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Is A Megaquake Coming? Scientists Find An Early Warning Sign For Major Earthquakes

Geologists found a telltale signal early in an event that could predict the severity of a magnitude 7 or higher earthquake. Found through GPS data, it could provide people with a few extra moments in the wake of a megaquake.

Earth/Environment May 30, 2019

Aftershocks Of 1959 Yellowstone Earthquake Felt In 2017-2018, Study Finds

For how long can an earthquake's effects be felt? Researchers of a new study discover aftershocks over half a century after the earthquake itself happened.

Earth/Environment May 24, 2019

The Earth's Crust Might Be Peeling In Two And That Could Shrink The Atlantic Ocean

A hypothesis has explained why two powerful earthquakes hundreds of years apart struck the same spot off the coast of Portugal. The tectonic plate seems to be peeling away from its top.

Earth/Environment May 9, 2019

Marsquake: NASA'S InSight Lander Detects First Tremor In Planet Mars

Scientists were able to detect the first Marsquake via NASA's InSight lander. The recorded tremor was faint but was the kind that scientists have been waiting for for months.

Space April 24, 2019

California's Earthquake Hiatus A Statistical Fluke?

The Hayward, San Jacinto, and San Andreas fault lines in California have had no massive earthquakes over the past 100 years. However, experts warn that the three major rifts are long overdue for another big shake.

Earth/Environment April 12, 2019

Mount Everest May Have Shrunk As A Result Of 2015 Nepal Earthquake

Did the Mount Everest really shrink after the deadly earthquake that hit Nepal in 2015? To find the answer, a team of climbers prepares to scale the planet’s most famous summit.

Earth/Environment April 12, 2019

2018 Indonesia Earthquake That Killed 2,000 Traveled At 'Forbidden' Speed

The 7.5 magnitude earthquake that hit Indonesia in September 2018 killed more than 2,000 people. Researchers who studied this supershear event revealed why the quake was so powerful.

Earth/Environment February 5, 2019

Mexico's 2017 Earthquake Was So Powerful It Split Through Tectonic Plate: Study

Just how powerful was Mexico's 8.2 magnitude earthquake in 2017? New research found that the quake was so strong that it broke a tectonic plate.

Earth/Environment October 27, 2018

Machine Learning Technology From Google And Harvard Could Lead To More Accurate Earthquake Predictions

Scientists found a better way to determine the location of an earthquake aftershock. With the use of an artificial intelligence machine, they can now predict where aftershocks will strike.

Earth/Environment September 1, 2018

Scientists Give A 75 Percent Chance For A Major Earthquake In The Next 30 Years In California

A new study revealed that smaller earthquakes along the San Andreas Fault in California could trigger a bigger one. Researchers used data to compare monthly movements.

Earth/Environment June 19, 2018

There Are Earthquakes In Antarctica After All, Study Shows

A study revealed that there were at least 27 earthquakes in East Antarctica in 2009. The findings are notable because it was previously thought that there are no earthquakes in Antarctica, as the ice was suppressing seismic activity.

Earth/Environment June 5, 2018

Study Finds Inconclusive Results On Whether Animals Can Predict Earthquakes Despite Hundreds Of Reports

There are hundreds of reports of animals behaving abnormally before earthquakes, but does that mean they can predict such natural disasters? Researchers find that the data is still lacking.

Animals April 20, 2018

More Earthquakes Predicted In 2018 As Earth Enters Period Of Enhanced Seismic Productivity

Scientists predicted more large-scale earthquakes to occur in 2018 based on the link between slower Earth rotations and the occurrence of tremors worldwide. How many magnitude 7 earthquakes can we expect to occur this year?

Earth/Environment January 1, 2018

Gravity Signals Traveling At The Speed Of Light Could Warn Of Big Earthquakes

Gravitational waves that can travel as fast as the speed of light could help detect earthquake magnitudes. It could allow for accurate and speedy magnitude determination within minutes instead of hours.

Earth/Environment December 3, 2017

There Will Be More Major Earthquakes In 2018, Scientists Say: Let's Be Prepared

Scientists claim that there will be more major earthquakes in 2018 compared to this year. According to new research, the number of devastating earthquakes is connected to a slower Earth rotation speed.

Earth/Environment November 20, 2017

Fiber Optic Cables May Also Work As Early Earthquake Detectors

Scientists have found a new way to detect seismic movement. The technique makes use of fiber optic networks as earthquake detectors.

