter. Minerals such as halite and zabuyelite could serve as natural dark matter detectors, scientists said.

Earth/Environment July 11, 2018

Proof That Dark Matter Exists Could Be Found In Milky Way’s Satellite Galaxies

Scientists devised a new way to test if dark matter exists. The answer, they believe, could be found in the movements of stars in dwarf galaxies orbiting the Milky Way.

Space June 27, 2018

Scientists Detect Possible Missing 'Piece' Of Universe Created By The Big Bang

Aside from dark matter and the dark energy that comprised the universe, there remained to be 5 percent of what was called the 'ordinary matter.' About two-thirds of this ordinary matter was left unaccounted for until now.

Space June 21, 2018

Neutron Star Experiment May Test Hypothetical Fifth Force Between Normal Matter And Dark Matter

A fifth force may pull or push standard matter away from dark matter. Astronomers from Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy said that binary pulsars provide a new way of testing this hypothetical force.

Space June 19, 2018

Fermilab's NOvA Experiment Shows Strong Evidence On How Neutrinos Behave

An experiment at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Fermilab has shown strong evidence of neutrino’s behavior. Neutrinos make up the basic components of the universe, but it cannot be detected by the naked eye.

Energy June 6, 2018

Existence Of Sterile Neutrinos May Still Not Exist, Ghost Particle May Be Background Events

A new study recently offered proof for the existence of a ghost particle called a sterile neutrino but its existence may have been exaggerated. The sterile neutrino may not even exist.

Space June 5, 2018

Scientists Detect Existence Of Ghost Particle That May Make Up Dark Matter

Scientists found new signs of the existence of a particle that’s not supposed to exist. Using the MiniBooNE particle detector, physicists detected sterile neutrinos, a possible candidate for dark matter.

Space June 4, 2018

Harvard Physicists Say Dark Matter May Have An Electric Charge

Drawing inspiration from previous research, Harvard scientists theorized that dark matter is electric. If true, dark matter would be able to interact with ordinary matter through an electromagnetic force.

Space June 4, 2018

World's Most Sensitive Detector Establishes Limit On Effective Size Of Dark Matter Particles

Dark matter is believed to be one of the most basic elements of the universe, but it remains a mystery. Scientists now believe that its particles are likely smaller than previously expected.

Space June 2, 2018

Rare Element Could Make Timekeeping So Precise We Could Detect Dark Matter

A neglected element at the bottom of the period table could be used to build clocks 100 times more precise than atomic clocks, possibly allowing scientists to detect dark matter.

May 25, 2018

World’s Most Sensitive Dark Matter Experiment Gets US Funding

The experiment aimed at solving the mystery surrounding dark matter received funding from the U.S. Department of Energy. The SuperCDMS project has been touted as the world’s most sensitive experiment in the search for the dark matter.

Space May 9, 2018

Dark Matter Could Be Primordial Black Holes That Were Formed Right After The Universe Was Born

Is dark matter composed of ancient black holes nearly as old as the universe? Researchers ran computer simulations in the hope of finding evidence of primordial black holes in dwarf galaxies halos, where much of dark matter is located

Space April 21, 2018

Dark Matter Could Be A Sign Of Intelligent Alien Civilization

The cosmic gorilla effect study implied that a structured mind is hardwired to ignore what it is actually looking for. Could it be that the unexplained dark matter in the Universe is actually a cosmic signal of a more advanced alien civilization?

Space April 12, 2018

Cosmic Gorilla Effect Could Make Humans Blind To Aliens In Unknown Dark Matter

Something similar to the invisible gorilla effect may happen when humans search for alien life. Researchers said that other intelligent beings may manifest in dimensions that escape our perception.

Space April 11, 2018

Star Clusters Can Unveil Nature Of Dark Matter At The Center Of Dwarf Galaxies

Researchers developed a new method to measure the amount of dark matter at the center of tiny dwarf galaxies using star clusters. Their work may eventually unveil the nature of dark matter.

Space April 9, 2018

ALMA Observations Show Dark Matter Does Not Interact With Itself

An earlier study of the galaxy cluster Abell 3827 deduced that dark matter can interact with other forces other than gravity. New observations made with Atacama Large Millimeter Array challenged the findings.

