It has been a long wait for Dragon Ball fans. Dragon Ball Super started in the summer of 2015 in Japan, but it's only been recently that watching the latest episodes of Dragon Ball Super in America is (legally) possible thanks to a new partnership between Funimation and Crunchyroll. The current story arc of the show is now available for viewing through Crunchyroll's streaming service, with earlier episodes being added regularly.

That being said, only English subtitled episodes of the show are currently available. Which raises the question: when is an English dubbed version of the show coming? Most American fans of the show grew up with the English voice actors for Goku, Vegeta and the rest of the Z fighters, and watching Dragon Ball without them seems wrong. Fans may be able to legally watch Dragon Ball Super now with English subtitles, but it's far from an ideal scenario for many.

No need to worry. Funimation has confirmed (via IGN) that an English dub of Dragon Ball Super is in the works, one that will presumably bring back many of the voice actors from the English dub of Dragon Ball Z. If you're like me and can't get over Goku's Japanese voice, this is great news.

Unfortunately, Funimation makes no mention of when fans can expect an English dub of the show to release. Considering the sheer number of episodes involved (there are currently 60 plus episodes and counting), it could still be a while before fans can watch Dragon Ball Super with all the voice actors they remember from their youth. In the meantime, Funimation will continue adding subtitled episodes of the show for streaming as they are completed. Currently episodes 1-10 and 47-64 are available for viewing, with episodes 11-46 coming at a later date.

Funimation will be handling the home distribution for Dragon Ball Super in the United States and Canada as well, so fans can expect some fancy boxsets once the entire series has been dubbed. Funimation recently brought the two latest Dragon Ball films stateside for limited theatrical runs and eventually home release, films that saw much of the show's original English voice actors returning.

There you have it. You can watch Dragon Ball Super now, but if you want the English voice cast, the wait is going to be a little longer. Wanting to keep up with Dragon Ball Super while waiting on the English dubbed version? You can read up on some of the latest events (and fan theories) here.

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