Earth/Environment October 24, 2017

New Zealand's Kaikoura Earthquake Suggests Higher Chances Of 'Big One' Occurring In 30 Years

The Kaikoura earthquake that struck New Zealand defies long-held assumptions about individual faults and size of potential quakes. The phenomenon also increases the likelihood of the powerful Big One occurring in California in three decades.

Earth/Environment March 24, 2017

Fault System Off Southern California Coast Can Produce Up To Magnitude 7.4 Earthquake

Analysis of the Newport-Inglewood and Rose Canyon faults revealed that the region is capable of a powerful earthquake that can range from a magnitude 6.7 to 7.4. This poses concern since the quake would likely impact densely populated parts of California.

Earth/Environment March 8, 2017

'Quake Mystic' Who Predicted Japan Earthquake Issues 'Major Earthquake Warning,' Planetary Alignments To Blame?

Frank Hoogerbeets, the self-proclaimed earthquake predictor has forecasted that the planet will experience massive earthquakes from Feb. 24 to March 8. Hoogerbeets makes these predictions based on the planetary alignment of the Earth with other planets.

Earth/Environment February 24, 2017

New Research Shows Heat From Earth’s Core May Be Responsible For Plate Tectonics

According to a new study, heat radiated from the Earth’s core to the mantle is responsible for at least 50 percent of plate tectonics. This information is expected to make earthquake prediction more accurate.

Earth/Environment January 24, 2017

Hotel Buried After Deadly Italy Avalanche: What Really Caused The Mishap?

Hotel Rigopiano in Italy, where more than 30 people were staying, is buried in deep snow after a massive avalanche on Wednesday. Though the antecedent earthquakes are seen as the culprit, record snowfall in the past weeks is also considered a factor in the tragedy.

Earth/Environment January 20, 2017

How To Protect Buildings From Earthquakes: Invisibility Cloaks

Researchers are looking into new ways to protect important infrastructure from one of nature's most destructive forces: earthquakes. But can so-called 'invisibility cloaks' shield buildings from disaster?

Earth/Environment December 24, 2016

Earthquake Warnings Could Be Made Seconds Earlier With Gravity Signals

Scientists found a potentially faster method of detecting an incoming earthquake. The method involves gravity signals which occur earlier than seismic waves.

Earth/Environment November 25, 2016

Powerful New Zealand Earthquake Lifted Seafloor Out Of The Water

The powerful earthquake in New Zealand caused the seafloor to emerge out of the water. The phenomenon known as coastal uplift exposed seaweed-covered rocks and marine animals above tide level.

Earth/Environment November 19, 2016

Mysterious Lights Turn New Zealand Sky Green And Blue During Strong Earthquake

A viral video of the New Zealand's sky lighting up during an earthquake has taken over the internet. The phenomenon was subjected to different hypotheses, both scientific and from the alien believers.

Earth/Environment November 15, 2016

2 Connected Fault Lines In California May Trigger A Big Earthquake Within The Next 30 Years

A direct connection between the Hayward Fault and the Rodgers Creek Fault underneath the waters of the San Francisco Bay places the area at risk of a big earthquake in the future. How strong would this quake be?

Earth/Environment October 20, 2016

Newly Found Fault Line In California May Explain Overdue San Andreas Earthquake

A major earthquake is long overdue in California. The newly found Salton Trough Fault, which runs parallel to the San Andreas Fault, may explain why a major quake has not yet occurred in the state over the past 300 years.

Earth/Environment October 9, 2016

Scientists Discover New Fault Along Southern California’s Salton Lake Parallel To San Andreas

Not long after Southern California endured a swarm of earthquakes, researchers are saying they have found a new fault along Salton Lake. How will this new fault affect the San Andreas system?

Earth/Environment October 6, 2016

California Earthquake Warning Issued After Salton Sea Quake Swarm

A powerful earthquake is long overdue in the southernmost stretch of the San Andreas Fault. Seismologists now warn that the series of quakes that rattled Salton Sea increases the risk of a magnitude 7 or greater earthquake occurring in California over the next week.

Earth/Environment October 3, 2016

High Tide During Full Moon Can Trigger Big Earthquakes: Study

Nine of the 12 biggest earthquakes in recorded history occurred near or on days of full or new moon. How do lunar gravity and high tide trigger quakes?

Earth/Environment September 12, 2016

How A 'Weather Bomb' Measured In Japan Helps Uncover Earth's Secrets

A series of tremors that reverberated through the ocean floor was detected by scientists in Japan. The twist: the tremors were not caused by an earthquake but were produced by a rare event known as a 'weather bomb.'

