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Ecosia Opts Out Of Google's Search Engine Auction For Android

Ecosia issued a statement rejecting the invitation to participate in Google's closed auction to become an alternative search engine for Android. The environmentally friendly company said that the process favors profit-driven search providers.

Google August 13, 2019

The European Union Is Banning 10 Single-Use Plastic Products Like Straws And Cutlery

The European Union is proposing a ban on 10 single-use plastic products that account for a large amount of waste in EU countries. It accounts for 70 percent of the waste found in waters and beaches.

Earth/Environment May 29, 2018

Apple Faces Scrutiny From European Commission Following Acquisition Of Shazam

The European Commission is unhappy with the potential merger of tech companies Apple and Shazam. The government agency will investigate to see if Apple's acquisition would be a problem for the marketplace.

Apple April 23, 2018

Uber Classified As Transport Service In Europe: Why Is This Bad For The Company?

The Court of Justice of the European Union just issued its final verdict in a multi-year case, classifying Uber as a transport service. This means that Uber has to comply with tighter transport regulations in the EU Member States.

Business Tech December 20, 2017

Google's European Problem Is Just Getting Started As The EU Contemplates Another Fine

Google's' troubles in Europe are just getting started. It's been reported that the EU may be about to hand down another massive fine.

Google July 6, 2017

EU Slaps Google With Record $2.7 Billion Fine For Manipulating Search Results

The European Union has slapped Google with a record-breaking fine of $2.7 billion for skewing search results in its favor, hurting rivals. Google has 90 days to change its ways, or else.

Business Tech June 27, 2017

The EU's Yearslong Antitrust Case May Finally Be Reaching The End

It has been years since the European Union began its antitrust case against Google. Now, according to the EU, the end of the case may be within sight.

Business Tech May 23, 2017

EU Slaps Facebook With $122 Million Fine Over WhatsApp Deal Disclosures

The European Union's watchdog slapped Facebook with a 110 million euro fine ($122 million) for providing misleading information about its WhatsApp deal back in 2014. The fine doesn't affect the Commission's previous decision to authorize the deal.

Business Tech May 18, 2017

Cancer Death Rate Likely To Decline Faster In Men Than In Women, New Research Finds

Cancer death rates in the EU are falling faster for men compared to women per a new study. The researchers predict that death rates for men will decline by 8 percent in 2017 vis-à-vis 4 percent for women.

Public Health February 22, 2017

EU Watchdogs Still Concerned For Windows 10 User Privacy After Changes By Microsoft In Creators Update

Despite the changes that Microsoft will implement in the upcoming Creators Update, authorities in the European Union are still concerned for the data privacy of Windows 10 users. Apparently, the additional measures are not enough.

Microsoft February 21, 2017

EU Abolishes Roaming Fees Across Europe: No Roaming Charges Come June 15

The EU finally reached an agreement to ditch roaming fees for European mobile users traveling to other EU member states. Non-EU users, however, will not get the same benefits.

Business Tech February 2, 2017

Ireland Not Happy About EU's $14 Billion Tax Order Against Apple: Did The EU Exceed Powers And Interfere?

Apple was ordered by the European Commission to pay $14 billion in taxes. Ireland is not happy about the decision and will lodge an appeal along with Apple to protect the country's tax regime.

Apple December 19, 2016

EU Could Approve Microsoft's Acquisition Of LinkedIn For $26 Billion

To get the European Union to approve the LinkedIn acquisition, Microsoft has presented the EU commission its LinkedIn concessions including allowing third-party developers access to the app. The decision for this $26 billion deal will be announced by Dec. 6.

Microsoft November 27, 2016

Google Fires Back At EU In Antitrust Case: Improving Quality Is Not Anti-Competitive, On The Contrary

The EU has been going after Google over antitrust matters for a while now, and the company keeps fighting back. In its latest response, Google again argues that its services are improving quality, not being anti-competitive.

Google November 3, 2016

EU Watchdog Tells Facebook To Stay Off WhatsApp Data

EU regulators want tech companies to pay close attention to the privacy of their customers, and they're probing WhatsApp's and Yahoo’s handling of the matter. The first hearings are scheduled for November.

