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ESA Testing New Device That Could Save Lives In Future Moon Missions

The ESA has begun testing the new prototype of Lunar Evacuation System Assembly, or LESA, during the NEEMO 23 mission at the Atlantic Ocean. The technology will one day be used to rescue injured astronauts on the moon.

Space June 22, 2019

Europe's ExoMars Rover Officially Named After DNA Pioneer Rosalind Franklin

Officials announced the name of the ESA's ExoMars rover to be Rosalind Franklin, in honor of the DNA pioneer. The name was chosen by a panel of experts, from a list submitted by members of the public.

Space February 7, 2019

The European Space Agency Will Launch A New Mars Rover, And You Can Help Name It

The European Space Agency announced a contest to help name the ExoMars rover, which is scheduled to land on the Red Planet in March 2021. Will it be named Marsy McMarsface?

Space July 22, 2018

European Astronaut Explains Why Training With The Chinese Space Agency Makes All The Difference

China is inviting other members of the United Nations to send their proposals for future space experiments. Approved applicants can use the facilities in the China Space Station, which will be operational in 2023.

Space June 27, 2018

European Space Agency Releases First Color Images Of Mars' Surface Showing Its Atmosphere

Trace Gas Orbiter, a space orbiter by the European Space Agency and RosCosmos, released the first color image of the Martian surface. In the photo, Mars' atmosphere can be seen.

Space May 3, 2018

Mathematical Study Shows Mercury’s Crust Is Thinner And Denser Than Previously Thought

Mercury’s crust is found to be thinner and denser than previously thought. It is also interesting that Mercury’s core is larger than its mantle and crust, although scientists have not reconciled theories to prove its cause.

Space April 30, 2018

Astronomers Weave The Largest 3D Map Of Milky Way Using Gaia Space Telescope

The Gaia spacecraft is releasing the biggest map of the Milky Way to date, containing information on nearly 2 billion stars. The DR2 data release could help shed light on mysteries of the universe.

Space April 26, 2018

Expert Predicts Space War Looms And Will Start With Space Satellites Attack

A space war expert envisioned a conflict happening in space in the immediate future. He said it had become a possibility because of the advanced technology available to men at present.

Space April 16, 2018

China’s Radioactive Space Station Tiangong-1 Could Possibly Hit Populated Areas Upon Reaching Earth’s Surface

China’s space station Tiangong-1 will soon hit the Earth’s surface and could possibly hurt humans and damage properties. The European Space Agency downplays the scenario, saying there is only one in a million chance it will happen.

Space March 22, 2018

European Space Agency Announces ‘Ariel’ Mission That’ll Study Exoplanets

The European Space Agency wants to demystify exoplanets. To do so, it’s going to launch a mission called Ariel in 2028 to study their properties.

Space March 21, 2018

Astronaut Captures Video Of Fireball Falling To Earth

ESA astronaut shared a time-lapse video of a fireball as it enters the Earth's atmosphere. Could it be a fireball or a leftover space debris?

Space November 19, 2017

Tiangong-1 Spacecraft: Out-Of-Control Chinese Space Station May Slam Into European Countries Next Year

China's Tiangong-1 spacecraft is expected to re-enter the Earth's atmosphere in the coming months and hit several European countries. The European Space Agency will be hosting a test campaign to increase prediction accuracies for the crash.

Space November 10, 2017

WATCH: Breathtaking Video Of Aurora Borealis From International Space Station

The aurorae are incredible natural phenomena and we can witness them from space thanks to astronauts at the ISS. See the beautiful time-lapse of the natural light show.

Space September 25, 2017

ESA's BepiColombo Mission To Explore Mysteries Of Mercury

BepiColombo is the European Space Agency’s first mission to explore Mercury. The collaborative mission between the ESA and JAXA aims to explore the planet’s inner workings, history, and origin.

Space July 9, 2017

ESA Pushes For Satellite-Based 5G Internet, Inks Deal With 16 Space Companies To Make It A Reality

The European Space Agency (ESA) champions satellite-based 5G internet and has signed a deal with European space companies to make it happen. Find out the potential gains and challenges with this technology for internet connectivity.