Earth/Environment August 28, 2016

6.2 Magnitude Earthquake Devastates Central Italy, Kills 37 People

At least 37 people have been killed while others remain trapped under the rubble after a magnitude 6.2 earthquake struck central Italy on Wednesday, Aug. 24. Italian officials are appealing for assistance and emergency services.

Feature | Health August 24, 2016

Large-Scale Motion Seen At San Andreas - Is The Big Quake Coming?

The San Andreas is slipping in places where no movement has ever before been recorded. Does this mean the next big earthquake is coming to California?

Earth/Environment June 22, 2016

5.2-Magnitude Earthquake Shakes Southern California, Felt In Los Angeles, San Diego

A 5.2-magnitude earthquake shakes Southern California early Friday morning and sent tremors felt all the way to Los Angeles and throughout San Diego County. The shake happened near Southern California's most active fault - San Jacinto Fault.

Earth/Environment June 11, 2016

Huge Magma Chamber Under New Zealand Town With No Volcano To Blame For Earthquakes

A huge magma chamber discovered beneath a town in New Zealand may have caused hundreds of tiny earthquakes in the area, a new report suggests. The magma chamber also has the potential to grow into a volcano.

Earth/Environment June 6, 2016

Hawaii Is At Risk Of Devastating Tsunami: Is The State Prepared?

Hawaii is threatened to be hit by a devastating tsunami, which is in turn triggered by a mega-earthquake in the Aleutian islands. Although the probability is low, is the state prepared?

Earth/Environment May 16, 2016

Hawaii Due For Devastating Tsunami Within 50 Years Amid Prediction Of Mega-Earthquake In Aleutians

A magnitude 9 earthquake could strike the Aleutian Islands in the next 50 years and bring about a devastating Hawaii tsunami, warned experts who used a new computer model combining fault system measurements with Bayesian probability models.

Earth/Environment May 15, 2016

Reliving The Mount St Helens Eruption Of 1980

Mount St. Helens is once again exhibiting earthquakes, leading some people to worry about a forthcoming eruption. What happened in 1980, its last major eruption?

Earth/Environment May 8, 2016

San Andreas Fault 'Locked, Loaded And Ready To Go': Scientist Warns Looming Massive Earthquake In California

Earthquake scientist Thomas Jordan warned that the San Andreas fault is ripe for a big Southern California earthquake. Learn more about the projected damages in this potentially big California earthquake.

Earth/Environment May 6, 2016

General Motors Will Temporarily Shut Down 4 Plants In North America: Why?

General Motors will temporarily shut down four of its assembly plants in North America. What is the reason behind the planned closures, which will affect more than 13,000 employees?

Business Tech April 23, 2016

Apple And Red Cross Now Accept Donations For Victims Of Earthquake In Japan And Ecuador Via iTunes, App Store

Apple and the American Red Cross have teamed up to accept donations through iTunes and the App Store for victims of the earthquakes that struck Japan and Ecuador. Donations can be sent in denominations of $5, $10, $25, $50, $100 and $200.

Business Tech April 22, 2016

Japan Earthquakes Affect Sony's CMOS Smartphone Camera Manufacturing Facility, Disrupt Production Plans

Sony decided to close its image sensor production facility in Kyushu following a huge earthquake that hit the southern Japanese island. Likewise, the company’s operations on a second image sensor plant in Nagasaki will have to be partially suspended as well.

Business April 19, 2016

Ecuador Earthquake: At Least 272 Killed, More Than 2,500 Injured

A powerful 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit the Pacific coast of Ecuador and was felt around the country on Saturday, April 16. Rescue officials are working non-stop to help the victims and treat the injured.

Society April 18, 2016

Second Deadly Earthquake Hits Southern Island In Japan: Emergency Crew Scrambles As Numbers Of Killed, Injured Rise

A second major earthquake shook Japan's southern island of Kyushu on Saturday. The 7.3 magnitude tremor left at least 34 people dead and about 1,500 more injured or buried under collapsed buildings.

Society April 18, 2016

6.4 Magnitude Earthquake Shakes Japan: Death Toll Rises To Nine, Hundreds Injured

A 6.4 magnitude quake struck Japan, killing nine people and injuring hundreds of individuals. Thousands are displaced in shelters, as relief and rescue operations continue.

Earth/Environment April 15, 2016

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