Nowadays, people are more likely to buy masks, sanitizers, and tissue papers than anything else the world has to offer. Given that statement, it's clear that this is a problem for the people in the frontlines who risk their lives every single day to combat the coronavirus pandemic that is sweeping across the world and now has made humans adjust their everyday lives. 

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Medical Professionals Forced To Buy Protective Equipment Due to Lack of Supplies

Here is an example of a real-life situation, wherein a doctor from the United Kingdom is forced to buy his own protective equipment due to the lack of supplies. He was forced to spend his own money of about 90 pounds or 111.37 USD on dirt bike goggles for himself and his team to make "improvised" personal protective equipment or PPE. 

Face Mask
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Munira Wilson, who is a spokesperson for health, posted an image in social media and had this to say, "Utterly, utterly ridiculous. Doctors are now having to pay for their own improvised PPE equipment to keep them safe at work."

The products in question are being retailed online for about 34.99 pounds or 42 USD each and are advertised by Motocross as a "budget goggle" used for skiing but more likely designed for off-road motorcycle racing. 

This has sparked comments within the post, and one of the replies stated, "Yup. My colleagues are doing the same. No one is trusting [Public Health England] guidance, which conveniently suits the lack of appropriate PP."

Another of these replies also voiced out concerns, "Yes it's a nightmare - colleagues going down with confirmed CV19 as a direct result of inadequate PPE. A colleague has set up this fund which is shipping out PPE to frontline staff as of this week - this shouldn't be necessary but it is."

There are many out there who share the same sentiments, and the request for aid from the government to various companies within the nation and abroad should come sooner rather than later; thankfully, they are. An article previously posted here at Techtimes has reported companies converting their production lines for mass production of much-needed relief goods.

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Prices of Paracetamol, Cough Medicine, Rice, and Other Essentials Increase More Than 10 Percent

As the pandemic continues to plague our daily lives, people are also dealing d with another crisis! Yes, another one. It's going to be that the prices of essential products are increasing at an alarming rate.  

Paracetamol prices increase
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The Office for National Statistics has published data just today posted for the first time since the pandemic started on the effects of the prices of goods. For cough and cold medication, the prices have gone up 10.8 percent, which is by far the most significant price hike recorded of the essentials.

Pet food had gone up to 3.1%, paracetamol prices soar about 2.8%, and rice price increases by 1.9%. This has prompted a response from those in the government who are against this idea, like Borris Johnson. Which warned shops that they would face "significant" fines if they are deemed to be hiking the prices due to the ongoing pandemic.

Even the Prime Minister added his voice to this saying "I do not want to see people profiteering, people exploiting people's need at a critical time,"

The watchdogs have now set up a coronavirus task force and are closely monitoring businesses to make sure they are within acceptable bounds. 

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