Internet June 23, 2017

Collaboration Between China And European Space Agency To Build Moon Outpost Is Now Brewing

China and the European Space Agency are bracing for collaboration on a human outpost on the moon and many other joint programs. ESA has been hard selling the 'Moon Village' as an international launching pad for deep space missions.

Space April 27, 2017

Meet Steve: Scientists, Aurora Enthusiasts Find New Mysterious Light In The Night Sky

Citizen scientists discovered an unusual new feature of the northern lights and called the mysterious atmospheric phenomenon ‘Steve.' ESA’s Swarm satellite also studied the purple gas stream, initially dubbed a proton aurora borealis, and finally uncovered its secret.

Earth/Environment April 24, 2017

What's Next For The ESA Now That The Rosetta Mission Is Over?

The end of the historic Rosetta mission marks a new beginning for the European Space Agency. What future missions does the ESA have on its plate?

Space October 1, 2016

Rosetta Space Mission Set To End By Sept. 30

By the end of September, the Rosetta Space Probe will crash land into Comet 67P to end its two-year journey orbiting the same comet. It will collect information on the surface until it finally goes out of commission.

Space September 12, 2016

How Did ESA Locate The Philae Lander?

After the Philae Lander went missing in 2014, ESA researchers had problems locating it. However, things took a turn for the better in 2016. The question is: how did ESA manage to locate the lander on the massive comet?

Space September 9, 2016

European Space Agency Finally Finds Philae Comet Lander After 2-Year Search

After two years of searching, the European Space Agency has finally located the final resting place of the Philae comet lander: in a rocky crevice - explaining why it had been so hard for the agency to locate and communicate with the lander after it disappeared.

Space September 6, 2016

LISA Pathfinder Hunts Gravitational Waves In Freefall Experiment

A gravitational wave detector could be manufactured, which would work in space following an exciting new experiment. How could the LISA Pathfinder investigation confirm or deny a prediction made by Albert Einstein a century ago?

Space June 8, 2016

Antarctic Ice Shelf Gives Birth To Two Giant Icebergs, ESA Captures Images

Antarctica's Nansen ice shelf gave birth to two giant icebergs on April 7. Different satellites including ESA Sentinel captured the images of the icebergs drifting from the ice shelf.

Animals April 18, 2016

China Successfully Launches Retrievable SJ-10 Satellite: It's Carrying Crude Oil And Here's Why

Oil companies are partnering with international space agencies for a very important and interesting mission. They hope to learn more about how crude oil behaves on Earth by bringing it to space.

Space April 9, 2016

Get Ready For A Holiday On The Moon - The European Space Agency May Be Building A Resort

A lunar resort could be a hot new vacation spot, as well as a scientific outpost. How could such a facility be built, and what would it be like for travelers?

Space March 25, 2016

ExoMars: Europe, Russia Join Forces For Mission To Find Signs Of Life On Mars

Europe and Russia to join forces in finding signs of life in Mars. The mission called ExoMars will feature two stages that will try to collect samples from the Martian surface and contribute to humans' existing knowledge of the Red Planet.

Space March 13, 2016

Mapping Agency Ordnance Survey Creates Digital Map Of Mars

British mapping agency Ordnance Survey created an OS map of Mars in the hope that it will guide the landing of the 2018 ExoMars mission as well as future journeys to the Red Planet. How was the Mars map created and how did it differ from Earth maps?

Space February 17, 2016

Goodbye Philae: Rosetta's Comet Lander May No Longer Wake Up

After months of attempts, scientists will no longer try to wake up the sleeping comet lander Philae. Chances of the space probe returning to life are very low, officials said.

Space February 15, 2016

Europe Launches Rocket Carrying First Building Block Of Space Data Highway

The European Data Relay System (EDRS) of the ESA will collect data from low-orbiting satellites through laser and send it down to Earth in almost-real time. It is projected as Europe''s new space data superhighway.

Space January 30, 2016

Rosetta Mission Update: ESA Racing Time To Wake Up Dead Comet Lander Philae

The European Space Agency is doing its best to nudge the comet lander Philae back to life after six months of hibernation. On Sunday, Jan. 10, scientists will send a command to the robot lab in hopes of restoring contact.