Space April 6, 2018

A Closer Look At DF2, The Mysterious Dark Matter-Deficient Galaxy That Is Bending The Rules Of Space

Experts can't still fully explain the science behind the mysterious galaxy NGC 1052-DF2. Scientists are determined to find other dark matter-deficient galaxies that reverse everything that is known about how galaxies are formed.

Space March 30, 2018

Scientists Discover Galaxy With No Dark Matter, Which Ironically Proves That Dark Matter Is Real

Scientists have discovered a faraway galaxy without dark matter, a mysterious material that is believed to be present throughout the universe. Ironically, the absence of dark matter may prove that it exists.

Space March 29, 2018

Dark Souls Streamer Makes History By Beating The Trilogy Without Getting Hit

After more than a year of preparation, a streamer finally completed the 'Dark Souls' trilogy without taking any damage. There were some rules established that allowed some situational exceptions.

Video Games March 14, 2018

Stars That Formed 180 Million Years After The Big Bang Offer Clues About Dark Matter

Astronomers reported finding the apparent fingerprint of the first stars of the universe, which formed about 180 million years after the Big Bang. What does this tell about dark matter?

Space March 1, 2018

Particle Physics Discovery: Fusing Heavy Quarks Can Produce 10 Times More Energy Than Nuclear Fusion

Fusing two bottom quarks can result in massive amount of energy more powerful than that of nuclear fusion. Is there reason to worry about potential threats from a quark bomb?

Energy November 6, 2017

Astronomers Unveil Most Accurate Map Of Dark Matter In The Universe

The Dark Energy Survey collaboration releases the largest and most accurate measure of dark matter. Astrophysicists now have a better understanding of how the universe ages.

Space August 4, 2017

Cost Of NASA’s Dark Energy Mission Swells: What’s In Store For The Next Big Space Observatory?

It looks like NASA’s much-anticipated WFIRST infrared telescope may go over budget. The agency could be forced to reconsider the design plans for its future big space observatory or even push back its launch date because of financial concerns.

Space June 8, 2017

Image Confirms Invisible Dark Matter Connects Galaxies In The Universe

A combined image of more than 23,000 galaxy pairs suggests that dark matter exists. It also confirms galaxies are connected together through a cosmic web of the invisible substance.

Space April 15, 2017

Astronomers Capture First Image Of Elusive Dark Matter

Researchers at the University of Waterloo have captured a composite image of the elusive dark matter for the first time. The mysterious matter’s image has the face of a ghost and teased out by gravitational lensing method.

Space April 14, 2017

Dark Energy May Be Myth, Standard Models Of Universe Overlooked Changing Structure: Study

The dark energy that is believed to fill 68 percent of the energy of the universe and accelerate its expansion is a myth and does not exist at all, according to new research. The study challenges the standard models of the universe.

Energy April 2, 2017

Dark Matter Was Minor Ingredient Of Galaxies In Early Universe

Using instruments of the Very Large Telescope in Chile, astronomers found evidence that dark matter played a minor role in early galaxies. What were their observations?

Space March 16, 2017

Key Experiment At Large Hadron Collider Gets Major Upgrade To Boost Particle Hunt

The pixel tracker inside the Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) of the Large Hadron Collider has just been upgraded. This tune-up is made to boost the particle accelerator's hunt for new particles and the elusive dark matter.

Material Science March 3, 2017

New Dark Matter Map Offers Insight Into Cold Particles

Astronomers successfully mapped out the distribution of dark matter in three galaxy clusters, thanks to data from NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope. These dark matter maps offered scientists insight into the existence of cold dark matter particles.

Space March 2, 2017

NASA Fermi Telescope Detects Dark Matter In Andromeda Galaxy

The Fermi telescope of NASA has detected Gamma-ray signals at the Andromeda galaxy indicating dark matter. The high-energy gamma-rays are produced by cosmic rays when they move at high speed and collide with gas clouds and starlight.

Space February 23, 2017

Astronomers Discover 7 Dwarf Galaxy Groups That May Eventually Merge, Form Larger Galaxies

Seven groups of dwarf galaxies were discovered by astronomers in conditions ideal to a merger forming a bigger galaxy. This has reinforced the theory that mature galaxies were formed by the amalgamation of smaller galaxies several billions of years ago.

Space January 26, 2017

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