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UPS Shows Off Delivery Truck That Can Launch Packages Via Drones

UPS has tested its first drone-assisted delivery, putting a drone atop a delivery truck that launches autonomously to offload packages, while the vehicle sets off to make another delivery. Still, FAA’s regulations loom in the distance.

Gadgets February 21, 2017

Amazon Wants To Deliver Your Packages Using Drones And Parachutes

Amazon was granted a patent that allows the online retail company to use drones when delivering packages. According to the patent, Amazon plans to use parachutes, compressed air, or landing flaps to ensure accuracy in its deliveries.

Gadgets February 16, 2017

Here's A Closer Look At Amazon's Flying Warehouse And Drone Fleet

Amazon’s recently granted patent for what’s essentially a flying warehouse is equal parts groundbreaking and perplexing. Here’s an attempt to parse the retail company’s futuristic vision of the commercial delivery system.

Internet December 30, 2016

Amazon Drone Deliveries Start In The UK, But Not In The US: FAA To Blame?

Amazon has now started its drone delivery service, delivering its first-ever order via drone within 13 minutes. The service, however, is nested in the UK, and the FAA’s rules threaten implementation of the service in the United States.

Gadgets December 14, 2016

Verizon Has Plans To Sell Drone Wireless Data Plans Soon

Verizon said that it plans for the drones to be enrolled in its data plan, and it will cost $25 a month for 1 GB and $80 a month for 10 GB of data. Verizon is also hopeful that the service could extend to remote piloting in the future.

Internet October 7, 2016

Alphabet Teams Up With Chipotle For Project Wing Test: Drones Will Deliver Burritos To Virginia Tech

Alphabet's Project Wing is teaming up with Chipotle Mexican Grill for the delivery of burritos to Virginia Tech staff and students. The testing, which is set to begin this month, will see the drones fly on an automated route.

Google September 10, 2016

White House Approves Testing For Alphabet's Project Wing Drone Delivery Service, Rolls Out UAV Support Initiatives

The United States government has allowed Google's parent company, Alphabet, to conduct tests for the Project Wing drone delivery service. The approval comes as part of several initiatives that aim to increase drone usage in the country.

Business Tech August 2, 2016

Amazon Drone Testing Expands In Britain Thanks To Partnership With UK Government

Amazon announced a new partnership with the UK government to expand its drone testing in the country. The work should pave the way to making Amazon's commercial drone delivery service a reality.

Business Tech July 26, 2016

Australia's Postal Service Testing Mail Delivery Drones For Packages

Australia’s postal service successfully launched a closed-field trial to use drones in the delivery of small parcels to customers. The technology, which aims to provide faster transportation of time-critical deliveries, is scheduled to run a customer trial later this year.

FUTURE TECH April 19, 2016

Amazon Prime Drone: Here's What To Expect About This Future Delivery Program

Paul Misener, Amazon's vice president of global public policy, has revealed details on how the company plans to carry out its Amazon Prime Air delivery system. He said that their primary goal is to have the drone deliver a package within 30 minutes after an order has been placed.

Business January 20, 2016

The Drone Delivery Race Begins – Google, Amazon, BestBuy And Wal-Mart All Want To Deliver To Your Doorstep Via Drone

Google, Amazon, BestBuy and Wal-Mart have recently teamed up with the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to create a registration system for drones. Could this be the ultimate harbinger to the rise of drone-to-door delivery?

Internet Culture November 5, 2015

Skype Co-Founders Invent An Autonomous Robot That Drives Down Sidewalks To Deliver Goods

Starship Technologies has announced its plans to launch a fleet of autonomous robots that will delivery groceries from local retailers in up to 30 minutes.

FUTURE TECH November 2, 2015

Walmart Wants To Be Like Amazon, Asks Gov't For Permission To Test Drone Deliveries

Walmart wants to deliver groceries and other online orders to its customer's homes too, just like Amazon. In its request to the FAA, the retail giant wants to test its drones outside and see if they're a viable and safe means of expanding and doing business.

FUTURE TECH October 27, 2015

Wal-Mart Wants To Test A Drone Delivery Service Of Its Own

Wal-mart has filed an application to the FAA to test a drone delivery service, similar to what the likes of Google and Amazon are testing. The service would also be used by the retailer to take inventory.

Legal October 26, 2015

Singapore’s National Post Office Delivers Mail In Five Minutes During Drone Test

Singapore’s national post office, SingPost, successfully completed the first commercial drone test to deliver mail over a mile away in five minutes.

FUTURE TECH October 8, 2015

Uber Drones Will Deliver Ice Cream In Singapore

As part of its annual ice cream service, Uber will use drones to bring ice cream to customers in Singapore.

Business July 24, 2015

Forget Drones: Amazon Wants You Or Your Neighbors To Deliver Packages

Amazon continues to experiment with new ways to deliver packages, and this time, the e-commerce group wants you to deliver Amazon parcels to customers.

Business June 17, 2015

Amazon Files Patents For Mobile Manufacturing Hubs: This Could Spell 3D Printing Boom

Since new aviation rules are preventing Amazon from testing delivery drones, it looks to mobile manufacturing units to improve delivery.

Business February 28, 2015

FAA Proposes Regulations For Commercial Drones: What Businesses Should Know

It has been a long time coming but the FAA’s proposed rules for commercial drone operators please everyone but Amazon.

FUTURE TECH February 16, 2015

Deutsche Post shows off drone delivery service in Germany

Amazon took the first step but it seems Deutsche Post has beaten it to the game by actually carrying out drone delivery tests.

Photo Gallery December 9, 2013

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