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More Than 400 Beached Whales In New Zealand: What Caused The Mass Stranding?

New Zealand sees one of its worst mass stranding events, where more than 400 pilot whales washed up on a narrow stretch of land Friday. The mass beaching event on Feb. 10 has resulted in more than 250 dead whales.

Animals February 10, 2017

Beached Whale Carcass Forces Shoreline Closure In Maui

A dead humpback whale was washed ashore at a nature reserve in Maui, Hawaii. Authorities have closed access to the shoreline and placed warning signs about possible sharks in the waters.

Animals January 1, 2017

28-Foot Dead Gray Whale Washes Ashore In Torrey Pines State Beach

Residents of Torrey Pines State Beach were startled by an amazing discovery. Near the parking lot was a young dead gray whale believed to have been hit by a ship.

Animals March 26, 2016

Officials Investigating Dead Whale In San Francisco Bay

A dead whale sighting has been reported in San Francisco Bay. The type of whale species, as well as the actual cause of death has not been identified due to the extreme difficulty of accessing the carcass.

Earth/Environment August 27, 2015

Rotting Whale Carcass Found In Remote North California Beach

Wildlife officials in California have spotted a badly decomposing carcass of a whale at the Point Reyes National Seashore. This brings the total number to 12 dead whales washed ashore in the state in the past two months alone.

Earth/Environment May 28, 2015

Enormous whale washes up on Long Island beach

Large whale identified as a finback found dead on a beach on New York's Long Island, east of New York City. Creature is from the second-largest whale species on Earth.

Animals October 9, 2014

Blue whale feeding areas conflict with shipping lanes, study raises concerns

Risk of ship strikes on blue whales could be reduced with changes to U.S. West Coast shipping lanes, researchers say. Study of tagged whales has identified feeding areas that put the animals at risk from ships.

Animals July 23, 2014

45-ton giant dead whale carcass in San Diego beach kicks up a stink, gets towed

A whale washed up on a beach, was hauled out to the water, and came back to land. Here is the story of the journey of a deceased cetacean.

Earth/Environment May 28, 2014

Rumors of rotting whale carcass exploding are overblown

Decomposing whale carcass on Canadian beach in no danger of blowing up, officials say. It will simply slowly deflate like a balloon, they say.

Animals May 5, 2014

60-ton carcass of a blue whale worries New Foundland residents

Locals in a small town in Newfoundland are distressed over a washed up dead blue whale in their shore, as it could "explode" any time. Worse, it seems that they are left alone to deal with it.

Earth/Environment May 1, 2014

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