Space January 10, 2016

Anonymous Hacks European Space Agency, Just Because

Hacking collective Anonymous released data from the European Space Agency. The group often carries out hacking attacks in behalf of certain causes, but this breach seemingly had no particular reason behind it.

Internet December 14, 2015

British Astronaut Tim Peake Attempting To Run London Marathon In Space

As a digital participant in the famed London Marathon, Peake will run the 26.2-mile course on a treadmill aboard the International Space Station on April 24, 2016, while the actual London Marathon is taking place on the ground.

FUTURE TECH December 4, 2015

This Amazing Video Recreates Philae Probe Landing On Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko

The European Space Agency's scientists recreated the historic landing of their Philae probe on comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko one year ago. They wanted to explore the possibilities of what might have caused the unfortunate landing.

Space November 18, 2015

Russia Unveils Manned Lunar Mission To Prepare For Permanent Moon Base

The Luna 25 lunar mission, targeted to land near the moon’s south pole Aitken crater, was announced by the Russian space agency this week. The European Space Agency had also started looking to partner with Russia in this mission to have a permanent moon colony.

Space October 29, 2015

WTF Mystery Object To Hit Earth From Space On Nov. 13: Are We Doomed?

Astronomers predicted that the space object nicknamed "WTF 1190" will crash back into the Earth on November 13. Will it cause massive destruction when it crash-lands into the Indian Ocean?

Space October 28, 2015

Massive Piece Of Space Junk WT1190F To Crash Back To Earth Next Month

Astronomers say that a massive piece of space junk called WT1190F will soon crash back into the Earth next month. The early discovery of the WT1190F has led scientists to compute its trajectory and predict when and where it will crash.

Space October 26, 2015

ESA Image Of Magellanic Cloud Looks Like Van Gogh Painting

It truly is a starry night. ESA captured the Orion Molecular Cloud and the resulting image looks a lot like Van Gogh’s famous painting.

Space September 8, 2015

Soyuz Rocket With Three Astronauts Successfully Lifts Off From Baikonur Cosmodrome

The Soyuz TMA-18M spacecraft, manned by a three-man international crew, has made its liftoff on Wednesday, Sept. 2, from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.

Space September 2, 2015

ESA Rocket Debris Found In Fort Lauderdale Beach Currently Being Investigated

Several pieces of space debris from a European Space Agency rocket were spotted in the water by local beachgoers on Fort Lauderdale Beach in Florida.

Space August 4, 2015

Time Spent In Space Causing Thinning Of Skin

Scientists at Saarland University in Germany have discovered that the thinning of astronauts' skin during their stay in space could potentially be caused by a sudden increase in collagen production in their skin and the shrinking of the living cells of their epidermis.

Life July 23, 2015

Philae Lander Might Have Close Encounter With Microbial Alien Life On 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko

Scientists at the European Space Agency discover evidence of living organisms on the comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko through the space agency's Philae lander and Rosetta spacecraft.

Space July 6, 2015

While NASA Wants To Nuke Asteroids, ESA Prefers Less Explosive Approach To Asteroid Defense

The European Space Agency has revealed its plan to use satellites to blast asteroids with projectiles in order to change their course and prevent them from directly colliding with Earth.

Space July 5, 2015

Rosetta Spacecraft Detects Patches Of Possible Exposed Frozen Water On Comet's Surface

A European Space Agency comet probe captures images of bright spots on the surface of Comet 76P. All evidence points to it being water ice, they suggest.

Space June 25, 2015

How Similar Is Saturn's Moon Titan To Earth, Let Us Count The Ways: Polar Winds, Liquid On Surface, And More

Researchers have found that Titan, the moon of the planet Saturn, shares many similarities with Earth. Data collated for over seven years suggest that Titan also has lakes and seas, among many other Earth-like features.

Space June 22, 2015

Thermal Imaging Data Suggest Venus Still Has Active Volcanoes

It appears Venus is still an active planet, and very much so. New evidence suggest there could be lava flowing on the planet's surface right now.

Space June 21, 2015

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