Security October 29, 2016

Germany Wants Sales Of Gas And Diesel Cars To End By 2030: Will The Rest Of The EU Follow In The Push For Electric Cars?

Germany passed a resolution that calls to ban the sales of new cars with internal combustion engines by 2030. Two of the country's biggest carmakers, Volkswagen and Daimler, have already started their push into the electric car industry.

Car Tech October 10, 2016

How The EU Plans To End Google's Dominance In Europe

The European Union is reportedly putting an end to Google's dominance in Europe by imposing a heavy fine due to the antitrust charges hurled against the company.

Google October 5, 2016

Salesforce Opposes Deal Between Microsoft And LinkedIn, Works With Regulators To Block It

Salesforce is opposing the LinkedIn-Microsoft deal as European Union regulators are currently scrutinizing it. The company, along with other third-party companies and competitors, were invited to comment on the takeover.

Business Tech September 30, 2016

UK Set To Adopt Plan For Carbon Emissions Reduction This Week

Britain is poised to adopt a proposal this week on how it can cut down fossil fuel-related pollution by 2030. This would allow the country to reduce its carbon emissions by 57 percent below levels set in 1990.

Earth/Environment June 28, 2016

After Citizens Vote For Brexit, UK Asks Google 'What Is The EU?'

The citizens of the United Kingdom have voted for the country to leave the European Union. However, it seems that they only thought of the implications of their choice after the polls closed.

Internet June 25, 2016

How Will Brexit Affect Science And Higher Learning In The United Kingdom?

The results are in: the United Kingdom is now separating from the European Union. In the wake of this decision, scientists are concerned: how will Brexit affect science in the UK?

June 25, 2016

Brexit Is Not A New Drug: Here's What Brexit Is And Why You Should Care

The looming deadline for Brexit votes are drawing closer and everyone in the EU is at the edge of their seats. The results from this poll are expected to affect not only European countries but global nations as well.

Business Tech June 20, 2016

Here's Why Europe Wants To Ban American Lobsters

The 85-page Swedish report on American lobsters warned that such foreign lobsters entering European waters will overtake native populations and spread diseases. U.S. and Canadian experts, however, have disputed those claims.

Animals June 8, 2016

Google, Microsoft, Facebook And Twitter Pledge To Combat Hate Speech Across EU

Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter and Google have agreed to European regulations to combat illegal online hate speech. As part of a new code of conduct, the companies pledge to review and, if necessary, remove hateful speech within 24 hours.

Internet June 1, 2016

Google Reportedly Slapped With 3 Billion Euro EU Antitrust Fine

Rumor has it that Google is facing a 3 billion euro European Union antitrust fine. A report claims that European antitrust authorities are going to impose the fine in the coming weeks.

Business Tech May 16, 2016

Google Swims Deeper In Antitrust Waters, And Not Just In Europe: FTC Widens Android Probe In US

The FTC is expanding its Android probe and has been meeting with companies to gather more information. It has yet to reach a definitive answer and hopes to get some of the EU’s evidence to reach a decision.

Google April 28, 2016

EU Antitrust Probe Could Slap Google With $7.45 Billion Fine Over Android And Comparison Shopping Service Practices

The European Commission frowns upon Google’s practices and is looking into the company's comparison shopping service. The regulatory body has also started a separate antitrust probe to investigate the company’s behavior related to Android.

Legal April 20, 2016

The Czech Republic Wants To Change Its Name: Here's What We Could Be Calling The Slavic Country

EU territory, the Czech Republic, wants to sound more friendly to make the country more marketable. Some argue that the proposed unofficial name is too risky.

Society April 17, 2016

Brexit May Dent UK Economy, Cost Nearly 1 Million Jobs

Brexit may take a toll on the UK economy, a report found. Leaving the European Union will cause the UK to lose nearly 1 million jobs and £100 billion in funds.

Money March 21, 2016

Google Adapts New Approach To European Right To Be Forgotten But There's A Catch

Google says it will apply the 'right to be forgotten' to all European Union searches beginning next week. Here's the catch, though.

Internet March 5, 2016

The British Government Can Now Record The Internet History Of Every UK Citizen

Parliament has decided to pass a piece of legislation that would allow the government to record the Internet history of every citizen in the United Kingdom.

