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Researchers Suggest Caffeine Could Replace Insulin Injections For Treating Diabetes

A team of Swiss scientists suggested that caffeine could be beneficial for diabetics. The team gave mice that had diabetes caffeine receptors, which helped produce insulin, the hormone diabetics require.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 20, 2018

Starbucks’ New Macchiato Drinks Will Be Your New Obsession This Spring

Starbucks is adding two new iced and hot macchiato drinks to its spring menu.

Life & Style February 28, 2017

Starbucks Starts Serving New Ice Cream Drinks: Here’s What Is On The New Affogato Menus

Starbucks is adding new ice cream beverages to its menu in select Reserve and California locations that are inspired by the Italian dessert affogato.

Life & Style February 15, 2017

Astronauts Test New Lavazza ISSpresso Machine In Space

Man’s love for coffee officially knows no bounds. Astronauts take their first sip of coffee in space thanks to the Lavazza espresso machine, ISSpresso.

Space May 6, 2015

Space Station Crew Finally Gets Their ISSpresso Machine

Astronauts at the International Space Station will finally get to enjoy a cup of espresso. A specially designed Italian espresso machine is currently on its way to the orbital space facility aboard SpaceX's Dragon capsule.

Space April 16, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving, from the International Space Station

Astronauts on the International Space Station will include turkey, cornbread stuffing, and more, stored in plastic pouches. Which Thanksgiving Day staple will the earliest settlers in space likely take first to alien worlds?

Space November 26, 2014

Soyuz Spacecraft Docks with ISS: Delivers Three Astronauts, Caviar, Zero-Gravity Coffeemaker

Three astronauts reach the International Space Station along with food supply, caviar and a coffee machine. The astronauts include Samantha Cristoforetti, Italy's first female to travel to the space station.

Space November 25, 2014

Be 'Friends in Space' with Astronaut Cristoforetti As She Explores ISS and Space Espresso

Samantha Cristoforetti arrived at the International space station, along with an espresso machine. A new application allows users to communicate directly with the astronaut.

Space November 24, 2014

Lavazza, Argotech-designed espresso machine will allow ISS astronauts to enjoy fresh brewed coffee

Espresso, brewed fresh and hot, will soon be available aboard the International Space Station with the arrival of the ISSpresso, currently in testing.

Space June 18, 2014

Custom-made espresso machine leaves ISS astronauts starry-eyed

Astronauts aboard the International Space Station are excited about a space-friendly espresso machine to arrive at ISS in November. The crew can now enjoy fresh Italian coffee thanks to companies Lavazza and Argotec.

Space June 17, 2014

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