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Uber's Self-Driving Car Venture Not Going According To Plan: Autonomous Vehicle Drives Wrong Way Of One-Way Street

Uber's self-driving cars had a few rough encounters during its test run in Pittsburgh. A video showed a self-driving Uber vehicle turning into a one-way street and then making an intersection when the person behind the wheel recognized the mishap.

Car Tech October 8, 2016

Here Is What A Driverless Car 'Sees' When It's On The Road

A design company wanted to know what a driverless car 'sees' when it's on the road, so it took to the streets of London to find out. What resulted was a stunning visual that uses tech to create a work of art.

FUTURE TECH November 12, 2015

Volvo Predicts Driverless Cars On The Road By 2020

The ARRB-organized demonstration for the driverless Volvo XC90 has recently been concluded. The carmaker predicts that the autonomous cars will be on the roads by 2020.

FUTURE TECH November 8, 2015

Auro Robotics Wants to Bring Driverless Shuttle Cars To College Campuses

Auro Robotics is testing an automated shuttle system for use in small, privately owned spaces.

FUTURE TECH August 14, 2015

Mercedes F 015 Self-Driving Car Is Totally Out Of This World: Here's Why

The driverless car from one of the top luxury car makers isn't disappointing early beta drivers but it's nowhere near a reality for at least a decade, and likely more. However, it promises to be worth the wait for all those who love cars but hate to drive.

FUTURE TECH March 20, 2015

EV Battery Maker A123 Systems' Lawsuit Claims Apple Poached Its Top Engineers. Ouch!

Amid reports that it is either building an electric car or a driverless car, or maybe even both, Apple is sued for poaching engineering talent from a car battery maker.

Legal February 20, 2015

Okay, So Apple's Developing Self-Driving Electric Car But Is It A Good Idea?

Apple is reportedly working on an electric car, with a team of auto professionals working at an off-site campus from Apple. But what could Apple creating a car mean for the company?

FUTURE TECH February 16, 2015

Smart cars vulnerable to hacking, warns Queensland professor

Professor Andry Rakotonirainy from Queensland University, warns that the technology for the security of smart car systems did not develop fast enough, leaving most hi-tech smart cars vulnerable to unauthorized access and control from anyone.

Geek September 19, 2014

UK will allow driverless cars on its roads come January 2015

UK government passes law that will allow driverless cars on public roads as early as Jan. 2015. However, some drivers may be skeptic to kill driving controls to a computer.

FUTURE TECH August 2, 2014

FBI: Driverless car may be a criminal's best friend

Self-driving or driverless cars, such as those being researched by Google, have many good sides. But according to the FBI, they can also be used by terrorists as self-driving bombs.

Legal July 18, 2014

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