Internet February 11, 2016

Yandex, Google Of Russia, Files Android Antitrust Probe In The EU

Russia's largest search engine Yandex announced that it had requested EU for an Antitrust Probe against Google. Yandex is only one among the firms to protest about Google's mobile OS.

Legal November 14, 2015

WHO Flags Pesticide Glyphosate As Probable Carcinogen But EU Says Weedkiller Unlikely To Cause Cancer

The IARC said that the pesticide glyphosate is most probably carcinogenic. Despite taking these findings into account, EFSA claimed that the chance of the pesticide causing cancer was minimal, but did propose limitations on how much of glyphosate can be consumed safely.

Life November 12, 2015

Europe Votes For Net Neutrality But Allows 'Fast Lanes' And ‘Two-Speed’ Internet

The European Parliament has voted in favor of net neutrality. However, critics say the bill has ditched the amendments that consumer advocates alongside tech firms were pushing for.

Internet October 28, 2015

Europe Votes To Kill Mobile Roaming By Mid-2017

The European Parliament voted to eliminate all mobile roaming charges in the EU by June 2017. Travelers and holidaymakers are expected to be the biggest beneficiaries, but not everyone is happy about the decision.

Business October 28, 2015

Advocates Clamor Against Proposed EU Net Neutrality Rules: Is It That Bad?

The EU prepares to vote on the proposed net neutrality rules which are believed to have a number of loopholes by known advocates. Some even argue that the EU proposal is worse than the current rules in the U.S.

Society October 27, 2015

Against Advice From Inventor Of The World Wide Web, EU Votes Down Net Neutrality

The European Parliament has voted against a set of amendments that would clarify policies surrounding net neutrality in the EU, despite caution against doing so from the inventor of the World Wide Web himself, Tim Berners-Lee.

Society October 27, 2015

Google Alphabet Can't Just Sing A-B-C As EU Antitrust Chief Hints Of Fresh Competition Charges

The European Union plans to file antitrust allegations against Google's parent company, Alphabet Inc. Antitrust chief Margrethe Vestager says that the company will be facing charges on multiple fronts.

Legal October 26, 2015

Max Schrems, European Law Student, Is Winning Against Facebook In A Data Privacy Case

A new ruling from the European Union could prompt U.S. tech companies to restructure the way they handle their European operations in terms of privacy practices. Max Schrems is hopeful that the new ruling could reach an online privacy milestone.

Legal October 20, 2015

Apple Holds $181.1B In Offshore Accounts, Depriving The US Of $59.2B In Taxes

Apple reportedly keeps $181.1 billion in offshore accounts, making it the number one U.S. company that holds its profits overseas. It also means that bringing back its billions of profits to the U.S. would mean that it has to pay over $59 billion in taxes.

Society October 8, 2015

Brazil Suspends Production And Sale Of Breast Implant Maker Silimed Products Due To Safety Risks

Brazil has followed the European Union and announced Friday that it has suspended the production, sale and use of products from breast implant maker Silimed. The major implant manufacturer failed production standards after a recent inspection of authorities.

Life October 5, 2015

EU Antitrust Regulator Denies Accusations Of Bias Against Google And Other US Companies

Google's immense success in search engine, mobile platform, and many other areas in technology has called the attention of the European Union, which believes Google has the capacity to alter search engine reports in favor of its own companies.

Legal October 3, 2015

European Union Signs Deal With China To Bring Wireless 5G By 2020

The European Union and China cosign a deal to make 5G commercially available. Mobile Internet users can expect the fifth-generation network to be up and running by 2020.

Internet September 30, 2015

Breast Implants Produced By Brazilian Manufacturer Silimed Could Be Contaminated: What You Should Know

European and Australian regulators ring the alarm on Silimed breast implants and similar devices following contamination reports. Plastic surgeons have been called to suspend use of such products and connect with potentially affected patients.

Life September 26, 2015

French Privacy Regulator Rejects Google's Appeal Against Global Enforcement Of Right To Be Forgotten Law

Google is now compelled by French authorities to follow its ruling to enforce the right to be forgotten on all Google websites, even those not located in France.

Legal September 22, 2015

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